A View-Master reel holds 14 film transparencies in seven pairs, making up the seven stereoscopic images. The components of each pair are viewed simultaneously, one by each eye, thus simulating binocular depth perception.

The morning is cold. The sun is so bright I could barely see to navigate. Today I’ll be out and about. I need to buy animal food. Henry needs cans and treats. The cats need cans and a cardboard scratching post sort of thing. The birds need sunflower seeds. Quite a birds have been in and out of the feeders since I last filled them. As for me, I want a couple of new plants for the house. Most of my plants have thrived but a few died and I never replaced them. Their empty pots sit on the shelf. It’s kind of sad. I have a few plants rooting in bottles in the kitchen. They’ll so be ready for pots. I want all of the pots filled again.

Last night I was sitting in my usual spot. The TV was on but only as background noise. The only light came from the lamp on the corner of the metal table in front of me. I had shut my computer and was reaching for a magazine from a pile on the table when it struck me. This room, this lamp, this computer and this table make me happy. The light shines on everything. The top of the table has three piles. Two of the piles are books I will be reading. The third pile has magazines and catalogues and my iPad. My laptop just sits by itself. There is plenty of room on the table. It is huge. Three baskets are under the table. They’re filled, but I do keep finding room for recipes I cut from the newspapers or tear from magazines. I do leave this room, but mostly if I’m home, this is where I’ll be. I watch TV, Christmas movies this time of year. Henry sleeps on the couch. Jack is on the chair. Last night Jack snored so loudly Henry looked up to figure if he should bark or not. He didn’t. Last night is my typical night.

I have a Viewmaster. It is not the one I got for Christmas one year, but it looks exactly the same. I have several reels. I bought most of them on line. I picked places I’ve been and TV programs from when I was young, programs like Rin Tin Tin and Circus Boy. I have a reel of Eisenhower’s inauguration and the Queen’s coronation. I even found a Ghana reel. The pictures were a bit earlier than my Ghana, but I knew places. I recognized buildings. That was so amazing.

Every now and then I enjoy looking at my Viewmaster reels. They jog my memory. They make me smile. The colors on the reels are beautiful and bright. I usually remember to pull the lever down just right or it’ll miss the sprocket, and I’d see cardboard, no picture. I’d have to pull it out, turn it a bit then put it back in the viewer. It is skill you never forget.

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8 Comments on “A View-Master reel holds 14 film transparencies in seven pairs, making up the seven stereoscopic images. The components of each pair are viewed simultaneously, one by each eye, thus simulating binocular depth perception.”

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    OMG, Circus Boy! I haven’t thought about that series in decades. Mickey Dolenz and Noah Beery, Jr. There was an elephant but I also recall a dog? Might be a different series, though.

    I have a cozy nook where I spend most of my time. It’s one end of the couch in the living room. I’m surrounded by my knitting stuff, books, my tablets and laptop, and two dogs. The dogs generally curl up on either side of me and bracket me into place. They’re not very happy when I have to disturb them by getting up and Rocky retaliates by assuming my place as soon as I do. But it’s fine. They keep me warm and make me laugh.

    The weather is grey and cold up here. It started out looking good but the blue sky and sun lost out to solid grey. We spent it inside in the cozy corner of the couch.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Nope, that is Circus Boy. You remember it well.

      Jack will often lie beside me against the arm of the couch. He is destroying the couch arm cover with his claws. He doesn’t scratch. He just sort of holds on as he lies there. Henry has a fleece on the couch to lie on. It used to be in Gracie’s crate. Henry sleeps on the bed with me. He moves a lot.

      It is grey and cold here too. I went to Agway and shopped and spent more money than I ever anticipated. I bought a shirt for Christmas for my brother-in-law. He hikes in the mountains and the shirt is flannel and has a quilted lining. I bought a teepee for the cats. I’m hoping it will make Gwen feel more secure. I bought some plants. Did I mention I got all the animal and bird stuff on my list? I spent a whole lot more money than I expected.

      Have a great night!

  2. Caryn Says:

    I left a comment but it disappeared after I hit post. Didn’t say if it needed moderation but I’ll try again.
    Anyway, I have a cozy nook where I spend my time. My stuff is within easy reach so I can get at knitting, tablets, books, etc. Rocky and Piki Dog join me there and Rocky steals my spot whenever I get up.
    The weather here is grey and cold. It started out looking good but clouded up almost immediately.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      What was weird was your comment came to me to be approved. That hasn’t ever happened before. I approved it so your original comment published before your second one, and I answered it right away.

      • Caryn Says:

        That has happened to me before and I had gotten into the habit of copying my comment before I posted in case it disappeared. Anyway, I refreshed my screen to see if it would show up and it didn’t so I wrote another one and posted it. Presto! Two comments by me; long one and the TL:DR version. 😀

      • katry Says:

        I saw both comments. I answered one.

        Do you have a Mac? It has an easy retrieval button. By mistake sometimes I’ve actually deleted paragraphs I’ve already written, but I don’t panic. I just hit command z and everything returns as long as it has been backed up.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Spent part of this beautiful afternoon watching the water on Grapevine Lake with my daughter and listening to Beatles songs on my iPhone through the car audio system. Later we watched a couple of movies in the media room. We watched “The Life of Brian” and the original “Airport”. The sun is down and the temperature has dropped into the mid 50°s.

    My daughter retreats to her bedroom and I too the home office at the front of the house. My wife retreats to the den and my son has his room. This lack of togetherness is why we moved to a larger house. Since March togetherness is a dirty word. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is great you all now have your private spaces. It only took a pandemic.

      That was a great afternoon! Meanwhile, I watched a bad movie called Sink Hole. That tells you the whole plot.

      I like the original Airport and who doesn’t love The Life of Brian?

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