Black Water: The Doobie Brothers

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2 Comments on “Black Water: The Doobie Brothers”

  1. hedley Says:

    In my very early days in the USA I hooked up with Rick and Beth at a Record Show. they were out and out bootleggers and were happy to fill up my never ending search for music…at a price of course.

    They had back stage passes for us to see the Doobies at Pine Knob, I am pretty sure they got them from the drummer Keith Knudsen as they slipped him some “cigarettes” when we got back there.

    I do remember Pat Simmons charging up and down the aisle – So if you are wondering what Pine Knob looked like before it became DTE, go get your copy of Joni’s “Miles of Aisles” that is her drawing . Behind is a large hill where the rowdies go

    • katry Says:

      I did not know what that was on the cover. Now that I know, it is a great cover. The album is a favorite of mine.

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