Suzanne: Leonard Cohen

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6 Comments on “Suzanne: Leonard Cohen”

  1. Bob Says:

    Every selection today is a winner.

  2. Hedley Says:

    Strangely or not, I keep a detail of when and where I purchased all my albums and then CDs

    My first job in 1973 brought tedium and the sense of entrapment but enough money to buy some music, go to the pub and even date.

    So I know that included in the first 35 albums that bought were The Songs of Leonard Cohen and Court and Spark. I was scattering all over the place trying to sort my tastes and experiment within the boundaries of my very limited income.

    So I do hold Joni and Leonard dear.

    It went on for four long years and I was finally able to dump the world of clerking and head to The London School of Economics which completely changed my trajectory

    I was still buying Joni, excited for each new disc, but My interlude with Lenny was very brief

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      People have all sorts of collections like ticket stubs and programs and a variety of ephemera so I don’t think your list is terribly strange.

      I started in the beginning with Joni and bought all her albums for a few years then I got picky. I bought this first Leonard C then and maybe one more but I never liked subsequent albums of his the way I liked the first.

  3. lilydark Says:

    I agree every song today is a winner.

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