Chelsea Morning: Joni Mitchell

My family sent me a cassette recorder as a gift the first year I was in Ghana. It came with a few cassettes and a mixed tape my sister made of songs off the radio. When I listened to that tape, all of a sudden my uncle started to sing. He had seen my sister taping and added a song, a Bing song. One of the tapes was Clouds, Joni’s second album. My sister knew I loved Joni.

This is my favorite Joni song. Africa always comes to mind. The three of us, Bill, Peg and I, would listen as we played games on most nights. We found wonderful ways to amuse ourselves, and we never tired of listening.

Today is Joni’s birthday. She is 77. How can that be?

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  1. Bob Says:

    Of course, I want to know how you and I are 73. 🙂

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