“This squirrel is inadequately afraid of humans! Squirrel, I am a threat to you! We are enemies! Please get off my bench! Oh, god! Oh, god! Don’t touch me—oh, god!”

Today is warm and lovely with a here and gone and back again sun and an occasional breeze. I filled all the bird feeders yesterday and hung another, a cylindrical feeder I had taken down when it was under a spawn attack. The chickadees came back first. I watched them from the kitchen window while the coffee brewed. They were quickly in and out of the feeders to nearby branches carrying sunflower seeds in their beaks. The little birds took two or three whacks before they got the meat.

My car is filled with empty boxes, newspapers and a bag of trash. Two more bags need to be loaded into the trunk, but I don’t feel like going to the dump today. I’m thinking late Sunday afternoon. Today I am a sloth.

When I was a kid, I was familiar with snakes, grasshoppers and assorted insects. I never saw animals in the woods near my house. I figure there had to be raccoons, spawns and maybe skunks but they kept a wide berth. When we took family rides, we sometimes saw cows, and the whole car got excited when we once saw a couple of deer eating grass near the road. My father stopped so we could watch. The deer ran away, but even that was amazing to see. I remember their back legs kicking in the air.

My nephew was ten when he came to stay a few days. We went camping at Nickerson State Park in Brewster with my friends and their six kids. One night a skunk waddled by the camp site. My nephew was so excited. He told us it was the first animal he’d ever seen in the wild. I think spawns were my first. I remember feeding them peanuts near the swan boats in the Boston Public Garden. I kept begging my father for more peanuts so he bought more from the vendors who sold small brown paper bags filled with peanuts, and he doled them out to the four of us. The squirrels, not yet called spawns, surrounded us and took the peanuts from our hands. I laughed the whole time. I loved feeding those squirrels, but I was a kid, what did I know about cute rodents?

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4 Comments on ““This squirrel is inadequately afraid of humans! Squirrel, I am a threat to you! We are enemies! Please get off my bench! Oh, god! Oh, god! Don’t touch me—oh, god!””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another gorgeous day here also. Partly cloudy skies and a high of 73°. The good weather doesn’t make me happy since Trump os spreading lies about the vote counting and has filed lawsuits in all the battleground states. How could the pollsters be so wrong?

    I’m one of those who enjoys the great outdoors viewed from the great indoors. 🙂 Wild animals or animals in the wild don’t excite me. I enjoy both indoor plumbing and air conditioning too much to ever even think about sleeping outside or even in a tent. I consider roughing it as Motel 6.

    Every time you mention having to go to the dump it makes me appreciate having my trash picked up, including recycling trash on Tuesdays. I wonder if life on this planet began from leftover alien garbage. Aliens arrived here, found nothing and had a picnic and their garbage millions and millions of years ago. I like to bring up that idea when anyone mentions creationism. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It was warm here today and will be again tomorrow. It was more like a late September day. Even a sweatshirt was too hot. I have to get some cat food tomorrow so I’ll go out other than the deck for the first time in quite a few days.

      The suits he has filed have no proof according to both news networks. I doubt the courts will accept a paranoid delusion as one of the reasons for the suit, only one reason?

      When I was young, I camped a few times, but I would have liked a fifth wheel or something similar. I watch a few families on youTube who travel all the time and live in a refurbished bus. Another family lives full time on a boat.

      I could pay to have my trash picked up, but I’d have to buy some barrels and then drag them to the street to be emptied then drag them back to the yard. I have two more bags to put into the car then off to the dump I go. I don’t know of any towns here which have trash pick-up, only private companies do it.

  2. Christer. Says:

    Yesterday was really nice. Really warm, no wind and some sunshine while we were out walking. I wore a fleece jacket and that felt way too much. Today is grey and dull and I needed the winter jacket when we went out on our walks.

    Back when I was a kid Gothenburg was surrounded by forests and we also had a huge forrest in the city. The forest in the city is still there but the ones around the city are more or less gfone. We saw all kinds of wildlife almost every day and moose wandering around in the city wasn’t especially unusual, the police did what they could to make the animals walk back to the forests though.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Today is another great day. It is 67˚ and will get up to the 70’s. I’m glad to be going outside for errands.

      Where my woods were is now small apartment buildings for the elderly. The road used to have a small circle where it ended, but that’s gone as the road continues to the apartments. One of my relatives lived there, the cats’ mother. The cape still has open land, conservation land which will never be developed.

      Have a great Saturday!

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