“I’ve heard that entertainment is a cure for being tired and for being wide awake as well.”

Yesterday, I had just enough time for a cup of coffee before my uke lesson. At ten, my lesson started. Our last song, an hour later, was Silent Night. I really enjoy learning and playing the uke despite my frustrations. I wish for longer, more adept fingers.

After my lesson was over, I had more coffee and read the papers. I was back to my morning ritual. After that I spent most of my day watching the results of the election, or rather the lack of results. When I got bored, I’d watch movies. Two of them had happy endings. I need happy endings, real or imagined.

When I was a kid, I played the sticks in the school rhythm band. Everybody played in the rhythm band in the second grade. Some kids had metal triangles with little metal hammers, some had maracas and others had tambourines or maybe bells, but I’m not sure. I wanted the triangle. The only good part about the sticks was we were in the front row because I think the nuns recognized sticks could have presented a danger for anyone in front of us. We were a bit enthusiastic.

Six boxes came yesterday. They were the highlights of my day. One box from Chewy had Henry food and treats and Jack and Gwen food and treats. Another box had the special litter I buy. Two boxes had my grocery order from Imperfect Foods. Another box came with some pottery and a Christmas present for a friend. The last box had Saltines and Wheat Thins. Everything has since been put away. My freezer and my larder are filled.

I lost myself a few times yesterday, got distracted. Once I went to the kitchen to get my iPad which was charging; instead, I cleaned the kitchen counter and sink where I had washed the fruits and veggies. The dirt had caught my eye. Next, I brought a few of the empty boxes out to the car for the next dump run. When I got back inside, I sat down. I did not have my iPad. I had forgotten all about it. I think it is still in the kitchen.

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2 Comments on ““I’ve heard that entertainment is a cure for being tired and for being wide awake as well.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I’m amazed at how many people in this country voted for Trump. What planet are they living on? Besides the fact that he’s a pathological lier, a criminal and a horrible human being, he hasn’t kept any of his 2016 campaign promises. The one promise he failed to deliver on was to “Drain the Swamp”. Instead he jumped in head first. Did anyone with a half of a brain figure out that Mexico wasn’t ever going to pay for his wall. What this election shows is that half the country is mentally sick, or deranged.

    Unfortunately, if the Senate remains in Republican hands, which it appears, Mitch McConnell knows how to stop any legislative agenda a President Biden might propose. The Senate will just refuse to debate or vote on the legislation, just like they did to Obama’s Supream Court nomination in February 2016 when Justice Scalia suddenly died.

    I want to know why all the polls were so wrong again in this election as they were in 2016. Where’s the “Blue Wave”? Nevada claims they won’t have all their ballots counted until tomorrow at the earliest. Who knows if one of Georgia, Pennsylvania or South Carolina will give Biden a majority to put him over the top.

    Trump is filing lawsuits everywhere. In states where he leads he’s filing so as to keep the counting of mail in ballots going and in states he’s losing he’s suing to stop counting those pesky, according to him, “illegal” mail in ballots. He’s now going to send in armed federal marshals to observe the counting of ballots. Too bad his Attorney General forgot to tell him that’s illegal. The only good thing is that he has denigrated the military so much that they wouldn’t even think about supporting him in a coup. What idiot Commamder in Chief calls the men and woman serving in the military, losers. All of this is the work of a mentally unstable man. Trump continues to rant about how unfair he is being treated or that the election is being stolen from him. While on the other side, Biden asked for calm and patience during this time and displaying real leadership.

    I keep praying that Biden wins by just one vote to get rid of Trump.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I wanted to scream at people interviewed on television as to why they backTrump. Many said they liked him because he told it like it is. That would seem to be miraculous given how much he lies. They gave him credit for stuff never done or finished. None of them mentioned covid.

      You’re right. The senate will block Biden legislation who will have to use his discretionary powers wherever he can to right us. They’ll hope someone is willing to cross the aisle now that Trump is gone.

      They seem to be right about the presidential race, but they blew the senate races. I don’t know what they could have done differently, but the party has a problem when even Susan Collins gets reelected.

      There are no federal troops as Trump didn’t send them. I hope someone rational got to him. Some of the law suits are the same as some he lost earlier in other states. Trump does not know the laws surrounding voting. Federal elections are administered by state and local governments so Trump has top have hands off.

      I knew when he appeared twice with such bravado that he knew things weren’t going well.

      Trump has to go!

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