“A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.”

The rain has stayed around. Last night it was heavy, and I woke up to the patter on the roof. When I got downstairs, Henry really needed out so out he went. He peed at his tree which has a permanent wet spot and then he raced to the backyard for the next part of his morning ritual. He is now upstairs napping. It has been strenuous for the poor, wet boy.

Of course, I need to go out. It’s for dog food again. I’ll also buy all his treats and the cat food and treats.

The sky is getting much lighter, but that is a ruse, trickery. The weather calls for rain on and off all day. The high will be 46˚. The low makes me gasp, 36˚. That’s winter. Where is my down comforter?

When I was a kid, today would have lasted forever. First it is Friday, and second, it is the day before Halloween. It was time to finalize my costume. My mother was an artist at designing Halloween costumes. She’d scour the house for the bits and pieces she needed. Mostly we didn’t have full face masks. We had Lone Ranger masks. Make-up was liberally applied on our faces. I was once a hobo with a dirty face. I remember one of my sisters was a ballerina in a tutu. My two sisters traveled together in our neighborhood which had a million kids. My brother and I went far a field. We carried pillow slips instead of bags. I think we hoped we’d fill it. We never did. We never even came close.

Once we got home, we’d dump our candy into big bowls. High level negotiations were next. With bowls in hand we’d sit and trade candy. We also picked out stuff like popcorn balls and tossed them. In those days, candy was often in little paper bundles tied at the top. A lot of the bundles had candy corn. They were never my favorites. I used to keep my bowl under my bed so I’d have easy access. It never took long for the candy to disappear.

I hope I have kids because I have all those candy bars I love, and I’d hate them to go to waste.

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10 Comments on ““A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.””

  1. hedley Says:

    I didnt grow up with Halloween. For “us” it was Guy Fawkes night and we were full of anticipation for a community gathering, fireworks and a bonfire with the effigy on the top. “Light up the sky with Standard Fireworks” and we ran around weeks before with rockets and bangers to generally amuse and annoy. It retrospect easy access to these incendiary devices was incredibly dangerous.

    Mrs MDH have always been ready for the arrival of little guests from our neighborhood and beyond. Generally 60 to 100 kids would arrive with their folks and then towards the end of the evening the High School kids would swoop down anxious to clean up on any remaining treats.

    Not this year. We hope for pictures of our Granddaughter in Denver and that is about it. The Prince is above all this stuff. sidewalk lights will be off and we will offer no encouragement

    Perhaps in keeping with the day, we are heading to our little town hall in Oakland Township when they open at 7.00 am to try to rid the country of the orange pumpkin who has brought so much division and misery upon our country. Go Michigan Go

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I have 9 kids on my street. I figure I’ll see them at my door. I doubt there will be any more.

      I feel bad for kids who are losing all the rituals of childhood. It will just get worse from here, no Santa pictures this year. My grandnephew Ryder, the same age as The Prince, is also above all these.

      I yell so often at the TV that I’ll have to rethink watching any show where he that shall not be named is highlighted, even for a minute or two. Voting day can’t come to too. I just hope he is delegated to obscurity, a footnote in history books as the worst president ever.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I don’t know how or what we will be doing for tomorrow night. But, I’m sure my spouse has a plan. I guarantee that we are not going to make a candy sling shot, conveyer belt or tube to send the candy to the kids. Last night was the coldest since February at 39° when I awoke this morning at seven. The sun was coming up and we should warm up to 65° by this afternoon and 70° tomorrow.

    When I was a kid I had to have a store bought costume which never lasted the entire evening. Usually, the rubber band on the mask would break first and then the cheap fabric of the costume would tear. I can remember being frightened to death when I had to walk by the old cemetery in the neighborhood on Halloween. Any other night it wouldn’t bother me at all. When my sister and I returned home she would hoard her goodies and I mine. We never shared anything and was always convinced that the other one got more candy.

    When my kids were small we would collect their candy and go through it to get rid of the crappy stuff and look for booby traps. My wife and I would pick out some of the good stuff for ourselves. Usually, that was a full size Snickers or Milky Way. Halloween is really designed to sell stuff and has no other purpose other than enriching candy companies and dentists. 🙂

    The election can’t come soon enough because I’m so tired of these campaign TV ads, especially, the attack ads. Interestingly, non of the Republicans running even mention Trump, but the Democrats mention him a lot to try to tie their Republican opponents to him. Somehow both candidates use the word bipartisan in their ads. Now it seems that Trump is in favor of wearing masks because he’s behind in the polls in key swing states. A man without scruples will say anything to get elected. :-‘)

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’ll put bars on a plate and have kids take one. Given how ugly the weather is today, I doubt even the kids on the street will come to the house. What should I do with all these chocolate bars? Hmmmm

      We couldn’t afford store bought costumes, but nobody else I knew had one either. I never minded as I didn’t like the costumes or the masks in Woolworth’s.

      We were all over town but not by a cemetery. It wouldn’t have bothered us anyway. We always traded to get something we liked.

      Adults still celebrate Halloween without going out for candy. We’ve had parties and movies and such. One year it was a scavenger hunt. The only way money was made was when I had to grocery shop to make food for the guests.

      I too am sick and tired of this election brouhaha. I haven’t seen campaigns on TV other than for the presidency. State campaigns seem to be pretty quiet.

      We know senators and such are trying to distance themselves from Trump, and I think it is good strategy to connect the two so anti-trumpers won’t vote for the republican.

      • Bob Says:

        I never thought that Texas would ever be a battleground state. A Democrat hasn’t won a state wide office since Ann Richards became governor in 1994. However, two years ago Beto O’Rouke nearly defeated Ted Cruz for the Senate and M.J. Hagar is neck and neck and hopefully will defeat Senator John Cornyn who has held the other senate seat for 19 years. So far more people in Texas have voted early than the total number who voted in 2016. Biden and Trump are so close that it’s a toss up.

        I have high hope that the high number of early voters will move the state towards the Democrats. M.J. Hagar is a former Air Force Helicopter Pilot who won the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross while in combat in Afghanistan. Also, she’s a mother of two kids. Hopefully some conservatives will vote for her. Democrats have a chance of taking over the Texas House for the first time since 2003. I’m hoping that all these voters will help elect Democrats and most importantly, defeat Trump.

      • katry Says:

        I agree about the surprise of Texas being a battleground state. It would be so wonderful to turn the state. I also want Florida to make the switch even more than Texas because Trump has changed his residency to Florida. Maybe the foundation is already cracked.

        I’m with you in hoping that Trump’s opponent wins. I have seen her on MSNBC. I was impressed. Go M.J. Hagar

  3. Birgit Says:

    Halloween still isn’t big here so I don’t really expect any kids though it’s not forbidden and it’s a perfect occasion to wear masks 🙂 I bought some chocolate bars just in case but I don’t mind eating them all by myself, needed energy for the long TV election night on Tuesday.
    It’s just sad that all St. Martins processions are officially canceled this year. St. Martin’s festivities around November 11th have a long tradition and it’s always a highlight for younger kids. A horseman dressed as St.Martin accompanies them if possible. I don’t understand why kids are forced to go to crowded schools but not allowed to walk on the streets with lanterns where they can keep distance.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit,
      Your last comment is the same comment being asked here. If kids can go to school, they should be able to go from house to house as long as they are wearing masks. That is so horrible for kids to miss Halloween.

      I like the idea of eating the bars on the election night. It should last days! We will know Florida before the evening ends as they can count the ballots when they arrive so they don’t have to wait as most states are for Election Day. Florida is a critical state.

      85+ million ballots have already been cast in early voting and absentee balloting.

      Trump has told all his crowds we are getting a vaccine in a few days, and we have beaten the virus. OMG!!!!!

  4. Christer. Says:

    Halloween isn’t big here either and since we now have new directions I doubt that it will be celebrated anywhere this year.

    We’re all looking forward to Your election this year, even more than the last time. I do hope Biden will win with a landslide so we know early but one never knows and trumpers seems to be ignorant of most things, especially the truth so who knows.

    Sunny and nice here today, very strange 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Kids look so forward to Halloween. No other holidays mean so much chocolate, not even Easter. This year was a fiasco. The poor kids are losing so much. I had about 10 or 11 kids. I didn’t expect so many.

      I can barely wait for Tuesday. I keep watching the news channels. I think I’ve become a news junkie.

      As regard to Biden, your mouth to God’s ears!!

      Have a great Sunday!

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