“Whoever thought a tiny candy bar should be called fun size was a moron.”

The sky is cloudy and it’s dark, but no rain is predicted. The temperature is about right for this time of year, 55˚. I need to get dog food today as Mr. Henry has only a single can left, not even enough for dinner.

This morning I noticed one of pictures was crooked. I walked right by it. That is so not me. I can’t stand crooked pictures. I sat down, tried not to care, had a couple of sips of coffee, opened the paper then went and straightened the picture. I lasted as long as I could.

I feel especially bright this morning, not mood bright but brain bright. I easily filled the Globe crossword and just as easily solved the Cape Times cryptogram.

My father loved reading the newspaper. It was his morning ritual. After he had retired, he’d sit on the front steps, drink his coffee and read his paper. Just about every car that went by him honked and he waved. He knew everybody.

My father wore a white shirt and tie with his suits for years and years. One Christmas I bought him a yellow shirt. My mother said he’d never wear it. He did. That was the end of starched white shirts. What I missed when he stopped needing the dry cleaners, or dry cleansers as my father called them, was that piece of cardboard in every shirt. It was perfect for all sorts of crafts.

I’ve picked up more clumps of black fur. These clumps, though, surprised me as they felt weird and looked odd. I wondered if Gwen was coming downstairs while Henry and I slept. They could also have been Jack’s as he tends to get clumps, and I tend to find them all over. Either way I just picked them up and tossed them. This morning Henry was carrying around his Halloween toy, his Frankenstein. I noticed Frank has black hair, strange looking black hair.

I did buy candy in case the neighbor kids drop by the house. I took my time scrolling through the Amazon candy offerings. I wanted candy kids might like but candy I definitely like. A package of Butterfingers, Baby Ruths, Nestle Crunch and 100 Grand bars is what I bought. The candy came a few days ago. I have been hard-pressed not too open it. I’d have to buy more if I did.

Today I need dog food. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment, a routine appointment. That means I’ll be getting dressed two days in a row again. I consider that beyond the pale.

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4 Comments on ““Whoever thought a tiny candy bar should be called fun size was a moron.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I always wondered how a picture that was hanging perfectly strait the day before could move without any one touching the picture, very spooky, but there must be a scientific reason.

    This morning the temperature was in the upper 30s with overcast skies, drizzle and mist all day long. The high temperature was only 39°. When I awakened at seven the house was 60° and I was cold. My better half actually switched the system from AC to heat this afternoon to get rid of the chill. She likes it cooler than what I like. I was pleasantly surprised. Some couples argue about money, we argue about the setting of the thermostat. 🙂

    My father also only wore white dress shirts for work and had them professionally laundered. The best part was the cardboard sheet that the shirt was folded around. Every week I would come up with something to do with the cardboard. I remember when pink dress shirts first appeared on the market for men, they were called “Rose” color. My dad started wearing light blue shirts but never wore rose color. I agreed with my dad. I’m a big fan of light blue button down collar dress shirts without ties. Ties are useless appendages that serve no useful purpose.

    We’re not sure what to do about the candy situation and the trick or treaters. I think we should wrap the candies and place them near the sidewalk. I would make a sign that reads, only take one bag, or I will come and haunt you tonight. 🙂 Another choice is to turn off all the lights and don’t answer the door.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We could blame poltergeists but I figure the wall might be a bit uneven where the picture is. The whole thing drives me crazy.

      Your weather is even colder than mine. I think we have made it as low as you did but it must have been only once or twice. I don’t choose to be hot or cold. I want always to be comfortable.

      My father totally stopped wearing his white shirts. One Christmas I bought him a shirt he loved, and it was washable. I ended up giving him 3 or 4 similar shirts. You are right about those cardboard sheets. We used them to make so many different things. Light blue button downs have almost become uniforms.

      I have a box of candy, candy I like. I figure I might have the kids from down the street, 8 of them in two houses. I think many people will go the route of putting candy out for kids to take. My neighbors for years kept the light off. We never got many kids so I never understood. It means so much to kids the least I can do is be there with candy.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My living room rug is often festooned with weird clumps of hair that don’t belong to either of my dogs. Rocky likes to depilate the toys.

    I bought a bag of fun size candy that sounds similar to the assortment you have. It’s hidden in the crockpot to get it out of sight. I plan to put them in individual bags along with some of the toys from last Halloween and put them in a bowl out on the front walk. If kids come, they can help themselves. I’ll leave it up to their parental units to determine quarantine times for plastic and chocolate.

    Your comment about straightening pictures made me notice that the pictures on my walls don’t seem to go crooked. Only the one that is right above the arm of the sofa behind the area where I sit and that’s because I sit sideways and sometimes whack it with my head.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Henry is good with his toys, but I think just lapping that hair lops it off. I just saw another clump in the dining room. He really likes his new toy.

      Mine being nickel bars need to be hidden from me. I keep looking at those Butterfingers. I thought I’d put the bars on a tray on my steps so kids can help themselves, and I can keep track in case of the need for refills. I hope Henry won’t scare them away

      The frame near the front door was permanently crooked. I used that stick-um you put on the back, and it has stayed straight. The crooked picture is not usually crooked. I thought someone was gas lighting me. It has stayed straight.

      Have a great evening!

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