“Why can’t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?”

The day is a pretty one and is warm enough in the high 60’s. I’m getting outside dressed again which is becoming an ugly habit for me. I have to pick up cream for my coffee at Ring’s where I know I won’t get just coffee, and I need to stop at Agway for a few house plants to fill empty pots in the dining room. The first stop is essential. The second is necessary, a mood lifter maybe. Plants and flowers do that for me.

I am a sucker for punishment. I voted in August, but I still watch MSNBC or CNN so I don’t miss any breaking news. There hasn’t been any, but I’m still holding strong.

My house has clumps of fur. An analysis shows white fur held together by black fluff. These clumps would be contributions from Henry, white with a few big blotches of brown, and Jack, black except for his paws which are white and have hair sticking out like lightning bolts. I never walk upright in my house. I walk bent over all the better to collect the dust clumps.

My animals avoid me. I think they’ve had enough of me. Poor Henry bears more responsibility to entertain me than the cats, especially Gwen who is never downstairs anyway. I do miss people, but I’m finding ways to keep my self entertained. The same thing happened when I lived alone my first year in Ghana. I was so miserably homesick when I got to my school I decided to leave at the end of the first semester, but I stayed and did a 180˚. I found people who visited me to be inconveniences and was hard-pressed to be cordial. It is my house so go away. It took a while for me to find my best place. I’m working on that again.

My friend Maria called yesterday. She keeps in touch and calls periodically when she is driving her trek to work as it is a long ride, and I am entertaining. She and I have been friends since both of us were single digits, 8 or 9. I remember the summer she and I watched Watergate all day, every day. I think we did feed her kids and change their diapers, but I’m not sure.

Henry and I shared coffee and a banana this morning.

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8 Comments on ““Why can’t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?””

  1. Christer. Says:

    A bit mixed weather here today, mostly cloudy but actually lots of sunshine as well. I had hoped the nasty moose flies had died off during those cold nights we had but they didn’t. A bit slower today though so thye were easier to kill. Still it does feel like they are crawling around on me even though there aren’t any.

    Less clumps of fur now days since Sune isn’t around any longer. Albins fur is so short that I barely see any of it on the floor but I do have plenty on t-shirts and sweaters 🙂 Nova’s a bit longer so that’s what I can see on the floor. Both cats are outside so much that I think most of their fur drops of in the forest.

    I baked some scones today and I have one left so I’ll make a cup of tea and eat it now 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      You are only a step behind me today. I have one more song to post then I’ll be done.

      Since I wrote this, the sun has disappeared, and the day is darker. I’m about to get dressed.

      It is the same with Henry’s fur. White fur is all over my clothes. I have to keep a clothes brush handy. Jack’s fur is unbelievable. It is so long he gets clumps. I have to work hard to keep his fur clean of the clumps. I keep scissors handy.

      The scone sounds great. Rings has them.

      Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was the first day that my daughter and I went out and we had to wear a light jacket. The sun was out for a short while but the temperature never warmed above the upper 50s. A moderate north wind didn’t help raise the thermometer. By two the coulda were rolling back again.

    Today we found the Parr Park painted rock trail and I took some pictures. The artists talent’s ranged from preschool level to professional masterpieces. During this journey of discovery in the car we listened to more Frank Sinatra and Harry Belafonte music. My daughter is enjoying the music that I like. When I’m in the car with my spouse and my daughter we listen to Rock and some Rap. Rock is okay but I can do without Rap.

    The huge voter turnout must have the Republicans scared because I can’t remember seeing so many attack ads against the Democrats. Strangely, not one Republican candidate’s ad even mentions Trump. The Democrat’s attack ads are trying to tie the Republican candidates to Him. Maybe Texas will be a swing state this year.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It was a flannel shirt day here as it was fall warm, a really nice day. I went out and did my errands but skipped Agway. They parking lot was too full. I went to the Dollar Store instead. The cold will be in a few days, mostly at night though.

      I don’t like rap at all. I haven’t since the beginning. My ears prefer folk, 60’s rock and the class ics like Frank and Harry Belafonte. I play NPR or oldies stations in the car. I prefer to have to listen to voices as it keeps me alert.

      I’m watching CNN, and one commentator said that early voting tends to be democratic and election day voters are generally republicans. The commentator went on to say that if the lines are so long, hours long, on Election Day he thinks the republicans won’t stand so long in line and will just leave. It sounds like wishful thinking to me.

      • Bob Says:

        I just read that early voting started in Florida today and that Republicans are out in droves trying to beat the crush of mail in ballots supposedly from Democrats. Republican stronghold retirement communities such as, “The Villages”, are full of old non college educated men like my cousin Michael who loves Trump. Trump actually voted in person in Palm Beach County today and not by mail. I guess he was afraid his vote would get lost in the mail since his postmaster general is decimating the post office. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        The news stations are appalled by the pictures of denizens of The Villages standing shoulder to shoulder in front of Trump without masks. They are the population (ours too) most hit by this pandemic, but they don’t seem to care. The people who sit behind him are required to wear masks as they will be seen on TV.

  3. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I voted early, but it took me a long time to fill out the ballot– mostly because of state and local things. You probably saw Kermit holding my I voted sticker. I used a drop box. I can’t even watch the news about the elections because it scares me too much.
    We had a warning for high winds here, but it looks like we lucked out and we are OK…
    Cats, at least my cat is messy. she tracks litter and her fall out all over the place, even though I comb her. That mixed with dust mites, and I dust all the time in our room now, doesn’t seem to help.
    Breakfast is some oatmeal ice cream, with chopped oranges, and Graham crackers.
    I’ve been watching live zoom performances of Dar Williams, Emma’s Revolution, John McCutheon and a few more. I just discovered another artist but at the moment I can’t remember her name…
    It’s getting dark earlier, which I don’t like at all. The mail is delivered late, as they don’t have enough postal workers.
    Take Care,
    Lori and her unruly gang

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I am glad all went well with your voting. Now you get to sit back and ignore anyone political trying to get your vote. I sent my ballot in, and it was received and accepted. I want a sticker.

      Your state does not need high winds with all the fires still burning.

      My cats are in the guest room, and at least that’s where Gwen hangs out. Their food is there and they nap on one of the beds. I had two litter boxes for them, but they never used one of them. Now I just have one. Their litter comes in the mail, Pretty Litter. It is quite fine sand. I have a special mat under the box which holds a good amount but not all the litter. I always feel like I’m on a beach when I walk in the guest room. The last thing I do every night is spend time with Gwen, give them both treats, feed and water them then clean the litter box. Gwen sits on the stairs and meows at me when I’m done here and she is up there.

      You’ll like it even less when you have to turn the clocks back this weekend and it gets dark an hour earlier.

      Nothing much has changed with my mail. It always comes after 2. I’ve never had a morning delivery. I must always be at the end of the route.

      You too take care!
      Kat and the Critters

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