“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”

Today was a mirror under the nose day. It was close to noon before I dragged myself out of bed. I went to bed close to two so I slept well and long. I did wake up once because I heard the rain. It was pouring.

Today is a perfect fall in New England day. The sun is shining from a deep blue sky. The wind is blowing. It is chilly, only in the 50’s, and it won’t get much warmer this afternoon, but it feels just right.

Henry has been in and out all morning. He goes out. I let him in. After he is done with outside, he patiently waits peering through the dog door hoping to see me. Sometimes I just wait hoping he’ll come in by himself. I know he can; however, today is not one of those days. I have to go let him in the house.

Early voting started here today. I voted early the last time. This time it was by mail. I checked on line, and my ballot is safe, and it counts!! I never miss voting. I remember registering to vote the day after my twenty-first birthday. 1968 was my first presidential election vote. I voted for Hubert Humphrey. Much later, during Watergate, my sister, my cousin and I were waiting in line to try to get seats inside at the hearing. Senator Humphrey walked by me while I was in line, and I got his autograph. The only paper I had was a copy of The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. The senator signed it. I have the book upstairs.

My father was a democrat then he became a republican. He voted for Nixon both times. We all, my brother, sisters and I, did not vote for Nixon. My father made fun of us when McGovern was so soundly defeated. We made fun of him when Nixon got caught and resigned. My father said Nixon was innocent. We all eavesdrop.

I have two pins I wore during the 1972 campaign. Both say Returned Peace Corps/Vista for McGovern-Shriver. They are the last pins I collected. My frame is filled.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Like you I cast my first ballot for Humphrey in 1968. My father was a lifelong Democrat because he was always a worker. He helped organize the wholesale shoe industry in NYC in the late 1930s. He knew first hand how the bosses, Republicans, treated the workers who dared to form a union and better their lives. I’ve always been amazed that our instructors have never formed a union for better working conditions. Of course, most of them are former military officers where they were indoctrinated into the Republican Party.

    I once shook hands with Bobby Kennedy at a speech he made on Jamaica Avenue in Queens NY. I was amazed at how much red was in his brown hair. I guess that was the Irish in him. The only politician whose autograph I have was Senator Bob Dole of Kansas when he ran for President in the the primaries in 1988. I was flying him around to campaign stops and his aids gave me a copy of his biography which he autographed.

    Early voting started in Texas last Tuesday and there have been record crowds in all the counties in the DFW Metroplex. Hopefully, that’s a good sign for Biden. I don’t mind standing in line to cast my vote against the incumbents who are mostly Republicans. The Democrats have a good shot at defeating Senator John Cornyn this cycle. His opponent, MJ Hagar is a woman who was a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan and won both a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross. A Democrat that even another military officer might support.

    Today the sun is trying to peek out of the clouds but the temperatures are only going to get into the mid 70° range.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My father became a republican. My brother and I never discussed it between us, but we each told our friends our father became a republican when he started making big money in the early 70’s. We laughed when we found out.

      I never saw Bobby, but I did see the President’s plane arrive in Hyannis, but the president was too far away to see well. If I can, if I’m buying books for gifts, I try to look for first editions and signed first editions. They are expensive but make amazing gifts.

      According to MSNBC, the early voters are more likely to be democrats. The numbers of mail-ins has surpassed earlier years already. Amazing.

      I live in just about the bluest state. We did vote for McGovern after all, but we have a republican governor, an extremely popular republican governor, one of the quirky votes of this state. He came out for Biden.

      Lovely early evening coming.

      • Bob Says:

        I only have two autographed books. One is the Bob Dole biography and the other is “Quest for the Best”, by Stanley Marcus. Stanley Marcus’ father Herbert and his uncle started Neiman Marcus department store in Dallas and put Dallas on the world fashion center map. He was also a collector of first edition books. When he ran Neiman Marcus he was known by everyone as Mr. Stanley. I had a wonderful conversation with him when I bought the book. My wife doesn’t like it because I was living with another woman at the time and the book is autographed to she and I. 🙁

        Texas, has been a red state since the early 1990s when Governor Ann Richards was the last Democratic candidate to win a statewide election. This year we are looking more like a battleground state. I’ve noticed two Biden signs in my neighborhood which is encouraging and no Trump signs. The suburbs of Tarrant Country have always been Republican strongholds. I’ve also noticed that non of the Republican candidates have mentioned Trump in any of their TV ads. Their Democratic opponents have been running ads tying them to Trump.

      • katry Says:

        The republicans are finally running scared. They are spooked by the lines for voting so Trump is on a whirlwind political junket of a lot of states in just a few days.

        I have a book about a bird on Cape Cod, a first edition signed. It is actually worth a couple of hundred bucks. Who knew?

  2. Hedley Says:

    Meanwhile here in Michigan the Orange impostor continues to taunt our Governor in the face of the conspiracy to abduct and or murder her. The legislature has issued an order of no open carry at the polling stations.

    Such is the state of our country that the trump can brutalize and elected official and not disown the groups that wanted to cause her harm. Where is the outrage ?

    Mrs MDH and I were venturing into rural Metamora this morning and were confronted by the rather charming sign “Fuck your views vote for Donald Trump”.

    A battleground State we are and the vulgarities continue to accelerate. We will vote in person and pull the blue lever straight down the line

    Netflix are showing “The Trial of the Chicago Seven”..don’t miss it

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      We are aways bypassed, understandably so. Trump doesn’t attack anyone from here now that Senator Warren is out of the spotlight.

      I watched in horror what was happening in Michigan. That he continued to taunt the governor and make fun of her was beyond anything I could have imagined, even from him.

      I pretty much voted straight down the line except for a deviation to vote for 2 republicans running for a local office.

      I did exhale when I saw my ballot had been received and then accepted. There was a WHOO HOO.

      Thank you. I am always looking for something to watch.

    • Bob Says:

      Our Republican legislature has outlawed straight party voting in an attempt to slow down the process. Now you have to go through the entire ballot and vote for each candidate individually. A sneaky form of voter suppression along with the more obvious voter ID.

      Trump has no scruples, no filter of what comes out of his mouth nor any moral compass. That’s what attracts him to his base.

      • katry Says:

        I have to go through individually anyway as we use paper ballots. I get to darken the circles.

        Trump says what the base thinks. It is just he is lying.

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