“Order online your favorite meal and get in a few minutes at Tingkat Delivery restaurant, give us a chance to serve you a variety of dishes in your lunch or dinner.”

Henry is back home after his visit to the vet’s. He is sleeping away his trauma on the couch. The vet offered three possibilities for the red around Henry’s eyes: allergies, nerves or mites. It seems that there are mites which are attracted to the follicles around a dog’s eyes. I have a lotion to put on the red, and I ordered Nexgard which the vet said will also kill the mites. Poor Henry was shaking before we even left the house, but he did well. The big news is while we were in the car waiting for Henry’s turn to go inside he stuck his head out the window. That is the very first time.

Today is damp and cold. It rained for a few minutes when I was out with Henry, and the weather report says more rain later with a high of 55˚. When I look out the den window, I can see the oak branches being tossed by the wind. I will stay close to hearth and home.

My freezer is filled with food. Most afternoons I open it, look at what I can see in front then I close it. Though the food looks good, I just don’t want to cook. The other night I had my weekly delivery. Dinner was a meatball with cheese in tomato sauce sub with French fries. It was delicious starting with the bread.

Lately I have been watching really bad serials like Don Winslow of the Navy. I have long been a fan of serials. It started when I was a kid. Science fiction serials used to be on Saturday mornings, those glorious mornings once filled with all sorts of kid shows. I remember watching The Phantom Empire starring Gene Autry. It was in black and white but that didn’t matter. I loved it. It was old even when I was a kid, from 1935. Zombies of the Stratosphere released in 1952 was so good (an adjective loosely used here) I bought it. Leonard Nimoy was one of the Martians.

When I was around nine or ten, I had a real uniform and a uniform of sorts. The real uniform was the one I had to wear to school. I never questioned uniforms. That’s what I wore from beginning to end. My play clothes were their own sort of uniform. On Saturdays I pretty much wore the same thing every weekend. I remember girls’ jeans with no fly in front but a zipper in a side pocket. Mine were lined in flannel. I wore sneakers, probably white, with socks. My blouse was long sleeved, maybe pink or white, and, if I went outside, I wore a light jacket or a cardigan. I remember feeling warm enough.

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4 Comments on ““Order online your favorite meal and get in a few minutes at Tingkat Delivery restaurant, give us a chance to serve you a variety of dishes in your lunch or dinner.””

  1. Bob Says:


    Every time I go to the doctor I am nervous and Airbus understand why I have to go. I can only imagine what a dog is thinking.

    When I was a kid I always wore blue jeans to school with a Tee shirt when it was warm and a long sleeve shirt when it was colder. I always wore tennis shoes to school.

    I loved uniforms when I was kid. I went from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout uniform. Now I love uniforms because I don’t have to do much thinking when I get dressed for work. The only decision is polo shirt or long sleeve dress shirt. Both pairs of my dress shoes are black.

    Today, is another clear day but a cold front blew in this morning and the high temperature is around 80° with a north wind. A far cry from yesterday with a high of 97°.

  2. katry Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Gracie never minded going to the vets. My other dogs were wary but okay. Henry was scared as soon as I opened the door ad put him into the car except for the last two times. He was nervous waiting at my door to go, but he tolerated the trips. It was amazing. He is so much better.

    Catholic schools required uniforms, but I never minded wearing them. My mother loved us wearing them. She didn’t have to have a huge clothing budget for us for school. Plus, there was no competing for best dressed.

    Tonight is cold. I have shut both doors. I need to put in the storm doors.

    Have a good day!!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Oh, I hope Henry will discover the joy of sticking his head out the car window to experience the olfactory high of all the smells rushing by.

    My freezer and fridge are filled with food. I do the same refrigerator stare. I don’t want to cook the things I buy. Someone should have a delivery chef who comes and works with what you have in the larder (and makes no comment on what you should have but don’t). I have swiss chard, chicken, cheese, butter, eggs, milk, salt and pepper and Penzey’s 33rd and Galena spice mix. Do something with that. 🙂

    My uniform was sweatshirt, jeans, sandals, bangs that hung over my eyes, and sunglasses. I was a female Maynard G. Krebs.

    It’s raining! Yay. I watered the ancient black walnut tree the other day. It took many several hundred gallons of expensive MWRA water but perhaps the sacrifice has summoned the rain gods to shower benignantly upon us. 😀

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It will take a few more rides before his goes out while we’re riding. Henry sometimes still takes baby steps. I’m patient.

      I can offer a variety of meats to twin with your spices and seasonings, and I have rice. I can’t remember the last time I saw the back of my freezer. I do have pasta, donkey pasta I’m saving for the big night, and I can make sauce for those meatballs in the front. I even have frozen Italian bread. Look at that: dinner menu for in a month. Hot dogs, I have hot dogs.

      I was into sweat shirts when I was younger. I didn’t start wearing them again until I was back from the Peace Corps and was always cold that first winter. Now, I. love my sweatshirts.

      It has stopped raining, but it looks as if the rain isn’t done yet. I hope not.

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