“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Last night I went to bed at a decent hour for me, but I woke up during the night for a long time. My finger was the culprit. The lump is back or maybe it didn’t go despite the shot, the knuckle is swollen and it is painful. I must have moaned as I woke Henry up. He is now napping. I need one.

When I was a kid, we had a junk drawer in the kitchen. Stuff got jammed and made the drawer difficult to open and close. I remember scissors, tape, shoelaces, pencils and buttons. I don’t have a junk drawer though my bottom kitchen drawer is filled. It has kitchen tools mostly. Every now and then I rearrange it and move what I don’t use to the stove drawer. It is now full.

Today is wonderfully sunny, but it is chilly. I went out with Henry earlier and watched him from the deck. The birds were in and out. A couple of chickadees flew over my head. I checked the feeders, and they are already half empty so I’ll fill them this afternoon.

I always thank Mother Nature for fall. It is her last hurrah. The fall flowers are still blooming in my side garden. The oak tree’s leaves have started to change though their red color is never dramatic. The cranberry bogs have either been harvested or are about to be. I knew it was coming as last week I noticed how red the bogs were.

I have a holly tree, not a bush, but a tall, tall tree. Years ago I had bought two holly bushes and planted them in the front yard. I came home one day from school, and the nicer looking holly bush was gone, dug up. I them moved the other one to where it is now. It was an ugly little bush, but it has grown to a healthy tree. Many of its branches already have red berries, another contribution from Mother Nature.

Today I have a few errands, and I welcome leaving the house for a while. I need a change of scenery. I need a change in mood.

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4 Comments on ““Color is a power which directly influences the soul.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The question is, where or what have you stuck your finger into? 🙂

    We had a junk draw in the kitchen in the condo but we haven’t yet christened a specific junk drawer in the new kitchen. Our old junk draw not only had scissors, tape and other assorted stuff, but it was the repository of all the takeout restaurant menus. In the new neighborhood the choices of takeout food is mostly limited to fast food. We are now living in the white bread suburbs. 🙁

    I have two big trees in my front yard and my lawn guy told me he swept up a bunch of acorns from the driveway. They are small, green and they crush fairly easily underfoot. I’m not sure if they are oak tree acorns. I will ask him when he comes on Tuesday to mow the lawn.

    Last night I slept well for the first time this week. I’ve been woken up by the other nights by foot and ankle cramps. If I get out of bed and walk around they subside. I guess these are the consequences of getting older.

    It’s sunny again and the temperature is a beautiful 85°. Sunday the high temperature is forecasted to hit 97°. It may be the last opportunity to swim this year. Although the water might be a little chilly. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      When I had the lump cortisoned, the doctor me that the finger was arthritic. The knuckles been swollen and painful, but I found a rub which took most of the pain away.

      I keep my menus in a basket in here, the den. Mostly, though, I go on-line to check the menu. Yesterday I had a great sub and some stuffed jalapeños from a place I usually don’t order from. The sandwich was delicious. I’m saving the jalapeños for today. Doordash has some different restaurants that are not fast food, mostly sit down places.

      The acorns fall on the deck. I can her the clink when they hit. Every Friday after my lawn is mowed, the guy clears the deck.Good thing too as I have, barefooted, stepped on the acorns. The spawns do like them.

      I find when I get a cramp in my calf it goes away almost immediately when I step on a cold floor.

      Today will be warm, in the low 70’s. I’ve opened my doors and the window behind me.

  2. Rowen Says:

    I love when holly is allowed to get big like that. One day I was walking down a hillside and found a really towering one.

    I hope the finger gets better soon. Ouch.

    • katry Says:

      The finger is better as I got an arthritis gel, and it helped take the swelling down. I still can’t bend it all the way down.

      The holly tree is taller than my house!!

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