“Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.”

Early this morning it rained. I missed it, but I’m okay with that as right now the sun is working its way through the clouds. I’m cheering. It may be a nice day after all.

Since March, I have been with people socially three times: July 4th, my birthday and my friend’s birthday. The phone is my lifeline but only if I make the calls except for my friends Bill and Peg. They call to make sure I’m okay. This morning I spilled my coffee, was almost tripped by the trash bag in the kitchen destined for the dump then, when I opened a cabinet, stuff fell out and hit me in the head. It was a tall cabinet. I cried. I’m fine now. I think the cry was cathartic. It might also have been a bit of self pity. It has been a long time by myself, but, luckily, I’m entertaining!

I remember getting the measles when I was a kid. I had to stay in bed in a dark room for days. Back then, it was believed that light could cause blindness when you had the measles. Those days in bed were the worse days. I couldn’t read in the darkened room, and I couldn’t watch TV. I don’t remember how many days I was stuck in my bed. I just remember it seemed endless to a nine year old.

I no longer will make my daily chore list because I don’t seem to get much done. Perhaps it’s the pressure. I do hate things undone, but rest assured, I have a list, Things To Do This Week. It has seven chores or errands. The usual, the dump and the laundry, are on the list. Switching out to storm doors is tops on the list. It is too cold at night for the back door to be left open for the dog.

I am astounded but I shouldn’t be by the responses to the president getting the virus. We have the side which believes the democrats did it to him, ways and means yet undetermined. Perhaps it was an umbrella. We have the hoax side which believes that all of this is a lie and meant to give Trump a sympathetic lift in the polls. I don’t even know what to say about yesterday’s Covid parade.

The birds have found my filled feeders. I watched them flying in and out, happy to have them back. I saw chickadees, the stalwart birds, a few titmice and a single sparrow. I still have to fill the suet feeders. I’ll do that later.

I have voted!!!!

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2 Comments on ““Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I remember it well, getting the measles was bad enough, but the mumps and the chicken pox were worse. Because there were no vaccines in those days, mothers would send their kids to play with sick kids hoping to infect them. Getting childhood diseases as an adult is a very serious problem especially for a man to get the mumps as an adult.

    My kids didn’t have to suffer through those childhood diseases because of the modern vaccines. However, my daughter did have a mild case of the chicken pox even though she was vaccinated.

    The internet is like the Wild West of facts mixed in with tons of misinformation, it’s a free for all. I can’t believe that parents are afraid to vaccinate their kids for anything because of a rumor on the internet that vaccination causes autism. Is it better that the kid dies from hooping cough or small pox? The medical study that’s the basis for this nonsense was debunked in the late 1990s, but it persists in cyberspace.

    I believe that Trump contacted the virus from his own White House staff, or from his Republican supporters at his rallies. Maybe, he caught it from aliens who came to earth to make sure he’s re-elected because he founded the space force. 🙂 Trump is such a narcissistic person that he couldn’t help but get out of his sickbed and drive by his admiring and waving subjects. 🙂

    The people I bought our house from left us a Ring doorbell and I finally connected it to our WiFi. It’s a nice feature because we don’t have to answer the door and we can see who’s three. Or, we can just tell whoever is on the front steps to get off our property. It works through the phone so I can see and communicate with who’s at the door from anywhere.

    Today is even nicer than yesterday. Sunny skies with a high in the high 70° range. It can’t rain because I got the car washed yesterday. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My mother did the same. She made sure my brother and sisters caught whatever my brother or I had, whether mumps or chicken pox. I remember getting the mumps but not the chicken pox. When I was a kid, my adult neighbor got chicken pox. It was horrible for an adult and she ended up with scars on her face from scratching.

      I too do not understand the anti-vaccine parents. They obviously doubt the medical information. They lucked out as most childhood illnesses have been wiped out by vaccine so their kids will be safe. Polio has reared its ugly head again because of the anti-vaccine people.

      I believe Trump had the virus when the Rose Garden ceremony was held. I think he knew and went anyway. That is probably why they are not forthcoming with the timeline of his covid and why it has spread so quickly to the people who attended that ceremony. I can’t believe he took off his mask as soon as he got to the White House. He has no concern for the people who work there as he still has Covid. “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” That would be great advice if we all had access to the experimental drugs he was given.

      Now you have me thinking about a Ring doorbell. I’ll give it some thought.

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