“Busyness chokes deep thinking.”

Henry and I are back from the vets. Neither one of us, including Mr. Henry, is any worse for wear. A tech came to the car, took Henry and brought him inside while I waited outside. The vet came out later and gave me a run down of Henry’s health. He is wonderfully healthy. He lost 4 pounds which pleased the vet as the last time she saw him he was at his top weight. Henry got a rabies shot, a flu shot, Bordetella oral vaccine, a heartworm test and a complimentary nail trim. On the bill, under breed, Henry is listed as retriever, Labrador mix, good to know. Henry is a handsome boy.

Today is warm, a bit of summer. The sunlight is slanted in the way it always is in fall. It’s sharpness is highlighted through the leaves and branches. My street is so quiet I can hear only the birds. I filled the feeders yesterday, and the birds noticed.

When I was a kid, I remember trips to Boston. I remember sitting in the Public Garden by the pond. I held peanuts my mother had bought for us to feed to the spawns. I was an innocent. The spawns surrounded me in a well-coordinated attack. One even put out his paw, a sort of Oliver Twist I want more moment. I gave him a peanut. I swear the rest looked frenzied and right at me. I stood up. They ran away.

Yesterday a rabbit was munching on the grass out front. I think it was a different rabbit than the one we usually see. It was bigger. Henry didn’t even notice.

Yesterday I roasted a chicken and some carrots. I felt quite accomplished. It has been a while since I’ve last cooked a real meal, one defined by my father as meat and potatoes, veggies optional.

My dance card is quite empty. I even checked two weeks ahead. Nothing is scheduled. My life has come down to this, nothing scheduled!! Sigh!!

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8 Comments on ““Busyness chokes deep thinking.””

  1. hedley Says:

    Its the weekend before Mrs MDH’s birthday and that only means one thing – get the patio furniture back in the basement. Yup I will be lugging up and down the stairs on Sunday carefully storing everything for next year, that might be a real year or not.

    Arriving today is the Richard and Linda Thompson Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982. Although musically not normally in my wheel house, I always had a soft spot for Richard and Linda and this pulls together their career before a very acrimonious divorce. Apparently there are some problems with the discs so i need to go through them this weekend to see whether or not I need replacements from Universal music.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      My deck furniture just gets covered. I even have umbrella covers. It is too early to put everything away. I remember being out on the deck for Thanksgiving one year.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I didn’t know that dogs can get the flu nor that there was a vaccine for them. I’m getting my flu shot next Tuesday at work. Every year the company offers them for free if you have the company medical plan. My spouse and kids will have to get them at the local CVS pharmacy. It’s very important to get the flu shot this year because of the Covid-19 for which there is no vaccine. Imagine how miserable it would be to have both at the same time. I just received an email that two of our employees are on medical furlough because they tested positive for the Covid. Many of our, conservative Republican, instructors are wearing their masks but not covering their noses. They think they are making some kind of political statement or something. One told me he had a medical statement saying he didn’t have to cover his nose. 🙂

    My new landscaping factotum, your word I believe, came yesterday to do a weed cleanup and mowing. He’s a young neighborhood businessman who did a fabulous job at a very reasonable price. He even wore a mask the entire time he was on our property. I think I have found a winner.

    This may be the last weekend for getting into the pool. It’s supposed to get up to 90° on Sunday. I won’t get in the water because it’s too cold but my wife and daughter probably will. The sun has been out for the past two days and the morning low temperature was in the upper 60° range.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I didn’t know about the flu shot either. It surprised me when I saw the itemized bill. Today was a typical trip at $300.00 for a well dog visit.

      I’ll get my flu shot next week. I read in the paper that the vaccine recommended for older people is gone. It takes a bit to find the extreme flu shot. That people don’t cover their noses drives me crazy. They are idiots who don’t realize liquid in the form of drops is expelled through the noise. I can’t imagine having one or the other let alone both of them. I’ll also go to CVS. I didn’t find the listing for when my town gives out shots.

      When I find a workman I really like, I consider that a huge gift. My cleaning couple has been doing my house for 14 years. I just found a good carpenter too. I have a plumber and an electrician.

      Today was a lovely day. The ocean holds the heat for a long while. You can swim at the beach.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Nice day and nice climate strike today, many people in many towns on the streets. All with masks and we tried to keep distance, good for corona protection but bad for waiting cars, they had to wait twice as long while we blocked the streets 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit,
      The cape hasn’t had a strike or any kind of display that I can remember. Around here I can’t think of seeing anybody without a mask. People are careful.

  4. Christer. Says:

    Great that it worked out so fine at the vet! We don’t have to check for heart worm here and we haven’t had any rabies in this country since the early 1800*s. Only time we have to think of that is if we’re bringing our dogs (ell pets really) outside Sweden or Norway.

    Grey and dull here this morning and it has rained all night I think. Albin wants to take a walk but it’s so dark that I’d rather wait an hour or so, the garden will have to do for him until then.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Once in a while a wild animal like a raccoon will be found to have rabies. I know of no dogs who have had it. The heartworm is another get a short against that I know very little. The influenza shot surprised me.

      The weather is still dry. The drought continues.

      Enjoy your day!!

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