“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.”

Today is not a good day. I just don’t feel it. Most mornings I stand on the deck to take in the day, and I watch Henry run through the yard. This morning I let Henry out and went and sat down on the couch. I didn’t even start the coffee. I am just tired.

I did get up, forced by Henry who was whacking the dog door with his paw to let me know he was impatiently waiting to be let into the house. I let him in, gave him a dog biscuit and started my day. Coffee, splendid coffee was first. I am trying a new coffee from Mexico. The ground beans smelled wonderful in the grinder. I next poured the water into the coffee maker. It burbled when I turned on the machine. Like Henry, I impatiently waited.

Last night I put an afghan on my bed. Today is still cold. The wind is a strong one. My house is only 63˚. I am torn between warmth and September. It seems far too early to turn on the heat, but I should be comfortable. I’m wearing my sweatshirt, and I think I’ll add socks to my ensemble.

The two cats and Henry are all upstairs having their naps. The cats are on the same bed in their room while the dog is stretched across my bed. They do live the good life.

When I was a kid, once cold weather arrived, we seldom went outside to play after school. It got dark early, and being cold wasn’t inviting. The television went on instead. I remember watching everything and anything. TV had mesmerized us from the beginning. Queen for a Day is one I remember. The show centered on housewives in need who told their stories. The audience applauded to choose the queen who would have her wishes come true. We’re talking wishes like a clothes dryer or a vacuum. I found this program recently and watched a couple of women become queens for the half hour anyway. The show is awful, but I did enjoy pieces of it. The clothes alone are worth the viewing. Any one of the ladies could have been my grandmother in a hat. The dresses were all flowered. The hopeful queens for a day were dressed to the nines.

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2 Comments on ““I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today has been cloudy and cool all day. I’ve been in class all day taking my annual recurrent training. Every year I have to climb back in the flight simulator and demonstrate that I can still fly. I also have to pass a written examination on aircraft limitations and an oral exam on similar subjects. Unlike physicians or dentists, pilots have to demonstrate proficiency in handling abnormal situations while flying in the worst conditions and in low visibility annually. Airline pilots have to do it every six months.

    Right now it’s a cool 67° with spotty rain showers in the area. We’re almost at the autumnal equinox which always makes me sad. I enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. If I was wealthy, I would move to Australia in October and have summer in December, January and February and then move back here in April. 🙂 That’s four seasons, Spring, autumn and two summers.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I was required to take courses every three years. I already had my masters so the courses were ones I always wanted to take. I would not be happy taking a proficiency class and test every six months.

      Tonight will be clear with 51˚ as the low. That’s not bad. I would probably chose a different country than Australia. Argentina maybe, Buenos Aires is beautiful.

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