“It must be September, July sun has disappeared”

This morning, as usual, I went and got my papers. When I turned back to the house, I checked the flowers in the front garden as I do every morning, the ones with so many white buds growing. They were gone. I screamed. They had been mowed down yesterday when my lawn was cut. I cried. Those almost flowers used to give me a boost every morning. I loved to watch them grow. I don’t know what I’ll watch now.

Yesterday I brought my car for servicing to the dealership where I bought it. It was time. They did a 25,000 mile check up. The only things they had to do were change the oil and rotate and balance the tires. Everything else was just fine. I went home happy.

When I was a kid, our dog was a boxer, a stubborn male boxer. He, Duke, used to frustrate the heck out of both my mother and my father. Duke would escape from the house but needed to be inside so he wouldn’t follow kids to school. My mother would stand at the threshold of the front door holding a piece of bologna as bait. Duke would rush the door and grab just about all the bologna. My mother always ended up with the corner she was holding. Duke got the rest of it. My father used to get angry when Duke ignored him. Duke would turn around, look right at my father and then turn around and run. My father chased him in the car. Sometimes he caught him. Duke was quite smart.

Today is sweatshirt weather, a bit chilly at 66˚, but today has a saving grace, how wonderfully sunny it is, a day of light.

It is the time of the year when the nights are cooler, even cold. Last night was chilly. I had to shut the windows. Tonight will be around 56˚. I need to add my new coverlet to the bed.

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6 Comments on ““It must be September, July sun has disappeared””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today it was beautiful outside. Sunny skies with a high in the mid 80°s. We decided to take a drive and explore Ft. Worth. We now live just inside Tarrant County and decided to see the county seat, Ft. Worth. One area we visited, in the car, was the Stockyard area. Ft. Worth’s motto is, “Where the West Begins” and the Stockyards is the place we’re the old west is preserved. It was crowded with most people walking around without masks. Maybe they thought it was 1910 again. 🙂 The stockyards was where the Cowboys would drive their cattle to market and where both Swift and Armour had meat packing plants.


    We then ventured through downtown and out west 7th street. It has become the hip, gentrified area to live in Cowtown. We like exploring the area especially driving via the side streets rather than by freeway.

    Tomorrow, we might head west to Weatherford which is the hometown of Mary Martin of Broadway fame. She played in South Pacific and Peter Pan.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I have seen the stockyards in Colorado. I was even there to attend a stock show once just for the experience. Maybe the believed that once you’re outside you’re immune.

      That header of the cattle is amazing especially the shot of the one in the middle staring at the camera.

      That was a great little video. It made a trip to Fort Worth sound wonderful.

      I remember Mary Martin and her son Larry Hagman who was born in Fort Worth.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Rain almost all day yesterday but the sun broke through in the late afternoon. Today will be much the same they say but the rain hasn’t started to fall yet.

    My old dog Orvar tended to take walks by himself and it was long after he was gone that I finally learned that he had friends all over the village 🙂 🙂 Also friends of neighbors came and told me how sorry they were when he had passed, he had a much richer social life than I ever could imagine 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We need rain though I’m not complaining about the great weather. Today is another wonderful day. The open doors are enough to keep the house air in the house fresh. The only issue is Henry keeps going out and expects me to let him in.

      How wonderful that Orvar was the social director for your house. It was good of the neighbors to tell you how sorry they were or you would never have known Orvar visited.

  3. Rowen Says:

    I empathize about your flowers. We’re doing a lot of living in the margins right now and these small everyday things are huge.

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