“Have you ever heard of anybody buying a vacuum cleaner at a vacuum cleaner store?” “One of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.”

My air conditioner is blasting. The humidity is back. It started last night. Around 2, I went out with Henry. The air was thick with moisture. Even that deep into the night, it was still hot, in the low 70’s. I knew today didn’t have a chance.

Yesterday it rained. At first the rain was just a mist, spitting rain my mother used to call it, then it poured. This morning the rain returned, a small rain at first but then the rain got heavier. Right now we’re back to spitting rain.

Other than my yesterday’s Amazon order, all my on-line grocery deliveries are complete for now. I’ve got a fridge full of veggies. The fruit is in a bowl on the table. The rolls are on the counter. The rolls are different shapes. The small ones are round, the thin ones long. Besides my coffee this morning, I had long roll toast with honey butter.

I voted by mail in the state primary. I will do the same for the presidential election. I will not go to the police station, my polling place, despite the president telling us we need to go to the polls to verify our mail-in ballot had been received. Has he not heard of the internet? I checked on-line and my ballot had been received and accepted. I voted once.

I love to vote. I still remember my first time voting. It was by absentee ballot when I was a senior in college. The second time was also by absentee ballot when I lived in Ghana. My first time voting was for the 1968 presidential election. My candidate lost. The next time I voted was during the 1970 election. The ballot got to Ghana about a month after the election. I completed it and sent it anyway. I’m not one to skirt my obligations.

My house is getting cleaned. The vacuuming is keeping Henry at bay. I suspect the cats are under a bed as they too hate the sound of the vacuum.

I have a dog and the vacuum story. My mother was babysitting Shauna, my first boxer, at her house. Shauna used to attack the vacuum with her paws. She’d try to kill it but was never successful. This one time she was barking and attacking the vacuum. My mother went to move it, and it was then that somehow Shauna’s tongue was sucked up the vacuum. My mother immediately turned off the suck your dog’s tongue machine. Shauna’s tongue was none the worse for the experience, buy my poor mother took a while to calm down. After that, Shauna still attacked vacuums but from further away.

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6 Comments on ““Have you ever heard of anybody buying a vacuum cleaner at a vacuum cleaner store?” “One of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    I still have to vote (municipal elections), either I vote within the next 10 days at the townhall or on election day at a nearby school. It depends on weather and mood.
    Today I even went to a party rally downtown just to hear live music, a local jazz band. Crazy actions in crazy times to get live music, I usually avoid party rallies. The rally itself was quite boring but it was one of the better parties so it was okay. Municipal election campaigns didn’t change very much within the last decades, some rallies and too many boring posters.

    • katry Says:

      I sent in my primary ballot quite early. It arrived on August 25. I checked on line to make sure it had been accepted. If it hadn’t, I would have physically gone to vote. I’ll do the same for the presidential vote. Trump is still lying about mail in ballots being unsafe. He lies about anything and everything.

      Both candidates are on the campaign trail right now. Trump has stopped having rallies due to his audience: no masks and no distancing. He had no problem with the no masks. There are signs on peoples’ lawns. I have seen a few bumper stickers. Back in the day, people wore political pins for their candidates and put stickers on their cars. Now support is a bit subdued.

  2. Mark Says:

    Your story about Shauna was both horrifying and hilarious. My first thought was “That poor dog!. I hope she wasn’t seriously injured!” and then I started laughing as I envisioned Shauna with her tongue stuck in the vacuum cleaner. I’m with your mother, if I did that to a pet, I would feel terrible about the event and grateful that the dog wasn’t injured.

    • katry Says:

      My mother said when she turned off the vacuum, Shauna’s tongue fell right out. The hose did have a wider opening than most as it was a wall vacuum system. My mother checked the dog’s tongue and found nothing, not even the tiniest injury. Shauna got some cold cuts, atonement form my mother.

  3. Rowen Says:

    I’m guessing vacuum cleaner songs comprise a modest body of work at best. You did very well.

    The Shauna story is wonderful.

    • katry Says:

      I found several songs for kids about vacuum cleaners so I had to keep hunting. I was thrilled to find these songs.

      Shauna loved my mother, the source of all treats. When we visited, every time my mother went to the kitchen, Shauna followed. She always got cold cuts from my mother. One Christmas, my mother even made homemade biscuits for Shauna.

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