“All I can tell you about fashion and style is this: buy and wear what makes you happy.”

When I woke up, my house was hot so I turned on the AC to cool it down. Outside is 77˚, already close to the expected high of 79˚. The breeze is a good one so I’m thinking deck time later this afternoon.

When I was a kid, the books I read were mostly classics. When I got a bit older, I moved into mysteries. I’m still there. My iPad is filled with books, mysteries, all waiting to be read. I get to start a new book today. It’s a banner day!

I have sandals for summer, a pair of shoes for winter and wool clog slippers for around the house and for when I do outside errands in the colder weather. I have a winter coat, but I usually just wear my sweatshirt. All of my school clothes are no longer taking up room in my closet, but my cozies are. They are my everyday clothes if I bother to get dressed. I do love my flannel shirts.

When I was in Ghana, I had to wear a dress or a skirt every day. They were proper clothes for women, but I knew that going in from the information Peace Corps had sent so I packed summer dresses and blouses and skirts. I had one pair of shorts and a Merrimack t-shirt for wearing in the house, never outside. I brought two pairs of sandals. One didn’t last long. The other pair lasted the whole time needing only new soles during year two.

I had dresses made while I was there. I’d shop in the cloth market and buy enough for a new dress, usually about three yards. One of the teacher’s wives was my seamstress. She charged a few cedis, about 3 dollars. By the end of the two years, all my dresses were made from Ghanaian cloth. When I went back the first time, I had a couple of shirts made. Women could wear pants by then so shirts were a perfect choice. In Bolga, my students gave me the gift of a new Ghanaian dress. Later, on another trip, I was given a traditional dress of three matching parts: the top, skirt and a cloth to wrap around. On my last trip, we, Peg and I, had tablecloths made, and we bought cloth, lots of Ghanaian cloth, such beautiful cloth. Friends and family got placemats and napkins that Christmas from me.

I have no plans for today, not even the tiniest chore. I still have to finish the Sunday papers and find my next new book. A murder? A visit to Xanth? Witches cavorting with vampires? The choices are almost endless.

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4 Comments on ““All I can tell you about fashion and style is this: buy and wear what makes you happy.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I agree with you about fashion. People should wear what makes them happy. I just read an article about how men’s specialty stores are suffering from the advent of the business casual trend and now the working from home paradigm shift. I still own one sport coat and one tie for those unexpected weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and funerals. 🙂 I own two pairs of black dress oxfords, a pair of New Balance cross trainer shoes and rubber flip flops.

    I read an article recently about why Trump looks terrible for a President. Besides his bad hairdo, he’s a cheapskate and buys cheap suits that don’t fit him correctly. He wears a corset under his shirt to hold in his belly. He also, wears lifts in his shoes that make him appear to lean forward. He’s not only the world’s biggest lier, but his appearance is also a lie. 🙂

    When I was a kid I read the classics as you did until about the 6th grade. Then, I got the flu and stayed home for a couple of weeks and read my first paperback novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris. Frorm then on I read adult novels by various authors. I remember reading Leon Uris’s first novel, Battle Cry. It was about his experience as a Marine in WWII. I laughed when he described what happened in boot camp when he accidentally called his rifle a gun. The drill Sargent made him stand in the barracks in front of the other men, with his gun in one hand and his rifle in the other, and say “This is my rifle this is my gun, one is for fighting the other for fun”.

    I don’t know what happened, it’s cloudy and only 83°. The forecast was for a high temperature of about 103°. Oops, only a high of 93°?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I don’t know anyone who still works (as in pre-Covid working). All my friends are retired. I watched dress at school for guys (as an example) change from suits to end up at golf type shirts and casual pants (no shorts). Administrators still wore ties by choice.

      Trump’s hair alone makes him look terrible, and when combined with his face coloring, he is frightening. I am always amazed by his leaning forward and the lack of wonder about it. I can still picture him going down the ramp at West Point.

      I read every Uris novel. When I found an author, I read every book the library had by that author.

      Today ended up lovely and not hot at all!!

  2. im6 Says:

    Help Me Rhonda! I couldn’t look at today’s list of songs without thinking of this one so I had to find a copy and listen (it’s been a while). I’d say they owe enormous thanks to The Beach Boys.

    • katry Says:

      How did I miss the song to which I remember all the words? I agree totally. They are a Beach Boys wannabe!!

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