“It seemed to be a law of society that hair must be parted and brushed.”

The air conditioner is blasting again. I turned it off for a bit, but the house got hot quickly so I’m back in the dark behind closed windows and doors while the AC does its work.

I’m in a mood today, a blah sort of mood. I am sitting on the couch not wanting to move. My laundry is done but still in the cellar. The trash is in the car. Both can sit for a while though the trash probably has a short shelf life.

When I was a kid, I knew certain truths. Always wear clean underwear just in case. If you don’t lick your ice cream fast enough, it will melt down the cone to your hand. Pushing vegetables around the plate doesn’t hide them. School clothes are only for school and church clothes for church, no mixing and matching allowed. Sit in the back at the Saturday matinee, the best place to avoid flying JuJu Beads. The best pews in church are in the back, all the better for a quick exit. You better have something to cry about or else. Never step on a crack, not even to test the theory about your mother’s back. There were more but these are the biggies, the ones often repeated. My mother was the clean underwear. My father was the stop crying or else. He was pretty clear on that.

Henry has been barking all morning. He is driving me crazy. I keep looking only to find nothing. I show Henry, but he is not convinced.

I have two hot dogs and two brioche hot dog rolls left. My sisters make fun of me, but I do like hot dogs. My latest are from the organic grocer. They are tasty especially tucked into a toasted brioche roll loaded from the top.

Through the window, the day looks lovely, but once I open the door, I can feel the heat. There is a possibility of thunder showers. I will cross my fingers and hope.

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6 Comments on ““It seemed to be a law of society that hair must be parted and brushed.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    The opposite here today, cool but not chilly and we have even had some sunshine but rain will be back on Wednesday. It is so much nicer at work now so I will not complain about it not being summer warm any longer 🙂

    Our hotdogs are just nasty so most of us just buy proper sausages instead. I have no idea what they’ve done to them but now days they just taste awful. Probably mostly flour and spices in them so they are gross.

    Albin doesn’t bark that much and he has calmed down with those funny noises as well. If he can go out to check what it is he hear he usually run along the fence sort of growling and I thgink that scare people more trhan if he had barked 🙂 🙂 Thankfully my neighbors love him otherwise it would have been tough to livenext door 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It will be hot tomorrow but should be a wonderful day on Wednesday. Rain has eluded us again though it rained in the western part of the state. I’ll have to water the deck plants tomorrow. I have turned off the AC as the evening is supposed to get cooler.

      I buy a couple of different brands of hot dogs. One is Hebrew National, another is from the organic store and the third, Maple Leaf, franks are my favorite.

      Henry’s barking drives me crazy. He even barks at my neighbor across the street. I have an anti-bark collar but don’t really want to use it. When someone is at the door, Henry is crazed. What is interesting is he doesn’t bark when he us in the backyard.

      Enjoy your day!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another day of furlough and it’s sunny and hot again. Today seems like a good day for a movie. My first electric bill arrived yesterday after a month and I was surprised that I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill.

    I remember all those kid rules. My mother would always tell us that if we cried she would give us a real reason to cry. She never meant it. We were lucky because my father traveled most Mondays through Fridays and If we did something wrong she would threaten us with telling my father when he got home. Usually by Thursday she had forgotten what we did. Things were really bad when my father started taking off his belt, then that was the sign to run as fast as you could.

    Last night I had bratwurst with sour kraut and baked beans. The good hot dogs, all beef kosher, are wonderful. The one thing that’s hard to find are the kind of hot dog buns you get at Fenway Park.

    We just finished watching one of my favorite films in our media room, “The Producers”. It was Gene Wilder’s first movie. Maybe also Mel Brooks’ first movie.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My last bill was double the usual cost. It was all those heat wave days in a row which meant 24 hours of the AC running.

      My mother also threatened us with our father. She even seldom told him anything mostly because he was quick to jump first and ask later.

      I like bratwurst but I’m not big on sauerkraut and you know I hate beans. The hot dog rolls sold here are top cut. They are pretty much all you can buy at the grocery stores. No lobster roll is official unless it is in the top loader roll.

      I love The Producers. On my boat trip down the Parana River in South America they showed this movie one night with Spanish subtitles it was in English for us to watch.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    We had no power on my street from 9:30 PM on Sunday night until 12:45 PM on Monday. The power was on all through the storm even after a huge tree blew over onto and through a neighbor’s house and brought down a utility pole. The wires didn’t break. The power company came and shut everything down so the tree crew could remove the tree. I sat up watching them for three and a half hours as they worked through the night. It was fascinating especially in the dark with spotlights and head lamps providing the only illumination. I’ve walked by that tree all my life and never realized how massive and tall it was. The trunk was at least three feet in diameter.
    The power company and Verizon came back Monday morning and worked until just after noon. Factoid: Verizon owns all the utility poles in New England. I learned this last week before it became relevant to my interests. They got them when they bought up all the Baby Bells way back when so they get rent from everyone else that has to use them.

    I spent Tuesday on chain saw duty in the back yard. It was a doozy of a thunder/wind storm here. Many, many trees down all over town. Flooding. The Common had a lot of tree damage and Bob, the yellow ducky who has been floating in the lake all summer long, was blown completely upside down. Presumably Bob’s handler will right that situation quickly.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The rain skipped us. It did get cloudy but that was it. We still desperately need some rain. I’ll have to water outside plants today but I’ll wait until it is cooler.

      Wow, we did miss quite a storm. That was quite the tree. Good for those guys working all night. At least this time you knew the electricity would be turned on. I’d lose trees. Some of my pine look wobbly.

      That’s crazy. To think the storm was so strong to do such damage in what wasn’t a long duration storm. My sister said she and her husband watched the trees in the backyard bend so much they thought the trees would snap.

      Take the afternoon off!!

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