“List, list, O, list!”

The windows are shut and the doors are closed. The AC is blasting. The house is cold. Outside looks sunny and warm. The high will be 80˚ today. That sounds reasonable.

During the election of 1960, I found politics. John F. Kennedy was my senator. He was also a Catholic, another reason the election piqued my interest. Critics claimed the pope would take over if Kennedy were elected. He was elected, and the pope stayed in Rome. Kennedy was the first and so far the only Catholic elected president. Biden could be the second. I am mentioning this because I heard a discussion on MSNBC about Joe Biden and his religion. The contention, though, was gone.

My days are all pretty much alike. I do have errands, but mostly I’m home with the cats and the dog, all of whom who tolerate me. I used to hate finishing the day before I’d crossed off every to- do item on my list, but that has passed. Now I just move the item to the next day’s list until it finally fades away, lost to disinterest. I’m finally okay with that.

I don’t get dressed most days. I shower and change from one casual outfit to another. I do keep some outside clothes down here for a quick change just in case, but they are gathering dust. Miss Haversham, watch out!

I save all sorts of recipes from on-line, from cooking magazines and Wednesday’s newspapers. In my mind’s eye I can see the dishes in all their glory on the table while my guests ooh and ahh and clamor for the recipes. All I’m missing are the guests, the cooked food and the oohing and ahing.

As for today, I still have to read the Sunday papers. I’ll take a shower later and water the outside plants while I’m there. I’m thinking hot dogs for dinner. That’s it, a full day in the time of a pandemic.

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2 Comments on ““List, list, O, list!””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    80° was our low temperature in the mornings a couple of weeks ago during the heatwave. I not only didn’t make it into the pool yesterday but I didn’t shower, shave nor get dressed, a true sloth day to use your words. Today’s high should be in the mid 90° range and as soon as I get the energy I’m going into the water while we have sunny skies.

    While working from home it’s easy to not get dressed. If I have a video conference, then I will shave, shower and wear a nice shirt. Below I might be wearing my bathing suit. 🙂 I’m sure the men’s and lady’s business wear stores are suffering during this pandemic. My employer went to all business casual several years ago. I hope this pandemic puts a stake in the heart of the men’s suit and tie stupidly . 🙂

    When I started at my current employer almost 30 years ago, we wore gray slacks, navy blazers, light blue button down collar dress shirts and red/blue stripped ties. At that time our clients wore business casual dress. Today they come for training wearing cut off jeans, tee shirts and flip flops.

    Having a Catholic in the White House becomes a true non issue when hopefully he replaces this narcissistic, lier and cheater who has no conscience nor moral compass. Why the religious right thinks that supporting and voting for this criminal is fulfilling God’s work? The world is truly turned upside down. 🙁 Please, register to vote and go to the polls in November and return the country to some sense of normalcy by voting Democratic.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Nothing is wrong about a good sloth day. It reenergizes me. I do brush my teeth every day and shower most days so I do bow to hygiene.

      I agree about dressing for work. I wore a dress or a skirt every day. For shoes, I wore leather clogs as I had to do a lot of walking during the day. I would have preferred comfortable all over. I don’t know if men’s suits will become passed. In one form or another they have been around a long time.

      Your clients are a few steps down the fashion ladder from you. I doubt their flip flops and cut offs have a chance as the next business suit.

      I’ve already voted in the primary, and I’m raring to go for November. That Biden is a Catholic should be a non-issue, not even worth mentioning, whether he wins or loses. I have no words to explain his base. I have no words to explain Qanon or the white supremacists. I just know they feel comfortable with him in the White House.

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