“If TV were only an invention to broadcast soccer, it would be justified.”

We had a bit of rain the other day. The drops were heavy for about five minutes then the rain stopped, and the sun ventured from behind the clouds. It has been lovely since then with warm days and cool nights. Today is about perfect.

Last night I wanted to hurt Alexa. I played a dumb game using rhyming words. The first clue was the abominable snowman a hot day. I guessed sweaty Yeti. Alexa said it was the wrong answer. The correct answer, according to Alexa, was sweaty Yeti. I tried another rhyme. I gave my answer, and the virtual shrew told me it was the wrong answer. The right answer was exactly what I’d said. I swore at the shrew who said she didn’t know that one. She’ll learn.

I grew up with television. There was one in our living room as far back as I can remember. The early TV’s were huge pieces of furniture in cabinets needing their own wall in the living room. I remember moving the TV to make room for the Christmas tree. When I was a kid, I thought the TV was miraculous. You turned a dial and a picture with sound was right there in the living room for you to watch. Sometimes the picture was snowy or it jumped up and down. One of us would fiddle with the rabbit ears until we got a good picture.

I remember the color screen we put across the TV picture. It was supposed to look like the program we were watching was in color. The top of the screen was blue for the sky and the bottom green for grass. It didn’t at all resemble a real color TV, but at least the picture wasn’t black and white anymore. When color TV sets got cheaper, we begged my father for one. He gave before we moved to the cape. I remember watching Star Trek in color.

This summer we haven’t had movies on the deck. I really miss those fun evenings with my friends watching old black and white B science fiction movies while eating popcorn and malted milk balls. I bought a couple of new ones for this summer. I’ll put them away for next summer.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    You and I are the first generation to grow up with TV. My father bought a Crosley table model 10” TV in 1947. That TV was huge, heavy and was filled with vacuum tubes which had to warm up before anything happened. The tuning dial didn’t have click stops for the stations but a magic eye tube that indicated when you were at the correct frequency for the station. It also had built in FM radio. My father had it connected to an antenna on the roof of our six floor walk up apartment building from our second floor apartment. The wire ran up the side of the building to the roof from our living room window. In those days each apartment could have their own TV antenna on the roof. Later when we moved to Dallas we had rabbit ears.

    When I was a very young kid, there were no daytime TV shows and I remember watching the test pattern anxiously until five o’clock in the afternoon when the broadcast day began with kids shows. There was “Howdy Doody” and “Captain Video and his Video Rangers”. Every Tuesday evening our neighbors who didn’t have TV would gather in our living room to watch Milton Berle on “The Texico Hour”. I still remember the commercial which featured four gas station attendants singing the Texico jingle. It was the most popular show on TV at the time.

    In 1959 I remember seeing the first demonstration of color TV at the State Fair of Texas. I was amazed, because I thought we already had color TV. It was of course monochrome, However, I would fill in imaginary colors in my brain. The first time I went to a live baseball game the green grass and tan basepaths shocked me. I thought from TV that they were just different shades of gray. Color TV really didn’t matter until the mid 1960s when all the programs were broadcast in color.

    Unfortunately, Covid-19 has killed socializing everywhere. A coworker bought season tickets for the Texas Rangers in their new ballpark this year. I asked him if the team refunded his money and he said, no they just applied it to next season. Hopefully, there will be a next season. 🙂

    The cold front Sunday night has brought us lower temperatures and lower humidity. This morning the temperature was in the low 70° range with a forecast high of only 92°. The sky is clear with light winds. A wonderful day to be in doors working from home. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I remember seeing my first TV when I was two or three. The neighbors had one, and we went there to watch it. Shortly after, we moved, and my parents bought our own TV. I used to turn it on in the afternoon when the logo was there instead of programs. One logo had an Indian in a headdress. Shortly after came The Mickey Mouse Club every day of the week. Howdy Doody was on every Saturday for us here. There were other Saturday programs I loved. Captain Midnight, Andy’s Gang, Annie Oakley and so many many more. I loved them all.

      That’s amazing. I felt the same way the first time I went to Fenway. It was for a night game, and we got there early for batting practice. The grass was as green as any grass I had ever seen. The park was beautiful, and I could see almost all off it from the outfield wall where I stood hoping to get a fly ball from batting practice. I actually caught one. My friend’s sister who brought both of us worked at Fenway. She got it signed for me.

      I don’t remember when we got our color TV. I do remember it was maybe a few years before we moved to the cape. We had to get cable on the cape or we’d get maybe two channels or three on a clear night. My father wasn’t happy but he got cable. Not long after that the TV looked faded, the color no longer true. My father blamed the cable and made them come to fix it. They came and found out it was the TV, not the cable. My father didn’t believe him. He stopped cable. The TV got worse. There was just about no color left when my father gave in and got a new TV and cable again. All was well.

      I have seen the same friends twice, once in July and once on my birthday. We wear a mask if we go out but not when we’re with each other. We have pretty much been quarantined for months. I’m hoping there is an end. I’d like it sooner rather than later.

      Mid 70’s today with no humidity and with a lovely southern breeze. It will be in the 60’s tonight. Tomorrow will be more of the same.

  2. hedley Says:

    HBO – Dream On

    I make no pretext, I love TV. I always have. The window opened in black and white with a test card and rolling picture and two stations. Broadcasts were intermittent and targeted you children at certain times. And so I got to know Ivor the Engine, Andy Pandy, Noggin the Nog through stop motion and puppets.

    Football (soccer) was never live except once a year for the FA Cup Final in May and the so called Home Internationals. The World Cup of course but that took 4 years. If I wasnt playing, Saturday afternoon was be wrestling , Mick McManus and Jackie Pallo before the football results.

    Somewhere around 1964 the BBC added BBC2 a second station requiring a separate aerial that was intended to be high brow. But thinks had busted wide open a year earlier as the ITV televised on an early Friday night “Ready Steady Go” a live music show first hosted by Dusty and then Kathy McGowan. The force feeding of government dictated culture and choice was none. The music shows proliferated, dumb ass shows like The Black and White Minstrels were trashed and popularism rose.

    Of course, they did still tend to close down around 11 pm with the playing of the national anthem which called for other distractions.

    The USA beckoned. The first live broadcast arrived in 62, the Kennedy assassination was made highly personal and the flood of cowboys shows and detectives filled our homes.

    Colour arrived in the early 70s and we all rented from Rediffusion. It would be some years until purchase was affordable

    Today, with a variety of subscriptions I can literally watch every game of my club and anything else I choose.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I remember Chance the Gardener in Being There. In a sexual encounter, his partner asked him what he liked. He said, “I like to watch.” She misinterpreted. He meant TV. He watched in just about every room. All he knew was the TV and the garden.

      I also like TV. I’m a sucker to watch new science fiction programs and mysteries. I like to get away. Both of them do that for me. Now I’m watching MSNBC and CNN, but I hit the news wall after a few hours so I watch Netflix or a TUBI scifi from 60’s. There are many of them. I like to be entertained.

      I remember when the TV channels went off the air. One played The Star Spangled Banner. Another played an Air Force song, Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder. I remember the first time I stayed up late enough to see the TV go off the air.

      I never left from in front of the TV that whole November weekend. I watched Lee Harvey Oswald get sot by Jack Ruby.

      We got color in the mid 60’s. I remember a lot of red.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Soccer was a men’s outdoor radio event for a long time. Every Saturday afternoon 4 to 6 pm you could see men in the neighborhood wash their cars and listen to football league on the radio. For women this was the time to meet friends for a coffee. Habits only changed when it wasn’t allowed to wash cars on the street anymore.
    It looks like corona teached us that life without soccer is possible 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Baseball and all the rest refused to let corona take away their season, but it is all out of sorts. Winter is playing as is summer. Fall is close. The Red Sox are awful this year. I could do without watching them.

      That is too bad that such wonderful neighborly get-togethers disappear.

    • hedley Says:

      Bochum Belle

      Life without soccer is possible ?

      Perhaps you might like to rethink that statement !!!! 🙂

  4. lilydark Says:

    I like the post.
    I’m about to take a nap, and don’t want to write something long, since my posts don’t show.
    Lori and Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Your posts just went on a mini-vacation, but I told my machine you and Cookie are not spam!!

  5. lilydark Says:

    It is working again. YAY.

  6. Birgit Says:

    Hedley, who knows, we’ll see…
    I’m not sure if soccer ever will be the same if we’re ever done with corona. Currently it’s not soccer for fans and meanwhile many ties are broken. The last big matches went nearly unnoticed. Champions League on Sunday, maybe Bavarians care.

    This is an older article (April 2020) but I think the situation hasn’t really changed:

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