Fade Away And Radiate: Blondie

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2 Comments on “Fade Away And Radiate: Blondie”

  1. hedley Says:

    Supposedly Debbie Harry and Chris Stein recently cashed out the future royalties to all their music

    Their first two albums, “Blondie” and ” Plastic Letters” were almost subversive but then Parallel Lines and Heart of Glass appeared, Debbie Harry was glam all over the place and Blondie became Ms Harry and a few guys

    There has been the promise of a comprehensive look back at their work, which the band flagged two years ago but still nothing. Me, I loved Picture This – still have the 45 in a picture sleeve and, of course, blonde vinyl.

    • katry Says:

      When I hear a Blondie song, I am always surprised how much I like it and wonder how I could have forgotten it. Heart of Glass, really. There are so many. I do remember Ms Harry.

      45 in a picture sleeve!!

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