“Cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite sized and personal.”

Last night my house had a late summer feel. Shadows fell in a different way. The angle of the sun has changed. At 5:45 I needed to turn on the lamp here in the den then I turned off the AC and opened windows and the backdoor. Outside was quiet. The cool night breeze was from the north, on my neck and back. I watched the Red Sox -Yankee’s game for a while. I do miss people at the games though the way the Sox are playing, maybe not. 

Today is almost chilly. The sky is filled with clouds. A cold wind is from the north. According to the weatherman, maybe we’ll have rain but maybe not. That means regardless of the weather he’ll be 100% correct.

When I was a kid, I never baked or cooked anything. In the summer, I’d sometimes make my own lunch, a bologna sandwich. I liked bologna, still do, and I loved sandwiches back then because they were portable. I’d cut a chunk of the bologna from the round of meat. It never came sliced from the deli the way it comes now. I always cut uneven slices, thicker at one end. Luckily, though, the bread was soft enough to follow the contours of the bologna. Sometimes I used mustard. Other times I used mayonnaise. I wasn’t particular. I’d throw in cookies if we had them and fruit if we didn’t. Cookies went fast in my house. Fruit lasted longer, except for watermelon. It went quickly.

Oreos were big in my house, the regular Oreos, that’s all they had back then. We all ate our Oreos the same way. Every kid I knew did. Split the sandwich in two. Eat the plain cookie side first (unless you’re one of my sisters. Then you feed the empty side to the dog) then use your teeth to scrape off the creme from the other cookie and then eat it. That second cookie was always streaked with creme.

I don’t know if I have a favorite cookie. I like so many. I guess I’d have to make a list in no certain order. On the list would be chocolate covered Oreos, a sublime cookie. Chocolate chip cookies have to be on the list, sort of a cookie emeritus. Anise cookies, the way my Uncle Jack made them, are high on my list. They go with Christmas celebrations. Scooter pies too are on the list. They’re definitely not pies, maybe small cakes, but I’ll stick with cookie. I like hermits because they are a different sort filled with raisins, dates and nuts. The spices like cinnamon and cloves say winter to winter.

I have no cookies right now. I wish I did.

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4 Comments on ““Cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite sized and personal.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Oreos are king on my list. Followed by those marshmallow chocolate covered pin wheel cookies. After that the choices go down to chocolate chip and in a pinch pecan sandies. The nut pecan is pronounced in the south with a soft first syllable while in the north the emphasis is on the letter ‘P’ followed by a hard sounding can. The name of the nut as pronounced up north sounds like one would say that they urinated into a tin can. 🙂 My better half only buys Oreos when they are on sale and if they show up on Friday they are all eaten by Monday. It’s a good thing that they only occasionally appear in our larder (a word Inlearned from you).

    Here in August no one in their right mind would ever turn off the AC and open the windows. First the amount of energy to cool the house back down would be astronomical and the heat and the humidity will make you wish you didn’t know how the turn off the air conditioning. Today the high temperature is forecast to be 103° again. Sounds like time to get into the pool.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,

      Yeah, it is pronounced here just was you’ve written: P with a hard C as in P’ Kan. It is not so popular here. You used the larder well, and I’m sorry at how quickly the Oreos go Here I have only myself to blame. I know exactly what you mean by the pinwheel cookies with the crunch of chocolate on the top.

      It is 71˚ right now, and tonight could get down to 67˚. The humidity has been gone for the second straight day.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Years ago a friend and I used to do the Christmas cookie baking thing. We made springrle and short bread cookies that had to be pushed into a mold. The only cookies I make now are pizzelle. I make them in flavors other than anisette because I don’t like anisette. My pizzelle are orange flavored. Sometimes I throw a glug of Grand Marnier in there, too. Can’t really taste it but it’s the thought that counts. 😉
    For store bought cookies, I used to love Jan Hagels. Can’t find those anymore. Hydrox was my choice over Oreos. Nowadays my favorites would be Milanos and Tahoes from Pepperidge Farm and the hermits that Tendercrop Farm sells.

    It’s grey and cool here. For a brief moment I contemplated the possibility that I would need a sweater! The moment passed but I did shut off all the fans in the house.
    Enjoy the coolth.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I like the taste of anise. When I make cookies, I use anise oil instead of anise flavoring. It makes a difference for us anise people.

      I used to make pizzelles too, some were lemon. I know I have the iron somewhere, probably in the cabinet of lost things. I buy Tates really thin chocolate chips. I think I’d eat anything covered in chocolate.

      It is still chilly. I shut the window behind me. The doors are still open. That gives Henry something to do.

      Have a great evening.

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