“Weather forecast for tonight: dark”

Today is glorious. It is actually 73˚. There is a breeze, a strong breeze. Outside the window I can see the new leaves on the scrub oaks fluttering. The flowers seem to glean in the sun. When I got the papers, I was sun blind for a second. I thought that delightful.

Cue the trumpets, unroll the flags, start the parade. You may think this an overreaction, but I know it is a celebration. I did my laundry, all three loads. Today I tackle the bed.

I loved my mother’s brownies. She always frosted them with chocolate icing and chocolate jimmies (for those of you outside New England, think sprinkles). Too much chocolate? Never!

Some of my creatures need to move to their summer quarters. My plastic flamingo longs for the outside. The Travelocity gnome is smiling. I figure he knows it’s time to move.

My mother told me she took my brother and me to see Sleeping Beauty. My brother hid under the seat every time Maleficent made an appearance. I stayed in my seat and watched. At Christmas one year, I had my picture taken with Santa. My brother hid in the bedroom. I wasn’t afraid.

Last night I had a BLT. That simple sandwich was raised to new heights by the ciabatta bread. I had it and truffle fries delivered. That was my reward for doing the laundry.

Yesterday I called a friend I haven’t seen since college. We had lost touch. She, Claire, had run into Bill and Peg, my friends dating back to Peace Corps. They were at a craft fair selling Bolga baskets. Claire talked to Peg and found out the baskets are from Ghana. After all these years Claire still remembered me and said she only knew one Peace Corps volunteer, and she had gone to Ghana (the she being me) and told Bill and Peg my name. Peg said her jaw dropped. Claire gave Peg her number, and she gave it to me. I put it in a safe place. I only found it yesterday. Claire and I spoke for well over an hour. We’ll stay in touch.

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6 Comments on ““Weather forecast for tonight: dark””

  1. Hedley Says:

    The stimulation was almost overwhelming. After days of planning Mrs MDH and I made a run to Costco. It’s been 3 months since we risked it making the experience even more spectacular than normal. Two carts later we had trouble finding enough room for $550 of goodies in my car but we were quite celebratory heading home

    Big Gretch has extended our lockdown until June 12. I am a big supporter of our Governor but am growing increasingly frustrated by the situation. It feels like she is micro managing

    Meanwhile the nutty archdiocese of Detroit has reopened the churches for Mass, which does not match with BG’s limit on assembly of 10 people. The more skeptical among us might suggest it was motivated by the lack of revenue and at the risk of the most vulnerable group which, of course, is a predominance of elderly in the congregation. Mrs MDH and I have decided to worship from afar.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Yikes, you are my heroes venturing out as you both did. Wow! That’s a lot of shopping. I haven’t been to BJ’s in quite a while, but I’m thinking there was much more in your cart than food.

      Governor Baker is doing a great job. He is consider a star, though a Republican. He got a bit angry today about people not wearing masks. We have a slow opening. The numbers are down here. Some people are complaining and picketing. I need a haircut.

      Idiot said today that all churches must open. People need to pray was his reason. I guess he has no idea that you don’t really a church ceremony to pray.

      • Bob Says:

        We here in Texas have been going out since May 8th using masks and social distancing. I read the Covid-19 new cases and deaths and they haven’t spiked just a steady up tick. I don’t know if the number of cases are increasing because of more people getting sick or more people getting tested.

      • katry Says:

        Trump claims more people are being tested which is why the numbers are up. That explains his slowness in more widespread testing. If the numbers rise because of testing, then testing is doing its job.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Before all this quarantine stuff, I had a gastrointestinal scare and my Doctor told me to cut back on meat and to NOT eat bacon. When I was working I ate bacon for breakfast daily in the company restaurant and I miss it very much. Yesterday, we ate out in a restaurant for lunch and I had a BLT. It was only for the third time since March 13, and it was delicious.

    I love brownies especially with chocolate frosting with or without sprinkles or nuts. I’m trying to maintain my new lower weight so I’m not dieting but just eating less of everything.

    Restaurant dining rooms are limited to 25% capacity by only seating people at every other table. The waiters and waitresses are wearing gloves and masks. The menus are paper, paper napkins, salt, pepper and other condiments are to go style and limited menus. I noticed that at each restaurant we visited the staff changed their gloves every time they went to a different table. Today the bars opened for the first time at 25% capacity while observing social distancing and the staff wearing gloves and masks. We’re being careful by wearing masks while going inside and washing our hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer. Non of the fast food chains have opened their dining rooms yet, drive through or takeout.

    Today was again partly cloudy with a cooler high in the low 90s. A slight chance of thunderstorms are forecast for tonight.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      BLT’s are a favorite sandwich of mine. I hadn’t had one in a while. Luckily my doctor hasn’t seen the need to make me change my diet. I don’t eat a whole lot of bacon, but I do like it.

      My mother’s brownies were so delicious and chocolatey. My favorite pieces were the outside edges.

      I think the protocol for opening restaurants is pretty much the same in most states. We have a couple of weeks to wait, but the numbers here are going down more every way. The governor is doing a wonderful job here. People are getting impatient, but they recognize the need to continue inside.

      We hit 70˚ today, 73˚ to be exact. Boston was in the 80’s. This weekend, though, will get cooler.

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