“My wife said, ‘Take me in your arms and whisper something soft and sweet.’ I said, ‘chocolate fudge.”

Today is another beautiful day. It is already 63˚. I’m thinking after my chores I’ll sit on the deck and read a while. What are my chores you ask? The laundry and my bed are what is left. I avoided them yesterday by dust mopping the downstairs and cleaning the kitchen floor and counter. I have no excuse today.

When I was a kid, the house across the street had grape arbors in the back yard. An old couple lived there, at least old to me, and they told us to take what we wanted. They were purple grapes. I ate the wild blueberries near the water tower close to the swamp. There was a pear tree, but the pears were little and always hard. The apple tree had crab apples. We ate the pears and apples anyway.

The strawberry plants I put in last year are up and growing. I hope for my first crop this year. Maybe I should wear bibbed overalls and chew on a piece of straw when I harvest all this strawberries.

The swelling is just about down around my eye though it still looks as if I lost a few rounds with Ali.

I loved Jiffy Pop but not just because I liked popcorn, but because I loved watching the aluminum foil top get bigger and bigger. I also remember that steam which rose from the popped corn when I ripped it open. My mother always melted plenty of butter.

My sisters, when they ate Oreos, scraped off the cream, ate that side and fed the other side to the dog. I eat my Oreos adult style, but every now and then I scrape off the cream and eat that side first. Poor Henry gets none.

My mother used to complain about how quickly the sweets disappeared. With four kids and a limited number of treats it was the old “each man for himself.” My mother used to hide her Pecan Sandies. I don’t know why. We didn’t like them. When I was much older, I knew my father hid his candy under the couch right below where he always sat. Beside him was a dish filled with Hershey’s Miniatures. He was a chocolate lover. I guess he was the one who cursed me with an almost insatiable love of chocolate.

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12 Comments on ““My wife said, ‘Take me in your arms and whisper something soft and sweet.’ I said, ‘chocolate fudge.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    A few rounds with Ali. I met him just before the “issues” set in. He walked in to the room in a navy suit, white shirt and red tie and looked the proverbial million dollars. There is a serious risk when you meet your boyhood hero, but he was sweet, and charming and engaged and my few minutes with him left me in awe.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      He always looked like a million dollars. I’m glad he was sweet and charming. He always came across that way.

    • Bob Says:

      I met him briefly in 1969 and when we shook hands his enveloped mine. He was very soft spoken.

      • katry Says:

        Wow! That’s two of you who met him and both of you (Hedley being the other) say what a gentleman he was.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Glad to hear that your shiner is looking better. Should we give you the chief klutz award? Or, should we save that award for a more serious accident. 🙂

    Strawberries are in season now and I’ve been eating fresh sliced strawberries with Redi Whip whipped cream for desert nightly this week. Strawberries come in second in the sweet department.

    Chocolate is my main weakness along with young, beautiful and sexy woman. At my age I wouldn’t be able to do anything with a beautiful young sexy woman, so chocolate wins hands down. 🙂

    Jiffy Pop was always fun for the same reasons you mentioned. I always wondered how they knew exactly how big to make the foil before it burst. Today microwave popcorn has replaced stovetop popcorn unless you are on a camping trip without your camper. I’m addicted to Oreos and would mainline them if I could. 🙂 Sweets don’t last very long in my house either.

    Today was partly cloudy with highs in the 90s. Usually the pools open for the Memorial Day weekend, but this year the pools are closed due to the social distancing.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I don’t think it my fault exactly. I didn’t trip. The rug kept my foot. This was definitely not my usual fall.

      Strawberries are also a favorite of mine. A lot of times I just pull out the stem and eat them. They are not in season here yet. I can stand on my deck and look below where I have strawberry plants. They are getting bushy and tall.

      Chocolate is also my favorite. When I was in Ghana, I was excited to find that Cadbury was sold down the road, a short motorcycle ride away. The fruit and nut bar was my favorite.

      I can’t imagine all the burned popcorn during the experiment to figure out how much aluminum or maybe the answer was a math problem.

      You keep your weather. I’m happy to keep mine: 63 today.

      • Bob Says:

        Ok, we should give the klutz prize to the rug. 🙂 Cadbury is one of my favorite, especially the milk chocolate covered caramel.

      • katry Says:

        Thank you!

        I f I fell or tripped I’d admit it, but this is all the rug’s fault. That tile floor hit me hard.

  3. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Since I’ve fallen so many times, I might be a contender with your rug. Ali came to our college to receive an honorary degree in late 70’s. I made a post on FB about it.

    I love strawberries. When I was young and my mother left them out before she was going to do whatever she was going to do, I would gobble them down and break into a rash. Fortunately, that stopped when I became older. And I no longer gobble food– except for a few things.
    I never licked the the cream in Oreos, ( and aren’t dogs allergic to chocolate?). I used to do the same with Pepperiege Farm cookies. One cookie was called Lido, and they were the best.

    I left you a message on FB messenger, about the poem Nancy Schimmel wrote when I gave her the phase you coined in an early post. It was called… ( I’m forgetting) something Fatigue.. Check your pm when you get a chance.. it is quite clever.

    Cookie by my bed, relaxed, since I did her laundry, but always waiting for me to grab her and medicate her.

    Oh, one last item. I can’t find my small silver camera, if anyone is psychic who reads this, could you please help me find it.

    Lori and the gang.

    • katry Says:

      I consider this one a trip, not a fall. That tile floor was so hard when one side of my face hit it that I just stayed on the floor until it hurt a bit less. My black eye is amazing.

      Chocolate is dangerous for dogs, but I think Oreos don’t have a whole lot of chocolate because Duke ate so many cookie sides, and nothing happened. One of my long ago cats opened a closet door in my guest room. It was where I hid the Easter candy. Shauna, my dog, ate every bit of it, and he never got sick.

      Thanks, I’ll check it out. It sounds fun.

      Henry is on the couch beside me. Jack is on the table sleeping behind my computer. Gwen is upstairs. I am never without an animal.

      i know you’re jewish but prayers are prayers. My mother used to say a prayer to St. Anthony when she couldn’t find something. He is the saint of finding things. It can’t hurt!

  4. olof1 Says:

    Yesterday was sunny and nice, today is cloudy but just as nice since it is just as warm. Tomorrow will be a bit more chilly so I might need to turn on the radiators tonight.

    I’ve never scraped off the filling in cookies but I’ve always split the two parts and eaten them individually 🙂 Oreos aren’t that big here and can usually only be found in the bigger stores but we have similar cookies of course 🙂

    I’ve done my chores for the day, mowing the lawn and picked in the clothes that have been hanging outside to dry. The rest of the day I’ll do nothing. I do wish I had something sweet like chocolate, I’ll eat anything chocolate to be honest 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be chilly. This is a long weekend and the unofficial start of summer. There are usually crowds down but not this year. The restaurants are still only open for take out. The beaches are open but with social distancing and masks.

      I never broke up my Oreos. They were a favorite of mine. They are also great with milk, dipping too. A lot of people scrape the filling off their Oreo.

      Like you I wish I had some chocolate. I was going to stop at the candy store, but sadly I didn’t. I’m thinking I’ll go tomorrow.

      I was busy today. I put the laundry away, got my car inspection sticker, changed my bed and paid some bills. I also did a bit of deck cleanup. I’m tired.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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