“Surprises can rain down upon what had seemed a normal situation.”

From my yard, I can sometimes hear the traffic from the Mid-Cape. It sounds like the wind. This morning it was the wind.

Today is overcast. Notice the change of adjectives. Variety is the spice of life. Yes, I did write that. It came from my fingers unbidden. All this lack of human contact now has me talking in cliches.

Yesterday in the paper I noticed you can contact a sommelier who will choose your wine pairings for your dinner then send them to you.

I didn’t know you could still buy corned beef in a can with a key. Well, you can (UGH!!). It is made by Libby’s. My friend Peg and I were talking about buying it in Ghana but not often. It was expensive. I had to go very slowly using that metal key or the metal would break off. I learned to put more metal in the hole of the key at the start of it. My father’s can of Spam always had a key. I cut myself a few times on sharp covers. I bought some Spam before Christmas. I gave my sister some in her stocking and bought some for myself. I bought Hot and Spicy Spam, Spam Chorizo and Spam Tocino, a limited edition Filipino flavor. I just thought there was Spam, plain old ordinary Spam. It is perfect for every cupboard. I found out an unopened tin of Spam can last in the pantry for between two and five years. Once the tin is opened, it will last in the refrigerator for seven to ten days. How serendipitous of me to buy it.

Peg and I talked about dawadawa, a Ghanaian condiment. I love the name of it. Dawadawa is melodious, and you get to say it twice. Kelewele is another. Banku has a British English sound with the opening Ban but ku may be more Ghanaian. It is a forceful word, but it’s only a dough or a paste which comes in a plastic wrap. You eat it with soup. I never liked it. Maybe it is the consistency.

I think I have eaten the equivalent of a hot dog in just about every country I’ve visited. Most of the time I bought the food from stands along the sides of the roads. Sometimes chopped meat was wrapped around a stick and cooked over coals. I felt like like a cartoon character who nose pulled the character along to the fire and the food. I always bought a stick or two. My nose has not been wrong.

MSNBC was talking to maybe a senator or maybe a rep, I don’t remember, but I do remember the line he used to answer a question. He said there was, “No magic fairy dust.” I know the reference. At what age does it have no meaning beyond the words?

I got a few packages yesterday. I haven’t opened them yet. I thought I’d heighten the surprise for myself. I know the where, but I don’t remember the what, and I’m not looking. I’ll open the boxes when I finish here. It will be a fun afternoon, one different than the other afternoons so far.

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10 Comments on ““Surprises can rain down upon what had seemed a normal situation.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    We can buy those cans here too 🙂 and it is very easy to cut oneself on those sharp edges. I rather buy one that doesn’t have that key though. I must say that I also just thought there were one kind 🙂 🙂

    Sunny and warm here again 🙂 They say it’ll last over the weekend but I’ll believe it if it happens.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I am prone to cutting a finger or two. I do hate those keys. I think all the Spam cans have keys. I am curious as to how the Spam I bought tastes. I’m thinking maybe fried for all of them.

      The day has sun right now, but it is murky sun behind clouds. I haven’t been out since morning.

      Enjoy your day!

  2. Mark Says:

    When I was in Peru about 10 years ago, many Pizza restaurants had “American Pizza” as a menu item. It was called an American Pizza because they used hot dogs as a meat item on the pizza. I passed on the “American Pizza” and stayed with the traditional peruvian cuisine (trout, potatoes, quinoa, etc.). I’ve never seen hot dogs on a pizza here in the USA but I’m sure someone has done it.

    P.S. I’ll pass on the spam too.

    • katry Says:

      Most of the hot dogs resembled our dog in shape but not always kind of meat and/or consistency. I had lamb in one country. In Ghana, it is always beef. I don’t always want to know what I’m eating.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    There are all kind of meats that can be purchases canned. The first time I ever ate Spam was when I was a kid in camp. They served it to us pan fried for breakfast. It was just and is ok. Other foods I had to suffer opening with a key were sardines. I have been to Austin Minnesota where they actually make the stuff. I think it contains all the parts of the pig that no one would eat whole. It’s very popular in Hawaii where it was introduced to their cuisine by US servicemen. The very first 7 Astronauts had to fight with NASA to give them some control and a window in the Mercury program capsules. They complained to the press that NASA was treating them as, “Spam in a Can”. 🙂

    Another beautiful day with a high in the low 80s. Just working at home again.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My father had Spam in the army which is where he developed a taste for it. He only knew the one and only Spam, not the varieties. I don’t think he would like them. My father wasn’t big on changes in his food.

      I had forgotten about the sardines. That can was different, and the key went across, not one I did well with.

      It is most popular in Hawaii.

      It was an okay day today!

      • Bob Says:

        I’m like your dad in that I don’t deal well with change. Bacon Lettuce and Tomato on white toast with ketchup. Hot fudge Sundae with chocolate ice cream. Hot dog with brown mustard and sauerkraut. No Substitutions! 🙂

      • katry Says:

        That BLT sounds just horrible. Ketchup? Ugh?

        I’ve been known to have mint chip for my hot chocolate sundae. I have no necessary flavor.

        I’m okay with the brown mustard but not the sauerkraut. I have to be in the right mood for sauerkraut.

  4. Rowen Says:

    Fun surprises in five very different tracks. I especially like the Radiohead and the Dead as a contrasting pair.

    • katry Says:

      I’m having fun with my song choices and am listening to some of the songs for the first time. I’m glad you’re enjoying them too.

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