“If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.”

Today is an ugly day, a raw, cold, cloudy day. I’m glad I’m stuck inside the house. We all have food. Agway delivered today.

When I walk across the room, tumbleweeds blow left and right of my feet. I’m thinking cowboy boots and spurs, part of a metaphor of sorts, but I’d be wrong. There are no tumbleweeds, just clumps of fur, a combination of black and white fur so the clumps look grey. I really need to vacuum though I prefer the boots and spurs.

Henry comes in the dog door if he feels like it. If not, he stands outside the door looking in. Either I hide in the den hoping he’ll come in on his own or I go get him in, drawn by the sad face and the paw hitting the door every couple of minutes.

Kids are drawing outside on driveways using chalk. One had a giant, grinning sun with rays all around it. The message underneath said Smile. Kids are answering each other.

The governor has issued a stay at home advisory effective tomorrow which also closes stores except those offering necessary services like grocery stores, medical facilities, gas stations and pharmacies. Only essential people should be out and about. I am glad for all these businesses who have taken to delivering. I have what I need because of them.

I sometimes don’t see or talk to anyone for a few days or even longer. I don’t think it odd. The first time I ever lived alone was in Ghana. I was so very homesick, but I kept this to myself, not comfortable yet with close-by volunteers. I worked through it. It took a couple of months or even a bit more, but I started to love teaching and being in Ghana. I embraced the experience. I liked the alone time, and I liked being part of the community. If I had been with another volunteer that first year, we would have been together speaking English and keeping home.

I have lived alone here for close to 45 years. I don’t mind. I get to pick any TV station I want, anything I want for dinner, sensible or not, and how little or how much I do. I talk to my family. I like my days. They haven’t really changed. I’m doing just fine. I just need chocolate or hard Peeps.

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4 Comments on ““If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Ah, the advantages to living alone. I’ve forgotten what the cable remote looks like. 🙂

    The governor of Texas hasn’t taken that step but Dallas county has gone to essentially shelter in place. Additionally, the county commissioner who delivered the order also placed a restriction on the number of rolls of toilet paper a store can sell to one customer. He also added that he never imagined having to publicly announce toilet paper rationing.

    We went to the grocery store again today and there was almost no meat nor fresh produce. All bread products are being rationed to one loaf or hamburger buns per customer. This store also marked off six feet with tape on the floor so that customers could separate themselves the required social distance while on the checkout line.

    Sadly, the CEO of my company announced temporary pay cuts, no raises this year and furloughs. Fortunately, they are continuing basic health insurance for those furloughed. I’m still on the payroll for now.

    Who would have thought that a microscopic virus could cause such damage to the world’s economic well being. Unfortunately, the idiot in the White House disbanded the pandemic prevention group that was begun under Obama. And also, didn’t listen to his own health experts in December and January as they warned him about this virus not remaining in China. 🙁

    Cloudy with highs in the mid sixties.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The man in the White House knows better. He has gut feelings, and he is correct far more than he is wrong. He could have been a doctor.

      The Biogen Conference is still causing cases here, especially in and around Boston.

      I think staying home may be necessary in a city where keeping a social distance is nearly impossible.

      I am so glad I have been spared the grocery stores. Ring’s delivered and so did Agway. I even got treats for the cats and the dog. Now I’ll just take it easy.

      Teachers are probably being paid as they are preparing and presenting on-line courses. Nobody has a clear view of anything.

  2. Hedley Says:

    At 11 am Gretchen announced Shelter in Place, I left the office and headed home. There are billboard signs on the freeway saying no entrance in to Canada. We have 1300 cases and 15 deaths.

    So we will muddle along, Everyone stay safe

    • katry Says:

      If we filmed your ride home in black and white, it would be the start of a science fiction film, the aftermath of some disaster.

      I’m happy to be home.

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