“Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.”

The Red Sox game felt eternal. It was a roller coaster which didn’t end until close to one thirty. The Sox would lead then the Astros would lead then the Sox and then the Astros. In the bottom of the ninth, the Astros had the bases loaded. I forgot to breathe, but the Sox saved me from certain death behind a wonder of a catch by the left fielder Benintendi. Find score: 8-6.

Yesterday I did do a few more chores. I finally finished that laundry. My mother would have said the laundry was in the hall so long it grew legs. I folded the first load yesterday and the second load this morning. I filled two baskets.

Today is a sunny but chilly day. I went out to get the papers without my trusty sweatshirt and got cold. I hurried into the house and to warmth and fresh coffee.

Henry is afraid of zombies. I had one in my hall coming out of the floor and Henry wouldn’t get off the couch. He kept growling deep in his throat. I moved the zombie into the living room and Henry safely got off the couch. Today I avoided watching the movie Resident Evil about a research facility where the entire staff has been turned into ravenous zombies. I was afraid Henry might catch a glimpse.

When I was a kid, our monsters were the traditional Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. They scared us by what they didn’t do and what we didn’t see. Mostly we scared ourselves. Our imaginations ran wild. We never saw Dracula bite his victims, but we knew what he was doing behind that cape. That the films were black and white added to the fright. Those old films are still my favorites.

We didn’t have many Halloween decorations when I was a kid. We carved pumpkins, and my mother put candles inside. The pumpkins were on the front steps and stayed lit as long as there was no wind. My pumpkin always looked pretty much the same year to year with triangle eyes and a triangle nose. Its mouth had that toothless grin. I have a couple of sugar pumpkins just for decoration. I still have to buy my carving pumpkin. Sadly, my skills have not improved over time. About the only change is I add teeth to the grin.

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6 Comments on ““Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    We have a similar idiom about legs but it has a different meaning. When something ‘got legs’ it means that it disappeared and was most probably stolen. Another idiom is ‘I make legs for you’ which is something your mother could have said, it means hurry up immediately. Your laundry is done so you can relax and ‘lay your legs up’ unless you see a real zombie, then you should ‘take your legs in the hand’.

    • katry Says:

      I think it was always grow legs. It always meant a long wait for something. My mother used it when she was a bit irritated.

      You have some great leg idioms.

      We have “has legs” which means a really long time. There’s “to have a leg up.” It means to gain some advantage or to get a head start. IU’m sure there’s more, but these are what came to mind.

  2. Bob Cohen Says:

    Today the rain stopped and the sun came out for a few minutes. The rain returns later tonight and will last all day tomorrow with lower temperatures. Today it was in the mid 60s and tomorrow the 50s return.

    I can’t think of one thing I like about pumpkins. I don’t like anything made with the stuff inside including the seeds. Cutting one into a jack-o-lantern is the only good thing I can say about them. However, carving one is a mess. A plastic jack-o-lantern is just fine.

    • katry Says:

      It is cold. Tonight will go down to the 30’s. The next few days will also be cold. I think Saturday daytime will be in the 50’s, the week’s high. My heat was blasting today.

      My friend makes the most amazing dip in a sugar pumpkin. The dip has two or three kinds of cheese. The pumpkin is baked in the oven. When it is done, you mix the pumpkin with the cheese and use bread for dipping. It is wonderful!

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        So, you have to mix the pumpkin with a lot of cheese to make it edible? 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Fresh pumpkin is delicious. The canned pumpkin is okay for pies and baked goods, but the fresh is far better for eating. It doesn’t need any help.

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