“I dress and eat like a fifth-grader, basically. I like sandwiches and cereal and hooded sweatshirts.”

Logy is the first word of the day. A heavy wind blows, but the humidity is still oppressive. I’m sweating and Henry is panting. Neither one of us wants to move. Inert is the second word of the day. The air is so thick and muggy my granite countertop is damp to the touch. Rain is coming.

Yesterday I finished my errands then came home, got comfy and read all afternoon. I had one book left and finished it, an Obama-Biden mystery. I bought it out of curiosity. Biden is the narrator. It is his friend who has died under mysterious circumstances. The two of them, Obama and Biden, are sort of a Holmes-Watson duo. Biden is Watson.

I know every sound my house makes. The ice dropping into the bin, the creak of the floors, the rattle of the doors and the tapping of Henry’s claws on the wood floors are easy to identify. Usually I am in bed when I hear a sound I don’t recognize. I pause and listen. Most times I don’t hear the sound again so I go back to sleep. Gracie used to sleep through noises. Henry doesn’t. He barks and howls but stays on the bed so I don’t investigate. Last night I heard a crash then nothing. Henry didn’t move so I went back to sleep. This morning I found a picture had fallen. The sound was it hitting the floor. Why it fell is a mystery.

I’ve been into cereal lately. I just finished a box of Raisin Brand Crunch. Most times I added Maine’s wild blueberries. They are surprisingly good with cereal. I usually add bananas, but I think blueberries are now my favorite. When I went hunting those sweet blueberries, there were none at the store yesterday. I was bummed, but I bought cereal anyway and a couple of bananas. I think I might try blackberries next.

I can hear the leaves blowing in the wind. My room is really dark. The only light comes from the computer keyboard. I like dark days with lots of wind and rain. That’s just what I need to pull me from this funk. Come on rain!!

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4 Comments on ““I dress and eat like a fifth-grader, basically. I like sandwiches and cereal and hooded sweatshirts.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Kat – pop down the local Trader Joe’s and treat yourself to a box of Weetabix. A light sprinkling of sugar on the biscuits, generous with the milk and you will not be disappointed. Generally I eat two for breakfast.

    Wheels up tomorrow night so I may or may not check in

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,

      I am due for a Trader Joe’s trip. There are also a couple of other stops I like to make when I’m in Hyannis. I’ll give the cereal a try, but they do sound a bit like Shredded Wheat which I liken to horse food.

      Have a wonderful time!

  2. Erin Apostolos Says:

    We had a picture fall of the wall for no reason a few weeks ago. Scared the hell out of me as it was just above the bed and we were sound asleep. The wire holding up had broken. Not sure why. Weird stuff indeed!

    • katry Says:

      We are haunted! You, at least, found the reason. I did not. The wire was intact, and the nail was where it should be. If it happens again, I’ll sleep with the light on!!

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