Any Time At All: The Beatles

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4 Comments on “Any Time At All: The Beatles”

  1. theOwl30 Says:

    Fabulous song!!!

    • katry Says:

      And it is one we don’t hear very often.

      • theOwl30 Says:

        Other good old Beatles tunes:

        Everybody’s Trying to be my Baby
        She Loves You
        The Night Before
        You”ve Really Got A Hold on Me
        Tell Me Why
        All My Loving
        A Hard Days Night
        Yes it is
        I Feel Fine

      • katry Says:

        There are some here I don’t remember. I know She Loves You, one of the first hits, You’ve Really Got. Hold on Me, All my Loving, a pretty song, another early one, and A Hard Day’s Night. Now I’ll have to listen to the rest to jog my memory.

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