“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

When I was getting my papers this morning, it was hot out and my back hurt. Down the street was noisy from trucks moving and carpenters working on an addition to my neighbor’s house. That noise had been loud enough to wake me up a bit earlier, but somehow none of that mattered. There I was, standing with my back leaning on the car as I checked the garden, the same thing I do every morning, but this morning was different. All of a sudden I realized I was content. It was odd the way that feeling sort of crept into my consciousness.

Henry has taken a huge step forward. He let me cut his nails yesterday. Granted, I had cut off all his escape routes, but he could have made the whole process difficult, but he didn’t. He just sat there quietly resigned to his fate.

I have been eating Tropical Necco Wafers lately. I suppose I should put them under glass as they are no longer being made, but I really do enjoy the flavors though I do have one complaint. Strawberries are not a tropical fruit. The coconut and banana are my favorite flavors but that’s no surprise.

We may have thunderstorms today. We will have heat and humidity with a high of 85˚. Right now it is sunny but that comes and goes. Given my druthers, I’d go for the thunderstorms.

When I was a kid, I lost interest in dolls early on. The only exception was the doll with the elastics on her feet I got for Christmas one year. She was tall for a doll and had floppy arms and legs. She wore a skirt and blouse. One round elastic was on each foot. When I slipped my shoes into the elastics, we could dance. I held her arms as we danced. I always led.

The first few days of school each year were exciting. I usually knew which teacher I’d have as we alternated year to year between non-nun and nun. On the first day of school what I looked forward to was seeing my friends and classmates. Each grade had two classes, and there were always over 40 of us in each class. I always hoped my friends would be in the classroom with me. Some of them usually were given the large number of us.

My dance card is empty today.

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2 Comments on ““Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.””

  1. Rowen Says:

    Ah, the elusive tropical strawberry. I get a kick out of absurd stuff like that, when you find yourself thinking, “Hey, wait a minute!”

    I like the idea of nun and non-nun years too.

    • katry Says:

      Exactly! The elusive tropical strawberry!! The color of the Necco wafer perplexed me.

      Grade 1 was my first nun year, Sister Redempta. She was followed in grade 2 by Mrs. Kerrigan and on and on.

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