“Be persistent like a mosquito, at the end you will get your bite”

I am already behind closed doors and shut windows as the heat and humidity are still here. It was cool enough last night that the AC was off, but it is back on now and blowing its little heart out.

I had a surprise this morning. My mouse trap had an occupant. Even before my coffee, I took the trap, left the house and drove about a mile before I freed the wee creature. It was small and brown. When I swept the kitchen floor the other day, yup I do occasionally sweep, I saw mouse poop so I set the trap. Later, I’ll reset the trap by adding more peanut butter.

When I was a kid, my father hunted bugs in the house, especially mosquitos. He’d arm himself with a rolled up newspaper and go from room to room. I remember being awakened by my father walking on my bed while he swatted mosquitos on the ceiling. The rooms in our house had blots of dead bugs on all the ceilings. My father was a mighty hunter.

I remember mosquitos buzzing my ear. I’d brush them away with my hand but the mosquitos always came back. In Ghana, my language instructor Lawal told us why the mosquito buzzes ears. It seems mosquito fell in love with ear and proposed. Ear thought the proposal quite funny and said no. Mosquito, undaunted by ear’s refusal, buzzes ear every night to say he is still around, waiting for a yes.

Today is dump day. Henry doesn’t yet know the joy of riding in a car so no dump for him. Poor Henry has no idea what he’s missing. All my girls loved the dump.

I have a few chores for today. I need to change my bed and do a wash even though I swear I just did a wash the other day. I remember the filled pillow case lying against the cellar door for a few days before I got tired of seeing it and finally took it downstairs. This load,though, is still upstairs, the first stop on its way to the washing machine.

Today the school buses rolled. One even went down my street. That’s about as close I ever again want to get to a school bus again.

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4 Comments on ““Be persistent like a mosquito, at the end you will get your bite””

  1. Bob Says:

    Before AC houses people kept the interior separated from flying varments with screens. I recall the screen door had a big spring closer in a vain attempt to keep the flies or mosquitos from rushing inside while one entered or left the house. Folks hung flypaper from light fixtures in an attempt to catch the critters. It was a never ending battle while trying to stay cool with various types of fans. 🙂

    When the National League expanded to Houston in 1961 the team played night games outdoors while the Astrodome was being constructed. A pitcher described how many mosquitos would be killed by a fastball thrown for a strike. Except for that season the renamed Astros never played a home game during summer outdoors at home. What was the team called before they moved into the Astrodome?

    Are you sure you are not trapping the same mouse over and over? Get a big steel trap and send that critter to his reward next time he shows up. 🙂 Going back to your kitchen has become a mouse game. 🙂

    A very humid cool day today with a high in the low 90s. We are waiting for the remnets of Tropical Storm George to bring more rain. Yesterday we in Dallas got a trace of rain while Ft.Worth, 30 miles to the west, received a steady afternoon of rain totaling over two inches.

    • katry Says:

      We never had flypaper in the house, but I remember seeing some in the fish market. They were so gross hanging there all filled with dead flies. We still have screens on the doors and windows. They are more to let the breeze in than anything else, but they do still keep out the bugs.

      They were the Colts before the astrodome. I’d think the bugs would be attracted to the high lights which makes the field look like daytime.

      I read that. mouse can find its way home up to a mile so I takeout two miles away. There mice are different colors and sizes so I know it isn’t the same mouse very time. I just can’t kill them.

      It is horribly humid right now. We just came inside from movie night. I’m sweating from bringing in the machine and dishes and such.

      I’ve been watching the hurricane’s progress on the news here. We could use some of that rain.

      • Bob Says:

        Close, but no cigar. They were the Colt 45’s. The pistol not the beer. 🙂 You have a good memory and know your baseball history. Now the Astros play in a retractible roof stadium that can be opened during cooler weather and they are now in the American League.

      • katry Says:

        I just knew they were the Colts. The 45 escaped me. I think adding the 45 makes the name a bit silly.

        I have been a long time baseball fan though admittedly my American League info is so far ahead of the few things I know about the National League. Perhaps if the Braves had stayed in Boston I’d know more.The claim then was Boston couldn’t support two teams. Now I think they could. The Sox are always sold out.

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