Today’s Music

Okay, I admit today’s music is unusual, but it just seemed to fit my mood. I can’t explain it, but my mood is a bit odd. First, I woke up early. That always jars my system. I couldn’t remember which day it is, but a bit of thinking about yesterday gave me enough hints to know it’s Sunday. I had no bread for toast so it was only coffee for breakfast. We all know how important a good breakfast is so I failed breakfast. The Sunday Globe had no Globe Magazine, my favorite read with its crossword puzzle and all. I know the puzzle is in the paper, but it just isn’t the same. I hope this mood doesn’t crossover to baseball and my Sox.

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    • katry Says:

      Yup, this fits right in with today’s music! It is just what I wanted-the story of the Duke himself.

      Strange that his nickname came from his dog.

      I never knew most of this. He did have an interesting life. He was quite nice looking in his youth. He had a beautiful wedding photo.

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