“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”

Last night it was so cold I didn’t need the air conditioning upstairs or down. Right now it’s still chilly and it’s damp. I had to shut the windows. Yesterday afternoon we had thunder and a short, tremendous rain storm. The clouds are still here. They’ll be hanging around the whole day. All in all it’s an ugly day.

I’m not doing anything constructive today. It’s my God-given right. Instead, I’ll watch baseball while sitting on the couch and ignoring the clumps of dog hair in the corners and the muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor.

When I was a kid, a summer Sunday often meant an early mass and a day at the beach, but on Sundays like this one, it meant finding my own way to spend the day. I’d try to commandeer a spot to myself and read. Sometimes that was upstairs in the bedroom I shared with my sister. If the cellar was empty, that was another choice spot. Other times it was in the car. After I got my parents cast-off portable TV, I’d stay in my room comfy on my bed and watch TV. Most times it was the Sunday matinee. The only family time was dinner. I had no choice.

My father was not a big baseball fan. He liked football the most then hockey. I have always been first of all a baseball fan with basketball a close second. I don’t remember watching the Red Sox on TV in those days. I don’t even think they were on. The Red Sox back then were usually in the middle of the standings, not television material, and their attendance was low. Now they play to sell-out crowds. My dream is to have Green Monster seats for a game. Every year I put my name in the lottery for some of those seats, and that’s as far as it gets.

Days like today make me wish for chili and cornbread. I want something to warm the innards.

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4 Comments on ““Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    My favorite Leo Durocher quote is, “Nice guys finish last”. He was known in Brooklyn as Leo the Lip when he managed the hated Giants. Comparing baseball to a religion is common. I once saw a coffee table book about all the major league baseball parks and it was called “Green Cathedrals: The Ultimate Celebration of All Major League Ballparks”. Next season will be the last one for Globe Life Park as the Rangers will play in a new retractable roof stadium being built just across the street. The current open air ballpark was opened in 1994. They should have built a roofed stadium back then, but G.W. Bush, future President, liked outdoor baseball and he was the team’s managing partner. Bush had the same foresight as President as he did as a MLB owner, none. He was surprised on 9/11 and he was surprised annually that he couldn’t field a winning baseball team. 🙂

    As the baseball season is coming to an end, at least for the Texas Rangers, football fever is just cranking up as the Cowboys look to get back to the Super Bowl. I don’t go to the Ranger Games because of the heat and I probably won’t be able to afford the tickets in the new roofed venue because I think it will have about 10,000 fewer seats. Charge more per seat due to the cost of AC. 🙂 I don’t go to the Cowboy games because of the high prices and I don’t want to seat in a row where I hear angels singing. 🙂

    It stormed last night and we lost power for about 20 minutes. The temperature dropped from 101 to 91 when the rain came. There’s a chance of rain this evening.

    • katry Says:

      One of the best documentaries I once saw was called The Cathedrals of Baseball. It included parks that have no longer existedfor a long time. I was amazed at parks I haven’t ever heard of before the film. The Fenway part was really interesting. There used to be a small hill in the outfield and infielders used to leave their gloves on the field when they went to bat. Part of the soundtrack was the Sinatra song There Used to Be a Ballpark. I found a few great pictures.


      I hope the Sox continue their winning ways though they lost today. Their bats couldn’t find the ball. I hope they go to the Series.

      It has been chilly all day so movie night is postponed until tomorrow.

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