“And her old Uncle William used to say a lady is known by her shoes and her gloves.”

The humidity is back. Showers are a possibility. Tonight is movie night so I hope not. I grocery shopped for everything yesterday. The menu is heavy on fruit. Blueberries and watermelon are the appetizers and a mango salad is one of the sides. We’re going all-American and having hot dogs, no beans though.

Outside is just so quiet. Nothing is moving. The leaves are still, and the kids are somewhere else. The rental house next door is empty. My neighbors aren’t on their deck. I could be on an island with only a noisy dog chewing his bone.

I wish I knew more than one language and snippets of a couple of others. I survived South American with my college Spanish and French West Africa with my high school French, but I never had complicated conversations. I asked for directions, ordered food, bought bus tickets and greeted people. I can still speak a little Hausa but mostly greetings. I hear far more than I can say. I guess that’s a small consolation.

Shoes are mostly just to wear. I seldom make fashion statements. When I worked, I did, but now I have no need. I wear sort of flip flops but with a middle strap and thicker rubber. I wear slippers in the winter and often forget to change to go outside. I have some great sneakers in a rainbow of colors. My newest are red. My closet floor has all sorts of footwear, and there are boxes as well stacked on the sides of the closet. One of my sometime in the future to do list items is to check what shoes I have by organizing the floor pairs and looking into each box. I do know I have three or four colored winter wool clogs. Those I wear.

Some chores I really hate. Washing clothes is one of them only because I have to haul the clean clothes up two sets of stairs, and my back complains loudly. The other is changing sheets. I have to work around a dog, and I’m creating laundry. The task itself means walking around the bed more than a few times laying down the bottom sheet and pulling the top sheet until both sides are equal then tucking it in. The spread is another problem. It takes a while until both sides are equal. Lately my spread has been folded at the bottom of the bed. Henry sleeps on it, and it is ready for the washing machine. I guess I’ll partner it with the sheets.

I just turned the air conditioner on. At this stage of my life, I live for comfort.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    Cool almost chilly here today with thunder and rain and I love it 🙂 It is so nice to finally being able to breathe again :-)It will stay like this next week they say but I never trust them, it can just as well become hot and humid again 🙂 🙂

    I bought a water melon last week, one half was perfect but the other half mostly just tasted like water, I guess that was the half laying towards the ground.

    I don’t remember much of my old school French or school German but I’ve noticed I remember more if I am upset 🙂 I think I spoke fluent French last time I yelled at a French train conductor who was just too rude 🙂 The odd thing is that I usually have no problems translating a text though, doesn’t matter if it is French or German and if one can a bit of German, English and any of the Scandinavian languages it’s very easy to read Dutch 🙂 Impossible to hear what they say though 🙂 🙂

    Have a great movie night!


    • katry Says:

      I want your rain. My sister who lives north of Boston but not by much had rain yesterday and today. I think it is unfair!!

      I bought cut watermelon so I can save time not having to cut it into chucks. It looks good. I hope it is sweet.

      They didn’t offer German at my school, but I doubt I would have taken it. I liked Spanish as it was easier than French to speak and remember. I found Dutch difficult and, in Finland, Swedish was the second lane, and that too was impossible.

      Have a great day!

  2. Bob Says:

    Most woman have a closet full of shoes for every occasion and to go with every outfit. Most men have a couple of pairs of dress shoes, usually on pair black and the other pair brown, as well as a pair of athletic shoes. I am a shoe minimalist with one dress pair of black Rockport oxfords for work, one pair of white New Balance cross trainer shoes for casual wear and one pair of 99 cent Walmart flip flops to wear to the pool. 🙂 I can’t understand why woman put up with the pain of wearing high heels. They can’t be good for you feet, they make running impossible and they are totally impractical.

    Today is another cloudy cool day with a chance of rain.

    • katry Says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. Most average women I know, excluding movie stars and the like, do not have a closetful of shoes. They have old standbys and a few special pairs for different occasions. Friends who still work have a black pair which works with just about every outfit. Some are the days of shoes for every outfit.

      I agree about the pain of high heels. I never wore the really high ones popular now. Mine were obvious high heels but not kill my feet shoes if I wore them only a little. Wearing them fora long time hurt.

      Now cooler than this morning. The doors and windows are back open.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Before my knee operation, I was a shoe freak. I loved high heels. Now I can’t wear them at all. On top of the knee thing, I now have feet complaints and any show that encases my feet is uncomfortable no matter how big or wide it is. I live in crocs sandals all spring, summer and fall and crocs clogs the rest of the time. At least I can get them in interesting colors. I do miss cool-looking shoes. I almost bought a pair of heels that were absolutely the most delicious looking dark red patent leather even though I couldn’t wear them. I was seriously thinking of just putting them on the coffee table as an art piece. 😀

    My old dog Tegan used to complicate the bed-making process. As soon as we got in the room she jumped on the mattress and I’d have to remove her. Put on the bottom sheet. Remove dog. Put on top sheet. Remove dog from under top sheet. Put on blanket. Remove dog from under blanket. You get the picture. I miss that dog sometimes.
    Rocky and Piki Dog are very polite. When I stay “Off” they jump to the floor and sit quietly until I am done and say “Okay”. They both jump back up and settle in their spots. Then Rocky unmakes his spot because he has a thing about mattress ticking, I guess.

    It rained half of yesterday, part of last night and most of today. It’s stopped but it’s dull and damp and feels like it’s raining. It’s very quiet, too.

    Enjoy movie night!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I wore the most comfortable leather clogs when I worked. They looked sort of fancy and felt wonderful. I could even run in them. Early on I wore small, thin heels, but they were not good running, and sometimes as an administrator I had to run. I did have dress up heels, a couple of pairs. Now I am truly into comfort. I do love my wool clogs for the winter.

      Gracie was like your Tegan. She was on and off my bed when I was changing it. It was both funny and annoying. Henry is too afraid to jump back on. He waits patiently. It is nice Rocky and Piki Dog are so polite.

      No rain at all in the last two days, and I wanted it.

      Have a great evening!

  4. Rowen Says:

    “I could be on an island with only a noisy dog chewing his bone.” Hee-hee.

  5. Birgit Says:

    Have fun tonight!
    Viel Vergnügen heute abend und schönes Wetter!
    Veel plezier bij de film kijken! (?)
    (… and whatever it is in French, Latin and Russian, I forgot most of these languages.)

    • katry Says:

      I just came inside. The evening was great fun, and it had even cooled down enough for us to enjoy being outside.

      I also had Latin, 4 years of it. I forgot that one as you can’t ever use it

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