“Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine.”

The thunder woke me up. At first I didn’t realize what I’d heard then it thundered again. I got out of bed to check, but it wasn’t raining, at least not yet. I came downstairs, put the coffee on and went to get the papers. Big drops of rain started just as I got back to the door then it poured. It was a sheet of rain falling straight down, rain so loud it muffled every sound except the thunder. Henry barked hoping to scare off the thunder, but when it cracked overhead, Henry howled. Since then, though, the rain has just about stopped. The sky is getting lighter.

The week has been quiet, but I’m not complaining. I got to finish a book, catch up on some DVR’ed programs and take a nap or two. Tomorrow night is my play at the Cape Playhouse, Saturday is movie night and Monday I have a doctor’s appointment. The rest of my date book for all of next week is empty.

When I was a kid, the summer seemed endless. Every day was filled with fun. I remember once my brother and I rode our bikes to East Boston to visit our grandparents. We knew the route from all the times my father had driven there on Sundays. I always sat by the back car window so I watched how we went. That route meant a ride along 1A, a busy highway. We went pass the miniature golf course with the giant dinosaur, risked our lives crossing two rotaries, drove by St. Anthony’s church, went by the dog track, the oil tanks and the oilers moored by the tanks. It smelled gross, like oil. We were getting close to my grandparents when we saw the Madonna on the mountain. My grandfather was shocked to see. He immediately called my mother who was shocked, a bit scared because of the traffic and angry we’d do something like that. My grandfather gave us each a dime from his endless supply on the table by his bed and sent us on our way. Our trip home was uneventful.

The thunder started again a bit ago then the rain came as heavily. I looked out the back door at the rain and saw the lightning. The rain is slanted this time, coming from the north. I get to stand at the back door and watch. I so love a good thunderstorm.

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6 Comments on ““Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine.””

  1. Bob Says:

    At least Henry is not scared to death of thunderstorms as all of our dogs were. My big greyhound would shiver in fear during thunderstorms. At least Henry barks back at the noise. 🙂

    Imagine how our ancestors must have felt cowering in their caves during storms imaging that the gods were fighting and determining their fate.

    When I was older in Jr. High I would ride my bike all around mine and the surrounding neighborhoods. In those days we lived at the northern end of the city of Dallas. Beginning on the next block there were small horse and cattle ranches. The city limit had just been relocated north along a country road amid Cotten fields and cattle ranches. The streets had gravel shoulders and no side walks with drainage ditches on each side. Today the urban sprawl now extends many miles north of my old neighborhood and all the ranches have been developed into tract homes, strip malls and four lane divided streets.

    Is a rotary similar to a roundabout or a traffic circle?

    Lots of clouds but only spotty rain. A nice cool 95 degrees on car thermometer on my way home. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I’m glad he is not afraid. My boxer, Shauna, was so scared she always shook. No hugging helped. All my other dogs just ignored thunder. Gracie even slept through it. Henry is keeping me safe by barking at it.

      They must have thought the gods were angry and letting their displeasure known.

      I also used to drive from one end of the town to the other, all over. There was a foam at one end, a zoo at another, a pool and a golf course at two other ends. East Boston was about 14 miles from where we lived along a really busy highway.

      A rotary is exactly the same as either and both of those. It is the New England version.

      Rian and more rain!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Thunderstorms and heavy rain around us and rail traffic partly broke down again but we only got a few raindrops here. Still waiting for rain. After 104°F on Tuesday were finally down to pleasant 82°F and I can continue with my summer bike tours. Yesterday I just went on a short trip and was near the suburb where I grew up, the forest and park was still familiar but I couldn’t find the old barrow cemetery anymore, the coal mine where my grandfather worked is completely gone by now, it’s transformed into a nice and interesting public place. There are still may places to discover and rediscover.

    • katry Says:

      I hate it when areas close get rain and I don’t. Boston, not so close, had rain all day yesterday I felt cheated until today. We had inches of rain.

      It was a bit less humid after the rain so I opened the doors then it started to get humid again so the doors got closed and the AC is now back on.

      It is only in the 80’s but sticky and ugly. The weather is for a nice day tomorrow then more humidity and the possibility of more rain over the weekend. August has crazy weather.

  3. sprite Says:

    I love that everyone was mad about your riding to your grandparents, but then ok about your getting back home.

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