“The grasshopper which is always near its mother eats the best food.”

The air conditioner is back on as the house last night felt hot and stuffy. This morning, despite a slight breeze, it is already 81˚ with 73% humidity. As my father always said, “It ain’t the heat. It’s the humidity.”

I have to go to Hyannis today. To me, that’s like a trip to the big city. It has all the stores Dennis doesn’t, and they will soon add a Walmart. Most times I shop a bit while I’m there, but it is too hot today. Trader Joe’s will just have to wait for cooler weather.

Lately I have been watching YouTube videos about street food in Ghana. The guy doing the narrating and the eating drives me a bit crazy. He constantly smiles and thinks everything is delicious. I want to whack him every time he says awesome or amazing. His Ghanaian guide, though, is excellent. She is finding the best street food for him to try. He just bought a donut of sorts, one of my favorites. Small girls used to carry square glass boxes with wooden sides on their heads filled with those donuts. The guy finished the donut, sort of like eating dessert first, and is now eating a goat soup with okra. As he scoops banku into the soup, the okra slime hangs from his hand. I so remember that slime when I’d eat okra soup, one of my favorites despite the slime. In case you were wondering, the goat meat is awesome. His guide also had goat meat but with fufu. I love everything familiar in the video: hearing Ghanaian English, seeing little kids follow the narrator, walking behind the houses in the villages and listening to the different tribal languages, though here it is mostly Twi. He is now in a cocoa village where he will have lunch. The women are still cooking. The fufu being pounded is plantain and yam. Watching these videos always makes me feel homesick.

Last night I was reading in bed. A fly was in and out around the light and my head. I tried to whack it with a book but missed a few times. Finally I caught it in my hand. I didn’t know what to do with it so I got up, opened the window and threw out the fly who was still quite alive.

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6 Comments on ““The grasshopper which is always near its mother eats the best food.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    No fly gets out of my cottage alive 🙂 🙂 If I can’t get them with the flyswatter I will kill them with pesticide 🙂 I rarely have any in my bedroom upstairs but it is just too hot to sleep there now so I go on a killing spree every evening 🙂

    We actually had thunder today and rain! It didn’t coo, down especially much though. Not much but since we most likely will get it tomorrow as well and rain but no thunder on Wednesday the ground now at least might be able to soak up some of that water.

    They have prerecorded voices saying the next stations name when one is travelling by train now days and the persons saying them really has no idea how they should be pronounced so they pronounced them slightly wrong at every station we stopped at 🙂 🙂 It was fun to guess how they would say it every time we came close to a new station 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I seldom have flies. I don’t know where this one came from. If a random fly does get in, it usually ends up buzzing around the scree so I just let them out.

      When I went out, I was amazed at how hot it is. It’s a good thing the air conditioner is on here in the house.

      There were spots of rain but not here. There may be rain on Wednesday. I have to water all the deck plants again later.

      I have heard towns in Massachusetts mispronounced, places like Worcester which is usually incorrectly pronounced.

      Have a great day!!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Welcome to the modern age, a Walmart is coming to the Cape. Are they building a super Walmart with the attached grocery section? Trader Joes is one of my favorite places to browse. Their wine is a real bargain. You know they are owned by the German grocery chain Aldi.

    Now that Amazon has bought Whole Foods the grocery chain war is really on full blast. 🙂 There were rumors that the British grocery chain Tesco was coming across the pond. I guess they put their plans on hold. Today was Amazon Prime day which is like Black Friday in July.

    I don’t think I would like anything to eat in Ghana. I don’t enjoy spicy hot food, nor Okra (except in a Louisiana gumbo). Eating the other street food you described doesn’t sound appetizing. Of course I also hate curry and most Indian dishes. Naan bread is good. Are there any MacDonald’s in Ghana?

    Today we hit 102 degrees. The forecast for the rest of the week is for high temperatures close to 105. 🙁 Thank goodness for AC.

    • katry Says:

      The Walmart will be a bit smaller than most as they are moving into an existing site. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s. I didn’t know about the German ownership.

      I checked out the deals on Amazon and decided I didn’t need anything.

      Hyannis has a Whole Foods which I shopped at once. I wanted the coffee ground. I couldn’t get the package open so I asked for help. The worker opened it and spilled it. He got another one and opened it successfully but the machine broke. I never did get my coffee.

      The food doesn’t have to be spicy in Ghana. You just leave out the hot pepper. I liked some heat but not so you can’t taste the food. Ghanaians don’t eat curry. I only had some years ago in an Indian restaurant. There is a McDonald’s and a KFC in Accra, but I haven’t visited either. You could eat chicken, rice and a variety of vegetables.

      We hit the low 80’s today.

      • Bob Says:

        I misunderstood about the curry and Ghana from some older posts. However, curry is not for me. I do agree that too much hot pepper overwhelms any other flavors. Why would anyone,mon some of the TV cooking shows, want to load up a dish with ghost peppers and then see who has big enough gonads to eat the dish. Of course, the effects of eating the peppers the next morning in the bathroom is not reported. 🙁

        Sorry about your bad experience at whole foods, however now that they are owned by Amazon I’m concerned that the quality envisioned by the founders in Austin Texas will not be maintained.

      • katry Says:

        I think it was because the first time I had curry was at an Indian restaurant in Ghana so you connected the two.

        Some countries use hot peppers in just about everything. Ghanaians use pepper but if they cooked for me they used little or none. I think the effect of peppers is actually helpful in ridding your system of germs or whatever.

        I will give whole foods another try but after the summer.

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