“Until further notice, celebrate everything.”

The hoopla has ended. The Fourth of July 2018 is now a memory. It was a wonderful evening. We chattered through all three courses. The deck looked festive white lights, spinning pinwheels, a flag banner, red, white and blue flowers on the table, and a star studded tablecloth on what is jokingly called the buffet table, actually an old wooden ironing board I bought for such occasions. I did some clean up in between but much of it was left until this morning when I scoured the kitchen and put away some stuff, all before I got to my newspapers, coffee and toast. I need to clear the deck next, but there is no hurry.

Today there is a breeze, and it is only 82˚, a cold front. Toward the weekend it will get even cooler, and there may be rain.

Yesterday proved I am old. After working on dinner and the deck most of the day, I couldn’t even stand up straight because of my back. I looked like illustrations of the old witch in Hansel and Gretel but without the babushka.

When I was a teacher, I traveled every summer, usually for four or five weeks. Mostly I did Europe, but during the summer of 1976, I was gone 7 weeks and saw much of South America from Venezuela to Brazil. It was a remarkable trip. We just about saw everything on our list. One high point was Machu Picchu which had very few tourists in those days. Americans had yet to find it; in fact, we saw very few Americans on the whole trip except for the US ski team which was staying at the same hotel we were in Buenos Aires. They had been skiing in Chile. We met the PanAm director of South American who was saying good-bye to the PanAm offices as he was retiring. We met him in Paraguay, in Asunción, when he asked to join us for coffee. He said he needed some English for a while. Another high point was the boat trip down the Parana River from Paraguay to Argentina. Only two people on the whole boat could speak English, a French Canadian and a British woman who lived in South America. It was the best cruise. The ship was small and old, but they did have big cruise festivities. One night was the movie The Producers in English with Spanish subtitles. That was fun to watch. The last night was the parade of passengers, all dressed in their finest. We looked like bums.

I admit it. I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies. They all have happy endings. Every house is decorated beautifully even the houses of Grinches who get their Christmas spirit by the end of the movie. Strangers fall in love and kiss in the glow of Christmas lights. Comets light the sky. Reindeer come home.

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  1. flyboybob Says:

    Yesterday we had a break from the triple digit temperature to only the mid nineties. The humidity was higher which didn’t provide any real relief.

    The staycation was a real success and we had a good time in the hotel. Unfortunately, we were awakened by the fire alarm at about one thirty in the morning. Before we could get out of bed the alarm stopped and then the all clear was broadcast through speakers in the room. It turned out that one of the guest room’s microwave oven malfunctioned while making popcorn and the popcorn burned which set off the smoke alarm. It’s a good thing it was just a false alarm because we were on the eleventh floor.

    Glad to hear that your fourth went well. We did’t do hot dogs either but ordered in Chinese food. I watched the final of the Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest which should turn anyone off from eating hot dogs for at least a week. Nathan’s are one of the best 100% beef hot dogs. We watched the city of Dallas fireworks display on TV and stayed out of the heat. Most of the area is under a burn ban because of the draught and some people set several wild fires by setting off fireworks in those areas. Some folks would take their brains out of their heads and play with them if they could. 🙂 I like to think that they are all Trump voters. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      We too have been stuck with humidity. Usually humidity is around for most all of August so it has arrived early this year. It gets down to the low 70’s at night during this heat wave, but it still feels hot and sticky.

      I remember the smoke alarm going off at a production of Scrooge in Boston. Just as he was as merry as a school boy it went off. We were near the front and right near a door so we got out right away. 20 minutes later people were still climbing down from the balcony. Good luck had the alarm been real.

      The festivities started at 4, and we stayed outside until close to nine when the evening ended. It was great fun.

      There were some five reworks being shot off in the neighborhood. I didn’t see them, but I surely heard them.

  2. Hedley Says:

    Alright ! Christmas…now we are talking, I have been working diligently to fill up Mrs MDHs Advent doors. There is stuff hidden all over, I am getting it done. No last minute wandering for me, I am almost there.

    IKEA sucks

    Tomorrow the quarter finals start in Russia with a Bona match between France and Uruguay and then you can vada your eek and see Brazil and Belgium

    All roads lead to Saturday morning when your England team plays the Christer ABBA hummers of Sweden. Perhaps Christmas will come early for me as well ????

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I used to love doing the Advent calendar for my mother. I wrapped every small surprise I put into the doors. I found stuff all year. I also shop for presents all year. If I see something perfect for someone, I buy it as it may not be around again.

      I have never been into an IKEA.

      I’m sure Colorado will have the games on. They just have to represent all the rest of us who don’t watch soccer.

      • Bob Says:

        Going to IKEA is an adventure. It’s a huge warehouse store chock full of Sweedish laminated furniture that requires one to assemble with included hex wrenches and an infinite amount of patience. They also have a huge selection of kitchen gear and other stuff along with a restaurant that serves Sweedish cuisine including meatballs on noodles.

        You should find the nearest one and make it a one day field trip even if you only buy lunch and some unusual gifts. Before we had our first IKEA people drove 250 miles to Houston get their IKEA fix. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        There’s no IKEA on the cape, and I don’t need anything enough to take the long drive to one, but you have me interested with mention of kitchen gear.

        It put that down as a cooler weather trip.

  3. Birgit Says:

    “during the summer of 1776”?
    Pretty good looking for an over 250 year old woman 😉

    A Jazz concert and afterwards a Döner Kebab downtown today, I still enjoy summer.
    No comment about Christmas until the 1st Sunday in Advent when I start to panic as usual 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit, I fixed it. To edit, I read the entry several times. I missed that each time.

      I have enough people I shop for that I need to do it all year. I keep boxes upstairs for the gifts. I write down what I have on a clipboard so I can know what I need.

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