“When I came home and showed my mother my report card with a mark of 98 in arithmetic, she wanted to know who had gotten the other two points.”

The day is perfect. It is sunny, breezy and a bit chilly, flannel shirt weather, which is just fine with me. This is only June. Summer doesn’t have to hurry.

I haven’t yet bought my flowers. It has been too hot or rainy the last few days but not today. I am also going to the dump. It is a banner day.

Henry is crazy. He woke me up at three to let him out. I went downstairs and opened the door then went back to bed. At around eight, I could hear him running from my room to the guest room pounding the floor as he ran. I wondered how the horses got inside to run with Henry, and I’m not exaggerating. He’d jump on my bed then jump off over and over.  The bed shook each time. Finally he settled down, and I went back to sleep until ten when his chewing woke me up. He was chewing on my beautiful spread from India. He had almost chewed off one piece. I saved the piece and folded the rest of the spread over to cover the chewed part then we both went downstairs.

I talked to my sister yesterday, the one near Boston, and she asked what was going on. I told her nothing and nothing was exactly what was going on. In the afternoon it rained enough to wash the pollen off my car. Parts of the deck are also clean, but under chairs and tables are still pollen covered. Rain is predicted for tomorrow so more or even all of the pollen should be gone. It will be a cold rain with the temperature only in the mid-50’s.

When I was a kid, the end of school was in early June. We spent the week before the last day putting books away and cleaning the room. I always liked getting the erasers to clean. I got to go outside and beat them one against the other. My school uniform front and my hands and arms always got chalk dust covered. We didn’t do much school work that week as the text books were packed. We did do a few works sheets and spelling words.

The last day was always a half day. The nun gave out ribbons for excellence. I remember  one year getting spelling, history, religion and reading ribbons. The nuns also gave us our last report cards, the big report card. I remember looking at the back before anything else. On the bottom back, it said promoted to followed by a number we all expected to be the number of the next grade. It always was.

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6 Comments on ““When I came home and showed my mother my report card with a mark of 98 in arithmetic, she wanted to know who had gotten the other two points.””

  1. Bob Says:

    The cold front did come through last night lowering the midday temperature to a cool 85 degrees. The breeze is out of the northeast and the sky is partly cloudy.

    Watching the Red Sox beat the Astros last night made me realize how nice it was in Houston to watch a game in a retractible roof air conditioned stadium. The Rangers are building one as we speak which will open in 2020. The old outdoor retro ballpark is only 24 years old but was the dream of the then managing partner George W. Bush. He didn’t like indoor baseball or he was too cheap to pay the rent required to pay off the bonds to the city of Arlington. I saw a day game in 1974 in August when the temperature was 110 degrees and watched Nolan Ryan pitch a win against the Rangers in the old Arlington Stadium from the air conditioned press box. The official attendance was announced which includes all the season tickets sold. However, it looked like maybe a couple of hundred fans actually suffered through the heat to watch the game.

    I once interviewed Phil Rizzuto who told me that he liked indoor baseball because the statistics would be more meaningful. Indoors the wind, moisture or temperature would not be a factor. That was in 1973 when he was a broadcaster for the Yankees. I don’t go to the Ballpark in Arlington because it’s miserable to leave the game at 10pm and the temperature just made it down to 95 degrees. 🙂 I have to give Bush credit because he always watches the games from his field box next to the Ranger dugout instead of his air conditioned skybox.

    When I was kid in elementary school everyone got promoted regardless of their grades. It was called social promotion. Your parents could get you left back but not the school district.

    Was last night a full moon? Our male dogs always went crazy when the moon was full. Another possibility is that Henry is just horny. 🙂 Every male dog we owned was a sport model, but they seemed to remember their reproductive urges. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Our cold wave starts tomorrow, and by Tuesday nights will be down to the 40’s.

      I don’t think it has ever been that hot for a Sox game. By August you want to buy tickets under the grandstand so the sun doesn’t get you. Bleacher seats are best for nighttime seats in the summer. It does get hot sitting in the sun at Fenway in the height of summer. Obviously, Fenway was built in the age of outside stadiums. People here would never give up Fenway for a domed stadium outside the city as that would be the only place for the space.

      It is true about the weather affecting the baseballs. During the televised Sox gams, they always show the wind sock at Fenway so you’l know the effect of the wind on the baseball.

      I went to a Catholic school, and they had no fear of holding kids back or saying they had to go to summer school or be held back.

      No, Henry running like that through the house is quite normal. He gallops down the hall to the back door. He is puppy crazy.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Almost as hot today as it was yesterday but a strong breeze is blowing making it kind of nice outside. It will cool down for a couple of days from tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it.

    Henry get those energy sparks Albin gets some time, lots of energy in the body and it must be used 🙂 Albin does however make all his strange sounds before he starts but when he starts there’s no stop to it 🙂 🙂

    It was very rare that anyone was hold back a year in school when I grew up and if it would happen it was always the parents who had to agree to it, the school itself couldn’t do that. I think they could a few years before me though.

    Our last day was just an hour or so, the only thing that happened was that we got our report cards and since we had the same teacher from grade 1-3 and 4-6 we only wished everyone a nice summer vacation and see You all next autumn.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I like today as it is nice and cool. The next few days may actually be cold. Tomorrow will be rainy.

      When that happens to Henry, he goes outside and runs around the yard. Gracie used to run the yard three or four times in a row. Henry is still a bit shy and runs only once then jumps up the stairs sometimes taking two steps at a time.

      I don’t know who was held back or forced to go to summer school. That’s not something anyone admitted to.

      I think we were there 3 or 4 hours. There were two classes of each grade so we knew everyone as we moved from grade 1 then to another and another up to grade 8.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Hedley Says:

    My favorite report card comment was “Lack of interest is no excuse for bad manners”

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Our comments were never so dramatic.

      I did get a + in silient reading though I never understand how that was rated.

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