“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”

The weather shifts hour by hour. When I got up at 5 to let Henry out, it was foggy, cloudy and damp. The fog was whirling around the bottom branches of the pine trees. The air felt wet. When I got up again at 8, the sun was shining but it was humid with thick air. At 9, I went to get the papers and was surprised at hot it was. My house was much cooler. Right now it is cloudy and still humid despite a strong breeze, but the clouds seem transitory. The sun will be back.

I have no plans for today though I should buy my flowers. It is time to get them in the ground and on the deck, but I just have this laid back attitude which flinches at the idea of work of any sort particularly in this heat and humidity; however, were it suddenly to get cold, I suspect my mood wouldn’t change. It is just one of those days.

The only sound is the lawn mower working on my front yard. I can smell the cut grass. It hangs in the air.

Enough flowers have bloomed to give the air some sweetness. This morning I noticed a yellow iris. It stands in the front of the garden bed taller than many of the flowers behind it. I also noticed the flowers are spreading and the front garden is filling in enough so I can count the spaces needing new flowers. There are 7 of them. I’m glad I have a list.

When I was a kid, summer was haphazard. We’d bike ride, go to the pool, the zoo or the playground. My favorite was the playground. It was just below the hill where I lived and was monitored by two college students who planned each day. I took tennis lessons early in the morning. The park provided the rackets and the coach. All day long there were activities. A couple of days a week in the afternoons, our softball team played other playgrounds. We were good. For other activities I could play checkers at the big picnic table or toss horseshoes in the pit. For arts and crafts I made the looped pot holders. I think everyone made the looped pot holders. Another activity was painting a wooden tray. I actually did a great job which surprised me. Painting was not one of my talents.

My mother loved the playground more than I did. If we were they, we weren’t in the house driving her crazy.

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16 Comments on ““Time is a game played beautifully by children.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    92,1 F here today and it hasn’t been pleasant 🙂 It was much cooler when I got up though and there was even some ground fog when we were out on our walk. I could see how thunder clouds were building up behind the mountain but they never arrived here unfortunately, it would have been nice with some cooling off.

    I have some photos of what is in bloom in my garden right now in today’s post, much more than I expected and everything is early too. I even saw flowering blackberry bushes and I can’t remember seeing them in bloom this early in my entire life.

    Albin is demanding another walk but I know that he’ll change his mind after just a few minutes of walking 🙂 Even he tried to get down into the creek on our second walk today and it wasn’t even close to as warm as it is now 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That is so very hot. We have hit 80˚ only once so I can’t even fathom 90˚.

      I also love the mornings as they are so cool. I’m liking that the house stays cool as the day heats up. I have to shut windows tonight as it will be down to the mid 50’s.

      I saw all your flowers and bushes. They are so lovely. My front garden has columbines but they look a bit different than yours. Most of mayflowers have yet to bloom.

      Gracie was bad in the heat. Boxers are by their physical attributes like that nose. Henry doesn’t walk well. He is just afraid of being on the leash.

      Have a great evening!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Right now the temperature is a balmy 98 degrees with clear skies. We haven’t broken the triple digit ceiling as was predicted.

    When I was kid in Dallas my parents sent me to the JCC (Jewish Community Center) day camp. The old building was in South Dallas and a school bus picked us up and returned us daily. The Jewish community was moving out of South Dallas in the early 1950s but the new one hadn’t yet be built. Each day was filled with activities including arts and crafts, sports in the gym and other fun activities. Every camper makes looped pot holders and those plastic lanyards that you can attach a whistle or a skate key.

    This summer my daughter is going to volunteer at the JCC day camp to help out with the younger kids. It’s the circle of life. 🙂

    Unfortunately, the big shade trees around our building are still producing pollen but the real damage they cause is too the foundations of the buildings. The trees suck the water out of the clay soil causing the soil to shrink at the edges of the slab foundations causing them to crack. Repairing foundations is a booming business in North Texas.

    • katry Says:

      I know you live in AC because of the extreme weather you have, but I need fresh air after the AC is on for a while. I’ll go on the deck under the umbrella for a bit. I do have a hand fan I can use if I get too out outside. I bought it for my first trip back to Ghana.

      I’m chuckling as I too made those lanyards out of what we called gimp. I learned all the different braiding methods like square, round and flat. I always used two colors of gimp. I also made bracelets.

      That’s great your daughter is working the day camp. I did that as well at the same camp I went to during the earlier summers.

      I do have a few spots where my driveway is split because of tree roots, but it is in the part of the driveway I never use. It is behind the gate of the 6 foot fence so it won’t be fixed.

      • Bob Says:

        I just checked and officially at Love Field we hit the century mark. A cold front is on the way which might give us a high tomorrow in the lower 90s.

        Here the problem is that the clay soil under the foundation dries out at the edges the clay contracts while the center stays moist. This difference in moisture causes the slab to crack which causes cracks in the house, doors to not close and window to stick. You can’t sell a house with a cracked foundation because the mortgage company won’t finance a house with foundation problems. A foundation repair can cost upwards of $10,000.

        Thanks, I hadn’t thought of the term gimp in relation to those lanyards in many years.

      • katry Says:

        I always laugh at your sarcastic cold fronts.

        We haven’t that problem. Our dirt is sandy and absorbs the water. Only roots are splitting the tar in the driveway and casing linear cracks.

        For some reason, the word gimp has stayed with me. You’re welcome!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    When I went out this morning at a very early hour, it was just murky and damp. Not murky in a nice foggy way. Murky in a cloudy sky, no sun way. It stayed that way all day. I wasn’t too unhappy because no sun means the house doesn’t heat up in the afternoon and it stays comfortable with just a fan. But I have to knit on brightly colored yarn just to feel normal. Hot pink or bright orange does the trick. Good think I’m knitting socks and not sweaters. 🙂

    My lawn was just mowed a week ago and I have to mow again. Maybe tomorrow. It should have been mowed on Wednesday but I fooled myself into believe that it didn’t really need it.
    Right now the yard is filled with Dames Rocket which is a lovely, tall plant with multiple flowers in shades of light purple all the way to white. They are very invasive and are growing everywhere. I don’t mind because they smell wonderful. Spicy and green. The scent fills the air outside my house.

    When we were small, my mother would send us off to whatever church was having summer Bible school. We were out of her hair for one or two weeks. I don’t know how many of the local Protestant churches I attended for Bible School. All of the ones closest to home probably. I blame my lack of religious feeling on the fact that I went to so many different ones, none of it stuck.

    It’s rained and now it’s cooler. Good. I will sleep more or less comfortably tonight.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My day was all over the place. It started with that dampness and fog. It stayed damp then it rained around noon or a bit later. The clouds hung around for a while after the rain but the sun managed a comeback.The early evening was drier and cooler than it had been all day. I just shut the window behind me as it will be a chilly night. I’ll leave the bedroom window open.

      My lawn gets mowed every week and usually on Saturday. He had a sit on mower today which seemed a bit of overkill. My lawn isn’t all that big.

      I don’t know the name of the plant in the front garden which have spread all over that garden. I want some dug up and put on the other side of the driveway.

      My wild rose bushes have buds. One branch attacked me the other day as it is hanging over the walkway to my house. A thorn drew blood. It will be trimmed after it blooms.

      I don’t remember anyone going to summer Bible school when I was a kid, but then most everyone I knew was a Catholic and there were no summer schools. My sister’s middle child Justin was a wretched child. Moe tried to find any place to keep him busy. One summer she put him in Around the World with Jesus. Wow still chuckle about that.

      Have a cool, pleasant evening!

  4. Bob Says:

    Watching the Red Sox vs The Astros. Go Sox, Verlander is pitching for Houston.

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