“It’s hard not to smile when you’re going eyeball to eyeball with a frosted chocolate cupcake.”

The house was cold this morning. I had left my bedroom window open. It got down to the middle 50’s last night so I snuggled under my comforter. I checked the thermostat when I came downstairs, and it was only 62˚ in here. My heat, which had been off since May 1st, was turned on again, and the furnace started blasting hot air right away. Once the house was warm, I turned off the heat. It’s May after all.

When I was a kid, my school had an annual May procession. Every grade took part. The second graders wore their first communion white. The rest of the girls wore fancy dresses and the boys wore jackets and ties. We walked around the long block from the playground near the church to the front of the church. Parents lined the sidewalks. When I was in the eighth grade, I crowned the statue of Mary, the culminating May procession tradition. The statue was high in a niche in the grotto to the side of the church. I was last in the procession. I wore my neighbor’s wedding dress. I stopped to pose for pictures. Once we were at the grotto, we all sang songs to Mary, “Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, queen of the angels, queen of the May.” I remember all the songs. We practiced them for weeks before the procession. I stood by the grotto rail until it was time for me to go up the ladder to the statue. I held the bannister with one hand and the crown with the other. It was tricky as the dress was long. One of the priests help me up the ladder. When the time came, I placed the flower crown on Mary’s head then carefully went down the ladder. It wasn’t long after that the procession was over. We broke ranks and went to find our parents. I stopped to pose for pictures.

Today is cloudy. It is warmer outside than the house was. Male goldfinches were at the feeders as was a spawn of Satan. It was holding on to the outside of the feeder trying to get the seed inside. I scared it away and wished I had a sling shot.

Yesterday I went to the dump. I waited until the last minute hoping the rain would have stopped, but it was still raining. I did feel accomplished after I’d dumped everything. I need a few essentials like bread, dry dog food and canned cat food so I’ll be heading out in a bit.

When I was a kid, my mother often sent me to the store for one thing or another. Usually it was milk or bread. I rode my bike. The white store was just a bit closer, but it didn’t have anywhere near the amount of groceries the red store did. I remember walking into the red store and seeing, right in front, the Hostess display. My favorites were Hostess cupcakes and Sno-balls. Mostly the Sno-balls were pink. I’d pull off the frosting in a single  piece and eat the cupcake first. The coconut on the frosting was my favorite part.

I’m thinking that Hostess came to mind because I need to do an errand. Looks like I’m be buying more than bread.

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4 Comments on ““It’s hard not to smile when you’re going eyeball to eyeball with a frosted chocolate cupcake.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Really nice weather here today and unfortunately that make my work place nasty warm, 95F today and the warmer it gets outside to hotter my work place will be 🙂 🙂

    Being a protestant country we never had any traditions like that except for celebrating Saint Lucia.

    I always like to go to the grocery store when my mother asked my and there were several in our neighborhood. I liked going to the one that worked like they did back in the days, where one had to tell them what one wanted and they then fetched it behind the counter, they were a bit expensive according to my mother so I rarely had a chance to go there though, the rest were all the kind where one had to pick everything one self.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That’s awful. Work is difficult enough without adding the heat. Drink plenty of water!!

      May processions used to happen at most churches. I don’t know about now.

      My mother did the grocery shopping on Friday at the First National and then later she went to the Star Market. The little stores were for what she ran out of. Usually it was bread.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Bob Says:

    Today is again beautiful with a high in the low 90s.

    We always had field day in May. Our school year ended on Memorial Day weekend because of the Texas heat before air conditioning. Field day was kind of like the elementary school Olympics with events in track and field. In those days we had the broad jump and it didn’t have any other meaning but is now called the long jump. I was a broad jump guy and ran some track events,

    When I was a kid the grocery store was too far away to get there on my bike so my mother had to drive even for just a loaf of bread.

    • katry Says:

      To my mind, the low 90’s are a horrific heat wave. We had one a few years back, and we all stayed inside, in the cool.

      Some schools still have field days, usually elementary schools. They do the track and field as well. It is always theist day of school.

      The grocery store was also far away from us, but the corner stores were close. They weren’t for big shopping but were just for small items. I never minded going all that much as it didn’t take long on my bike.

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