“The house smelled musty and damp, and a little sweet, as if it were haunted by the ghosts of long-dead cookies.”

Summer is gone. Today is chilly and damp. We’re back to sweatshirt weather. Rain is predicted, but the clouds seem too bright. I suppose they’ll darken later.

There is something about Sunday mornings which holds me in thrall. I take my time getting up. As the coffee brews, I watch the birds at the feeders from inside the kitchen window. Henry goes out, and I go get the Sunday papers, come back inside, grab a cup of coffee and then start my reading fest. After a bit, it’s time for my weekly call to my sister in Colorado. We often talk during the week, but Sunday is our day nonetheless. We talk an hour sometimes. When we’re done, I grab a cup of coffee and go back to my papers. By the time I sit down to my computer, it’s nearly one o’clock. I am always surprised by the time.

I watch TV, not as much as Chance the Gardener, but I watch. I also bitch and moan. Even with a zillion stations, I sometimes find nothing to watch. HGTV is one of my stations of last resort. I’ve watched so much I can now throw around phrases like curb appeal, focal point and window treatment. I know to look for hardwood floors, a master suite, stainless steel, tile and granite or its ilk. Mirrors will make the room look bigger. Neutral colors are best.

I always think spring smells fresh like the air after a rainstorm. Summer is flowers and grass. Fall will always be burning leaves. Winter smells are all inside. They’re Christmas and cookies and dinner in the oven. Sometimes the wonderful smell of the ocean makes it as far as my house. Usually it comes in the morning air. I can smell rain long before the first drops fall, and I swear snow has a smell that comes with that eerie light just before a storm. I love the smell of burning candles. Last night it was cinnamon and before that it was coconut. My sister gave me small squares of peat and a stone block to hold the burning embers. I was reminded of the old b&b in Youghal Ireland. It was springtime and cold and damp. We were the only guests. The owner lit a peat fire in the grate in the dining room. The smell of peat filled the room. It stuck to my clothes. I could smell it even when I got home and opened my suitcase. The smell of burning wood always brings me back to Ghana. For that, it is one of my favorite smells.

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  1. flyboybob Says:

    My spouse watches HGTV as way to calm down. It doesn’t take much brain power to watch and I’m amazed how they use camera tricks to make a very small house look larger. I watched one the other night about a couple who were looking to buy a house in San Francisco at about $900 a square foot. I live in a 1,650 sq.ft. condo and the places they were looking at were smaller than what I’m living in with my wife and two kids comfortably. I guess if you live in the city by the bay, you have to pay to play. 🙂

    May is our month to get introduced to summer. This coming week our weather will be dominated by high pressure which will result in sunny skies and our first run of 90 degree plus days. My wife is already planning to go in the swimming pool. My first day of the swimming season in July 4th. The air temperature may be warm but the water will still be chilly.

    I gave up reading the Sunday paper years ago when the cost became almost as much as receiving the daily paper. I didn’t have time to read it during the weekdays and it went into the trash. Now I get all my news on my iPad from various websites such as USA Today, Huffington Post and the NY Times. Sunday mornings include watching CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Paulley and Face the Nation for as long as I can stand the parade of Trump’s minions trying to cover up for all his previous week’s stupid tweets. Who cares if he had an affair with Stormy Daniels? Maybe his wife cares, but it’s distracting from the real damage his administration is doing to our democratic principals and to the future with his appointments of far right wing federal judges. Some of whom are not even qualified to sit on a Justice of the Peace bench but with few exceptions they are being rubber stamped by the Republican Senate.

    Another warm and sunny day today topping out just below 90 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I like watching the designers. I get a few ideas about arranging furniture and putting stuff around the rooms. I never noticed camera tricks. Most of the designers talk about the rooms and their size and configurations.

      Boston has become one of the most expensive cities in which to live. Rental sites are at a premium and are difficult to find. The new spaces are high rise condos which cost a couple of million or more.

      May is often the start of spring here, but the cold ocean determines that. Once June arrives we do get warmer. We won’t hit 90˚ until August if even then.

      I love my papers, especially the Sunday papers. I don’t enjoy jumping from site to site to get the news. I watch MSNBC more than anything else.

      Trump does whatever he needs to do distract us from him directly. His minions just echo him and proclaim his innocence.

      It is darker now and damper.

  2. olof1 Says:

    They don’t deliver any papers out here on Sundays, we live to far away from civilization I guess 🙂 🙂 So I don’t prescribe to any paper now days. I’ve stopped listening to the radio as well, not because it is bad because it isn’t but the stereo is upstairs and I never remember to turn it on 🙂

    really nice weather here today, it started out a bit chilly but turned towards rather warm and nice. They say it will last until Friday and if they against all hope actually are right I’ll have a long weekend again so I can have some nice weather on my free time 🙂

    The smell of spring is actually quite a lot of smoke too, this is the time of year when farmers rather illegally set the left over silage on fire. It is rather moist so it takes forever to finally burn down and the small is rather nasty to be honest.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I read the papers every day and I watch the local news at night. I also watch MSNBC programs for as long as I can stand them.

      Ugly day here with clouds and chilly dampness. It is a day to stay home but I need to go to the dump and I need cat food. I figure I’ll have a bit of a cozy nap then go out.

      The falls here were when leaves were burned. It was the best smell. Now it is illegal. Spring smells of wet grass and flowers.

      Have a great day!

  3. Birgit Says:

    I hardly watch TV anymore, occasionally a documentary or political broadcast but no fiction except for Dr.Who and sometimes Vera once a week. I’m an old fashioned radio listener though nowadays I mostly pick the archived segments I’m interested in from my feed reader and listen when I have time. Mostly politics, science, music and stuff.
    Same with news, I read selected news in my feed reader from different sources and skip the rubbish, gossip and repetitions. Our local newspaper is not worth the time and money anymore.

    Perfect weather here and a weekend full of music, I sang today and visited a free music festival next town with folk, jazz, world and rock music yesterday.

    • katry Says:

      I am reading my first Vera so I’ll be hunting up the series. I love movies and have many movie channels so I don’t get stuck with just regular networks. I have started watching Killing Eve on BBC. I like it.

      I like the Cape paper because it is local. I skip its international news as I read it in the Boston Globe. The papers and coffee start my day.

      You have the best weekends with weekend festivals and music. In the summer there are some town band concerts and plenty of theaters offering plays but this time of year hasn’t much except around Christmas.

      It poured all day today.

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