“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”

Today is a good day. We have sun, at least for the meantime, and a blue sky hazy with clouds. It is in the 50’s though it will drop to the 30’s tonight. The Red Sox have their best opening record since 1918. Today’s game is on at 1. My knee barely hurts this morning so it is close to healing completely. I even brought the trash bag to the car. The laundry which has sat by the cellar door long enough to grow legs is now in the washer and the dryer. Henry is more at home. He growled when he heard a car door shut. He is sitting and napping on the couch. Last night I went out on the deck to check for him, and he was running circles at top speed in the yard. He then ran up the backstairs and went into the house by the dog door. His dishes are now on the floor, no more couch feedings.

This coming week is April vacation. When I worked, I usually went to Europe and spent the week in one country. One of my favorite trips was with my parents and my sister Sheila. We  spent most of the week in Belgium though we did cross over to the Netherlands. I remember driving along the side of a canal. I think my father held his breath the whole time. We took a ferry, and I had to drive the car onto the ferry, onto the two wooden entry planks. My father closed his eyes. The funniest incident was in a wonderful restaurant though I can’t remember which town. My mother and sister went to the ladies room. My dad and I checked the map for our next leg. All of a sudden the middle of the map was on fire. We had been too close to the candle. Everyone in that restaurant burst into laughter. We just sort of shrugged, put out the fire and folded the map. When my mother and sister got to the table, they wanted to know why everyone was chuckling. I unfolded the map. It had a huge hole in the middle with burnt edges. The two of them roared laughing. My father and I were chagrined.

My mother told us she was tired of Europe. We jumped on that one. She was forever sorry she had said it, but I knew what she meant. Our next trip was with the whole family and was in honor of my dad who had wanted to take us all somewhere to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They didn’t make it to 50. My dad passed away. My mother decided she’d give us a trip to Panama through the canal and fulfill my dad’s dream trip. We hoisted more than a few in his honor when we met every afternoon for drinks. We knew he’d have loved that trip.

My last four trips have been to Africa: one to Morocco and three to Ghana. My bank account is gasping for breath. I’d like to take one more trip. I figure in three years if I’m frugal I’ll have enough to go somewhere. That destination has yet to be determined, but it won’t be to Europe. I love off the beaten path.

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8 Comments on ““The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Great to hear that Henry can run around by his own and then run in through the dog door again 🙂 I think he’s getting that this was his final move 🙂
    My neighbors had guests today with a couple of children. It is always quiet here so when the children started to scream and laugh Albin got upset and started to bark, suddenly I heard one of the kids saying she didn’t want to be outside any more so I brought in Albin instead 🙂

    I do like to read about Your trips abroad with Your relatives and I laughed out loud when I read about the map burning 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      He is still skittish so the dog door is hit or miss. I agree about him realizing this is it, the end of his journey. I do wonder what happened to him as when I try to give him something like a chew bone he runs away. He comes back and then takes it, but he appears scared at first.

      Albin was just announcing interlopers. My dad always told me to thank the dog for barking as it was a dog’s warning. I do understand, though, that Albin was a bit upset. He and Henry would get along well.

      My sister still has that map.

      Have a great day!!

      • olof1 Says:

        I think that someone has tricked him with treats and just as he was going to take it he’s been beaten or scared. So when he realizes that nothing bad will happen with You giving him a treat he comes running back to get it.

      • katry Says:

        I like your idea of what happened. I’d like to think he is just fine with me and my treats, no tricks to the puppy!

  2. Bob Says:

    Although, I haven’t traveled as extensively as you have I do get the wanderlust occasionally. When I was young my father would never think of taking us abroad because he was very frugal, a cheapskate, and international travel was very expensive in those days. After my mother’s death my father didn’t want to travel with us because his main interest was meeting and having fun, ie sex, with younger woman and we would just crimp his style. 🙂 My father’s mantra was that the last check you write should be to the undertaker and it should bounce. 🙂 He didn’t live that long. 🙂

    My spouse has told be over the last 32 years that she doesn’t like long plane trips and that she only enjoy’s beach vacations. I enjoy seeing different sights and cultures and have worked my wanderlust into my business travels. Europe from Dallas is a nine hour flight and to me one beach looks just like another.

    I find it a mystery that modern commercial aviation has made international travel cheaper and has allowed millions of people to travel to almost very corner of the globe. Instead of all this travel bringing us closer together as human beings, has instead resulted in the rise of nationalism, racism and xenophobia. The election of Trump, the rise of Putin and the British brexit are just the tip of the iceberg of possible rising nationalism and fascism that globalization and free trade has wrought. 🙁

    A very sunny day with cool temperatures in the 65 degree rang. My daughter went out of town with her friend and my son is quiet so I have not moved off the couch all morning.

    • katry Says:

      My parents did ship travel a few times and went to Egypt. I think my first adult trip with them was to England. We went all over Europe.I did all the planning, and they were glad for that.

      My sister and I went to London. It was her first trip so we did anything she wanted to see. It was Easter Sunday. My parents had given me a chocolate egg and a card for my sister and gave the same to her for me. Each card had $100.00 bill. It was signed Have a Great Time!

      I agree about beaches. I live near the ocean and don’t want to waste a trip lying around on the sand. My parents too like roaming cities and countries.

      I remember going to Europe and going to the back of the plane, putting up the arm rests and sleeping across three seats. The planes back then, the 70’s, were never full. I agree about what has been happening in the world. I think that is why I have been going to Africa instead of Europe.

      It is a nice daylight now, but the cold is coming!

  3. Birgit Says:

    I love your travel stories 🙂
    (Still reading KTCC. Sorry, no comments for a while, home internet is broken again.)

    • katry Says:

      I missed you. I figured you might be traveling.

      Some of my trips with my parents were so funny mostly because of my dad. He kept us laughing, and it wasn’t always on purpose!

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