“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”

Today is a bit chilly but still lovely. The sun is streaming through my front door and giving Maddie a spot to stretch out and enjoy the warmth. The sky is a spectacular blue. The topmost branches are swaying a bit in the breeze. It is an inviting day so Henry and I will hit the road. We’ll do some errands and maybe a bit of shopping.

When I was a kid, Easter never had the excitement or the anticipation Christmas brought. We didn’t counted the days until the Easter Bunny came. We did color eggs, but that was just about the only tradition from year to year. I remember an Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood. I found the gold egg, the big prize. I don’t remember what the prize was. I just remember how excited I was to find the egg under a bush. My mother was great at filling our baskets. We had the chocolate rabbit, jelly beans, those bigger egg candies which were hard and had white in the middle and Peeps. We had small toys and books. I also remember the hard sugar panoramic eggs.

The rabbit ears were always the first to go. They were the easiest to bite through. The jelly beans used to fall to the bottom under the basket’s grass. I remember hunting for them. The grass was sort of gross as it always stuck to any piece of candy with a bite mark. I remember pulling the grass off one of those hard eggs.

It didn’t matter how old I was. My mother always filled a basket for me. The chocolate I had when I was young wasn’t the best, but I never noticed. When I was older, my mother went to the chocolate shop and bought the most luscious chocolates. I noticed.

I started filling baskets for parents. I’d wait until they had gone to bed then I’d fill the baskets and sneak to put them on my parents’ bureaus while they were sleeping. One year I actually found Easter stockings. They were fun to fill. My dad’s basket always got truffles. My mother’s got caramels, and each basket got a chocolate rabbit. I don’t think an Easter basket is compete without a rabbit.

I fill baskets for my friends. They get chocolates and a few surprises. I also decorate the tree hanging over their deck. I don’t remember how that tradition started, but they love their decorated tree. We use it as a background for a picture every year.

I don’t have any new Easter clothes. I do have a new fascinator. I wear one every year to dinner. It prompts waves and laughter. This new one is a white hat trimmed in purple with a purple band around the middle covered in tiny white and yellow flowers. It also has ribbons and feathers. I will be festive tomorrow, and I will celebrate the day and the coming of spring.

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12 Comments on ““Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Birthdays and Christmas but Easter did not bring a deluge of gifts to an anxious youngster. We were not blessed with baskets or that big Blue bunny dude, but we were good for a Smarties Easter Egg.

    As we moved in to our teens it became De Rigueur to buy my Mum a Lindt Chocolate egg, usually in a gold box and decorated by a bow. Somehow we had the 7/6 necessary to make her day.

    Holy Thursday and Good Friday have drawn us to our little Chapel and tomorrow we will celebrate the early Mass.

    Near our home is a Big Box Church, run by a lovely family who a charismatics. This morning a helicopter dropped eggs to the anxious youngsters. Cars over crowded the intersection, the Oakland Township Police who usually have little to do turned on the car lights, and ferried the kids backwards and forwards across the street

    The Daffodils will be in bloom in the old country, the hymns will ring out and I will think about my Mum

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I don’t know when the Easter baskets became part of the celebration here. The gifts were small in the basket and often toys like a Slinky or even pick up sticks. There was always a stuffed bunny.

      The Lindt egg is a wonderful gift. I bought Lindt rabbits for my friends’ baskets. They are covered in gold foil.

      I liked sunrise services but haven’t been to one in years.The last one was an old church on a hill overlooking the ocean-beautiful.

      I bet those kids will not forget their egg hunt. The helicopter dropping the eggs must have been fun to watch. Then police must have enjoyed the afternoon.

      My mom comes to mind often, especially at holidays.

  2. Bob Says:

    At times like this I know why I spend time reading your blog. I had never heard of the word fascinator until just a few moments ago. I had to look it up to make sure it was a real word. Not quite an Easter bonnet but still with thrills apron it. 🙂 My dear Kat you are the eternal educator and mind stimulator.

    Believing in resurrection takes enormous faith, but rabbits laying eggs is beyond belief. Together with Santa Claus bringing gifts children’s introduction to Christianity is entwined with lots of faith. 🙂

    When my sister and I were kids we also decorated Easter eggs and eat chocolate bunnies along with having to sit through my grandfather’s long Passover Seder. Spooning out drops of grape juice from our glass as each of the ten plagues were recited in Hebrew provided some fun. The faithful part occurred when we would open the door to welcome the prophet Elijah into the house while singing the Hebrew song of the same name. I never saw the level of his wine glass go down but I was assured that he drank a tiny drop at each house so as not to get drunk. It’s not as much fun as rabbits laying eggs.

    Today is gorgeous with sunny skies and a comfortable 76 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      Your compliment warmed the cockles of my heart! Many thanks!!

      If you watch any royal wedding, you will see fascinators on the heads of wedding guests. Theirs, however, are quite stylish and quite expensive.

      We didn’t think the rabbits laid the eggs.They just delivered them. We really never wondered where the eggs came from. There was no connection in our minds between Santa and Christianity. We knew it was the birthday of Jesus. Santa was a perk.

      I didn’t know about Elijah’s visit. I think it is neat that he dropped by for a bit of wine. Greeting him with song makes it sound festive.

      It was 45˚ today!

      • Bob Says:

        I learned about fascinators so I shared the Elijah ritual. I have almost no interest in royal weddings and wouldn’t know a fascinationor from a hat. Supposedly, Elijah will appear to announce the coming of the messiah or the messianic era. Placing an extra cup of wine on the Seder table for the prophet is one of many associated rituals with Passover.

        If the rabbits don’t lay the eggs then who did? Why would rabbits deliver eggs in the first place? Kids are gullible especially when candy and presents are involved.

      • katry Says:

        I love the Elijah ritual and the extra cup of wine.

        I just mentioned the royal wedding to give you some more information. I remember one of the royals sporting the most elaborate headdress fascinator. It had huge feathers which stood tall.

        I didn’t even wonder who laid the eggs. I guess I just assumed chickens did. How rabbits got hold of them I never thought about. It just was what it was.

  3. Birgit Says:

    I hope we’ll get to see a photo of your new fascinator 🙂
    Have a great dinner and perfect spring weather tomorrow!
    It looks like our Easter hares will need umbrellas, warm jackets and waterproof egg colors this year.

    • katry Says:

      I’ll try and have a picture taken. It is a fun hat!

      Thanks on the dinner. it is at the Ocean House right on the water. I love watching the waves crash the rocks.

      We’ll need jackets here. It is going to be cold and there may be snow flurries by Monday.

  4. olof1 Says:

    The Easter hare has never been that big here which is odd because we tend to bring in every little thing they have in Germany when it comes to traditions. Well we have always been able to buy those chocolate ones but it took me a long time until I understood why hares and Easter seemed to go together 🙂 🙂

    We have our witches instead or if we translate the name directly Easter hags. Lots of that tradition has died out because of the fire hazard when we have those huge bonfires and for animal protection. Hedgehogs tend to sleep in those piles and no one wants to kill hedgehogs and all the firework is gone too because they scare the crap out of all our dogs and cats. The tradition of kids dressing up as witches and wizard is growing again though, it’s our Halloween 🙂

    Happy Easter!


    • katry Says:

      Easter is a strange holiday. It has weird traditions. An Easter bunny brings candy eggs. We hunt for eggs. We get a colorful basket and we dye eggs. They are a strange combination.

      I’m glad protection is the reason for no more bonfires. I know some dogs hate fireworks. Shauna used to shake and tremble the whole time. My other dogs didn’t care. I’ll have to find out about Henry.

      Happy Easter!

  5. im6 Says:

    New word for me, too. My favorite (only I didn’t know it until now) was Bette’s 45 rpm record. https://goo.gl/images/BQyXfS

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