Tuesday Before the Lights Went Out!!

This storm is horrific. Branches banging against my window woke me up. I ran to look out and to check the backyard and the deck. The snow is so heavy it has the tree branches on the huge oak tree in my yard bent and hanging over the deck to my window. If any tree goes down, it will be that one, and I think it will be a catastrophe given where it is hanging. My electricity keeps going out. It has come back on each time, but the frequency of the outage is getting more intense. My cable, internet and phone go down. My cell phone had no service. I think in this world of instant communication, I have never felt as isolated.

We don’t have much snow yet. When I went to bed at 2, it was pouring, loud rain on the roof pouring. That was as predicted. I don’t know when the rain turned to snow, but it is a wet, heavy snow. According to the predictions, the biggest amount of snow has yet to come. It is snowing around 3 inches an hour. I don’t mind the snow so much. It is the wind which is scary.

The combination of wind and the rate of falling snow have caused this storm to be rated as an official blizzard.

I don’t know if the papers were delivered. I’m stuck reading the Globe and Cape Times on line, if I can. I don’t find that satisfying at all.

J. R. Rowling needs to sue Betsy DeVos who has usurped the characteristics of Dolores Umbridge, a character from the Harry Potter books. First of all, their positions are much the same. One is the Secretary of Education. The other was the Headmistress at Hogwarts who had enormous power over the students, teachers, and the curriculum. Like DeVos, Dolores had no background in education. Both are protected by men in power: DeVos has Trump while Dolores has the Minister of Magic. DeVos is probably the most disliked of Trump’s cabinet members, and Umbridge was detested by not only the students but also the staff. In the 60 Minutes interview, DeVos smiled at every question and her own answers. I found that creepy, and that’s when Umbridge came to mind. She smiled when exacting painful consequences on the students and when enforcing new, Draconian rules. That too was creepy.

DeVos, though, is the scariest. She’s real. She didn’t know the answers to questions asked by Leslie Stahl; instead, DeVos gave vague, often off-topic, answers and smiled every time. When asked her opinion, DeVos deflected and smiled. The worst was when she had no opinion. My favorite answer was when DeVos was asked if she had visited underperforming schools. Her answer, ” I have not — I have not — I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.” Did she visit a few by mistake?

I know this is sort of an off-beat Coffee, but I was an educator for my entire professional career. Listening to DeVos makes me cringe. It makes me afraid for the future of education in this country. Dolores Umbridge was taken by centaurs into the forbidden forest. Where are centaurs when you need them?

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8 Comments on “Tuesday Before the Lights Went Out!!”

  1. olof1 Says:

    Centaurs will turn up if she deliberately offends them so lets hope she does soon. DeVos is a dangerous buffoon. She wants to do to Your schools what idiots over here did some years ago. Now they have to start learning students math when they start at the university because the schools sort of happened to give grades way over what the kids should have so the schools became popular and got more students and therefore more money. So no days we have a bunch of students with top grades that know absolutely nothing what so ever. At least You know she’s an idiot, we were all taken by surprise.

    I can see that the wind has calmed down some where You live but with heavy snow it’s just as dangerous to go outside. We actually saw the sun today and the first crane arrived yesterday, poor bird because the nights will be nasty cold. I think it won’t freeze that badly though because they’ll feed him with lots more food than he ever will need to make sure he won’t freeze to death 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I agree that she is a buffoon and dangerous for the schools, teachers and students in this country. She didn’t even send her kids to public schools so she is the champion of charter schools. She made a fool of herself in that interview.

      I was glad we didn’t have a much snow as predicted, but the winds were horrific. I have never seen trees bend to much. I was thrilled when none broke, I haven’t been able to check the backyard for branches, but I am sure there are some down.

      Stay warm!!

    • katry Says:

      You do expand my musical boundaries. I haven’t ever heard this singer before.Do I hear a bit of the island about him ?

  2. Birgit Says:

    I’m glad to read that your electricity is already back, the online newspaper reports were alarming. Thanks for letting us know you’re doing well.

    Secretary of Education, the best job money could buy. On this side of the ocean we especially worry about the state of your dismantled State Department.
    Btw, any news on the Pennsylvania election? Still too close to call?

    • katry Says:

      I was about to put Maddie in her crate and take her to the car where I’d turn on the heat to warm up both of us than came the blast of hot air.

      The state department is in total disarray. Many countries, including South Korea, do not have ambassadors. Career diplomats were fired in January and never replaced.

      Trump said he is close to getting then cabinet he wants. We figure he’ll be firing more like Kelly and McMasters. Trump said all of this isn’t chaos but energy.

      The democrat has been declared the winner but only by 627 votes. Rick Saccone may still contest the outcome. The republicans are distancing themselves from the loss saying it was not a referendum about Trump but rather the loss of a weak candidate.

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