“Life is more fun if you play games.”

I am reminded of the scene in War Games when it appeared as if ballistic missiles had destroyed bases in the US. Using the radio, the general asked the radio operator at one base if anyone was there: if anyone was left alive. There was silence then a voice, “We’re still here. We’re still here.” Well, I’m still here too. I have no idea if the powers that be have commuted my death sentence. I think so, but I could be off by a day or two.

My morning was a busy one. I was out early to finish two errands. I was thinking about  rewarding my efforts with coffee and a donut, a Boston cream donut, from Dunkin’, but I decided to go home, put the coffee on and get comfortable.

The weather is still ugly. The day is chilly and raw. We have clouds and wind gusts. Some people are still without electricity. Another nor’easter is coming this week but will be far less destructive as the moon is no longer full. We could get rain or even snow.

I used to love to play jacks. Every Christmas in my stocking and most Easters in my basket I’d get a new set of jacks. I’d sit on the floor and toss the ball then hurry to pick up the jacks, starting with onesies. For some reason all the numbers were like that. After onesies came twosies then threesies then on and on. The throw was always the key. Another small favorite toy was the wooden paddle with the red rubber ball attached by an elastic. At first I’d be totally frustrated. I’d hit the ball, and it would fly back and hit me in the face or some other part of my body. Sometimes I’d get so frustrated I’d even throw the paddle but then I’d always pick it up and try again and eventually I’d coordinate my eye and hand. My mother sent me one of those when I was in the Peace Corps. My friends and I would stand in the back of one of our houses and have contests. We got really good and paddled into the hundred’s. It was, until the elastic broke, one of our favorite diversions. We didn’t need much to keep us occupied.

In Ghana, the day started early and ended early. It was in the evening that my friends and I would get together. We always ate supper together. The table and chairs were brought outside during the dry season. When it got dark, we’d go inside. We played word games and listened to music. Once in a while they’d be a movie in town at the Hotel d’Bull. It was usually really old or Indian, but we didn’t care. It was a grand night on the town.

I never got bored in Ghana. What I didn’t have didn’t matter. Living there was more than enough.

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16 Comments on ““Life is more fun if you play games.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Just popping in to see that You’re still around 🙂 I’m late so I’ll come back later again 🙂


  2. greg washington Says:

    “it was. until the elastic broke, one of our favorite diversions.” lines like that are why I come here to read. glad you are still here!

  3. im6 Says:

    Maybe if it took them 5 years to notify you of your infraction, that will also mean you have another 5 years before they actually do anything about it. By then, maybe the warden will issue you a pardon.

    • katry Says:

      I was amazed that the date was 2013. They also sent me an e-mail about recent postings but said they had determined that none were a violation. They were talking about the videos.

      I thought the lag time was ridiculous.

  4. Marie Says:

    Hi Kat,

    In response to your February 28th post about the DMCA violation. I received one of those a couple of years ago and deleted the entire post, not just the music link. I didn’t hear from them again. Perhaps you could give that a try. It’s very disturbing to receive a threat like that, I know.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Marie,
      They actually deleted the whole post. I went to check and there was a message about its deletion.

      A while back I did delete any opportunities for downloading and went entirely with the videos. I was hoping that would be enough never figuring they go historical on me.

      It definitely was disturbing!

  5. Birgit Says:

    Fine weather today, the birds were singing, it looked like spring and KTCC is still there 🙂

  6. Caryn O'Keefe Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Glad to see you’re still here.

    My favorite cheap toy was Guillow’s balsa wood gliders. The basic one cost a nickel at the candy store but my mother worked there so sometimes she would bring home the misprints. We’d fling them around the yard and at each other until we broke the wings and tail fins and then the game was over.

    I woke up to snow-covered surroundings. Surprise! But it all melted away a few hours later. Very accommodating of it.
    The sun sort of came out and the wind definitely came up. The dogs and I went out a few times but the wind had a bite to it so we didn’t stay out long.
    I did dishes and baked bread. I felt justified in goofing off for the rest of the day. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I bought those gliders for my niece’s two boys. The planes are a lot more money now but look exactly the same. I remember sometimes breaking the tail as I was putting it together. I used to buy mine at Woolworth’s.

      It must have rained here as the streets were still wet when I woke up. We never did see the sun all day. Once I got home this morning, I read a little, took a nap and did nothing constructive. I am quite talented at doing nothing!

      Have a wonderful evening!!

  7. Bob Says:

    The ball and paddle with the rubber band between them was also a favorite until the rubber band broke. I got pretty good with it. Whenever I think of that game I remember Mel Brooks playing it in the movie ‘Blazing Saddles’. He was the governor and Harvy Korman was his assistant. It along with ‘The Producers’ are the funniest movies I have ever seen. 🙂 Sadly Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn are no longer with us. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      I love those movies and would also add Young Frankenstein to the list. Mel Brooks was a big part of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein as he wrote and directed both of them. He was also in Blazing Saddles and had some great scenes with Harvey.

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