“Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.”

My hopes are high that Coffee will be here tomorrow. If not, remember to go to www.keepthecoffeecoming.blogspot.com as I’ll be waiting there for you.

Today is damp but lighter than it has been. The sun is working to get out of the clouds. I’m its most ardent cheerleader. There is still wind which makes the day feel even colder. I think it rained during the night as the sides of the street were still wet this morning when I got the papers, the dry papers. I can’t fault a day which starts with dry papers.

When I was a kid, Sunday was always boring. It followed the same regimen every week. Eat breakfast, put on church clothes, walk to church, go home and hang around until Sunday dinner, the most lavish meal of the week. It always included a roast of some sort, potatoes and vegetables. The potatoes were mashed and the vegetables, except for the carrots, came from cans. Those fresh vegetables, the carrots and the potatoes, were always boiled. We never had salad, and we never had bread on the table. A roast of beef as my grandmother called it is still my favorite.

My mother grocery shopped on Friday nights. As she had no license, my father drove her. They’d return with a trunk load of filled paper bags. The only foods we, my brother, sisters and I, cared about were the cookies. We knew they’d be Oreos and sometimes chocolate chip cookies or some other kind. We’d want them right away, and my mother would warn us that once they were gone, they’d be no more. We were kids. We were in the moment. We wanted the cookies.

I have grown my palate since I was a kid. Canned vegetables will never grace (sort of grace) my table. I like to cook potatoes all different ways, but I love mashed potatoes covered in gravy the most. I love carrots, and I experiment when I cook them. The last recipe called for ginger. My favorite is honeyed carrots. I use the baby carrots still with their greenery.

I just heard a loud crash which seemed to come from my deck. I ran outside but saw nothing except the man in the house behind mine burning leaves in a barrel. What I saw made me laugh. The wind is taking the burning leaves, and they are falling on the carpet of leaves in the guy’s yard. Small fires start, and he goes around with his rake putting the fires out. Maybe this will teach him why burning leaves is illegal.

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8 Comments on ““Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    We actually had sunshine today!!! It started out as almost sunshine when the sun can be seen behind the clouds but suddenly the clouds opened up. It felt like I was going blind because off all the white snow 🙂 🙂 It is the same when I paint things white at work. After a while I can’t see anything but white and if there’s too little paint anywhere I won’t be able to see it 🙂

    My mother worked in grocery stores so we never had one day for doing that. I have three days in the week when I do it, Monday, Wednesday and Friday always on my way home from work but I used to do it early on Saturday mornings when no people but me were out 🙂

    Yesterday I heard a bang somewhere here in the cottage but I still haven’t found out what it was. There’s nothing on the floor or elsewhere so it might have been a bird flying in to one of my windows, that’s the only reason I can think of anyway 🙂

    See You tomorrow where ever You might be!

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I’m glad for you as the sun has been missing a while. I saw the ball of light behind the clouds so I guess that counts for the sun for us. It is still cold out.

      I get a few things here and there during the week, but I do the big shopping at the beginning of the month. Mostly I’ll buy something fo dinner when I don’t feel like cooking.

      No bird into my windows so I still don’t have a guess as to what the bang was. I’ll say that guy as I have no other guesses.

      The electricity went off for a minute which I hate as I have to reset a few clocks.

      Have a great evening!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Today the sun is trying to come out but the rain has moved on to the East. Right now the temperature is in the mid 60s with a predicted high in the 70s. Although winter appears to be over the weatherman said the other night that we usually have two days of freezing temperatures in March.

    Sundays were just as predictable when I was a kid. My Sundays now are also very predictable. Sunday Mornings I watch the CBS show “Sunday Morning” followed by “Meet the Press” while I drink two cups of coffee and eat a light breakfast. The afternoon is usually unremarkable followed by “60 Minutes”, take out Chinese food and this Sunday watching the Oscars.

    I worked yesterday to make up a class day for two instructors and will take off tomorrow to prepare my taxes. Turbotax on line makes the job easier but still boring. I don’t use an accountant because they are just sending the data to workers in India who actually fill out the forms electronically and return them to be filed. I can do the same thing for a fraction of the cost online myself.

    • katry Says:

      March can be a tricky month here. I remember a few snow days from school. It is still rather chilly here in March because of the temperature of the water. It is a cold day today.

      I watch the news on Sunday to make sure I haven’t missed anything Earth shaking. I haven’t decided if I’ll watch the Oscars or not as I haven’t seen most of the pictures. It is game night every Sunday so at least I have that for fun.

      My accountant did everything in his office. He always had partial numbers and whatever I needed. I now use Turbotax too. All I have to do is collect the information.

  3. Caryn O'Keefe Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I heard a few odd noises during the storm but didn’t go out to survey the yard until today. My trees were all still where they belonged so I wasn’t worried. I happened to look out the bathroom window a little more carefully this morning and discovered that a large branch had come down and taken out the overhead dog run. The dog run also doubles as a clothes line from time to time. I think I can just reattach it to the eyebolt on the walnut tree as long as there’s no other damage to the line or the eyebolt. I’ll do it later when the weather is more amenable.

    My mother shopped on Thursday because that was her payday. She drove to the First National, cashed her paycheck and did the weekly shopping. We would have much better food right after shopping day. Toward the end of the week we would have to eat kidneys and gravy over potatoes or macaroni, and canned green beans. I can still see those kidneys floating in flour gravy. And smell them, too. Ick.

    The sun is trying to shine. Once in a while it bursts forth from the cloud deck, casts some shadows and then is overcome by clouds again.

    Here’s hoping you are here tomorrow but, if not, I will seek you out.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I never heard the tree go down. It was too small to make much noise. I did hear the umbrella hit the deck, but that had happened before so I recognized the sound. It is still on the deck.

      Branches are all over the front lawn and limbs are down in the backyard. Nothing was destroyed so I’m happy. That tree was dying so now is dead.

      I don’t think my mother ever bought kidneys. I know she never served them. Toward the end of the month ground beef was served in a variety of ways. I never got tired of it as the dishes were all a bit different.

      I can see the sun going down now,It has finally emerged from behind the clouds just in time to set. The deck is still soaked from last night’s rain.

      I’m hoping too I’ll be here!

      Have a good night!

  4. BG Says:

    Kat, you can always count on me to have a comment out of left field, and this time I focused on the leaf-raking part of your post. I’m kind of a one-man campaign against leaf-raking and I take any opportunity to preach. (Come to think of it, I might have done so here before. Hmmm.) Anyway, my neighbors probably aren’t happy with me but the reasons I don’t rake is spelled out in this USAToday story. Hopefully the link will come thru.

    • katry Says:

      My backyard has leaves, and they are never raked. I always said the backyard was Gracie’s place so I just leave it except for taking out the branches which have fallen. My front yard is pine needles, and they get raked as they are not good for the lawn.

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