Saturday Night Fish Fry: Louis Jordan and the Tympanys

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6 Comments on “Saturday Night Fish Fry: Louis Jordan and the Tympanys”

  1. Spaceman Says:

    Not much better than an outdoor fish fry. Giant pot of oil heated on big proprane burner. Flour up a big batch of fish and slip them in the big pot. Women make up a bunch of hush puppies and fry them up at same time. Have to have one man in charge of the cooking. Bring your plate over and the cook will serve them directly.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    In this area, country restaurants serve up what is called meat and 3. Pick from 4 different meat dishes that vary day-to-day, but fried chicken is always one of the daily meats. Then pick 3 vegetable side dishes from about 15 menu items; add a roll or cornbread. I always have fried okra, some greens, and pick a 3rd item that strikes my fancy for that day. My favorite place is a bare bones cafe where the cooks are all black ladies – most everything cooked from scratch because it takes maybe 20 minutes to get your food order served At lunch, there’s often a short waiting line and every sort of people from lawyers in suits to road crews that smell like asphalt from the morning pave. Not exactly your heart healthy lunch – but every now and then, what harm!

    • katry Says:

      I’d be happy for that lunch, for the meat and 3. I’d probably choose okra because I haven’t had it since Ghana which was the first place I ever even saw it and where I ate it in soups. I love cornbread.

      Restaurants here are very different from the one you described. There are some choices, but usually only two of them and no greens and no okra!

      • Spaceman Says:

        You chop the okra into about half inch pieces, coat with corn meal, and deep fry. It is absolutely great. Fresh is better, but thawed frozen okra will work. If you ever have reason to fry something in oil, think about trying some okra along with. It’s good in soup as well – it will thicken the soup. Especially vegetable soup or Brunswick stew. Store bought canned tomatoes with okra is a decent side dish. Spice the tomatoes and okra up a bit, and serve over rice – also makes for a simple side dish

      • katry Says:

        I had soup with okra in Ghana. It tasted good but it was a bit slimy. At one supermarket I think I can find fresh okra so I can try deep frying. I don’t think I have ever seen canned tomatoes with okra in any supermarkets here.

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