Coconut: Harry Nilsson

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4 Comments on “Coconut: Harry Nilsson”

  1. sprite Says:

    Yet another song that came to me via the wonderful world of Jim Henson, although this time through The Muppet Show. There is also a recording of my brother and me singing along with the chorus of this song someplace in my dad’s collection because we were quite enamored of it when we were very small.

    • katry Says:

      I never saw much of The Muppet Show though I did find Fraggle Rock. Now I’m interested given the music you heard. That’s fun having that recording.

      • sprite Says:

        I have a great fondness for The Muppet Show. While purportedly aimed at kids, the humor works really well at an adult level as well, more so than either Fraggle Rock or Sesame Street. And they both adapted songs themselves and had elite level actors, dancers, and singers on to perform with the show’s puppets. Jim Henson really was a genius.

      • katry Says:

        I knew elite entertainers were thrilled to be on Sesame Street. I guess I just never thought about watching it. You have me sorry I didn’t watch it!

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