“Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time.”

The sky is cloudy but bright. It is only 31˚, but the next three days will be warm. The prediction is for 48˚ each day. That’s almost tanning weather, no sunscreen necessary. Maybe a road trip is in order to take advantage of the warmth. I’ll open my car window and take in the sweet smell of the clean air.

Since the winter solstice, we have gained an hour of sunlight. It makes me hopeful that winter’s end is not so far away. February, though, is sometimes the snowiest month. I’ll just keep my knit hat and mittens handy.

In summer, the trees surrounding my deck are lit with candles hanging off the branches. In the backyard, solar lights shaped like flowers glow and a few strands of white lights are twisted around tree trunks. I always think my yard a fairyland, especially in July when the fireflies return and twinkle among the trees. Now, in the bleak winter, the one strand of lights around the deck fence has stopped shining. I need to replace it. I always love looking out the back window and seeing those lights.

I always think it is the darkness of winter which palls the spirit so I do my best to compensate. I keep white candles lit in the front windows, and their light shines across the dark lawn. This year I left my Christmas lights lit in the front. One is a giant star with a trail of lights. The others are multicolored. My neighbor across the street has called to thank me for leaving the lights shining. She said she loves looking out the window at my house.

Winter is my time of memories, of introspection. I don’t add much to my story, but I recall to mind the best parts. I smile a lot at the images in my mind’s eye. My journeys, my explorations, are the brightest memories.

During my travels, I learned a few things. I hate washing clothes by hand. I decided that for any trip of great length I’d pack ragtag underwear which I can just throw away. It isn’t a big deal for me to find any. I can just check my bureau drawer. The rest of my clothes can get so grungy they can walk away by themselves. I won’t care. I’m not washing them. I learned never to ask what I’m eating.  Many of the traditional foods are pets here, like the guinea pig in Ecuador. I think I can eat just about anything as long as I don’t know what it is and it isn’t slimy. Bras are a great place for hiding money. I had my pocket picked when I was at a train station in Ghana. I’d like that thief to try it now. Toilet paper, always carry toilet paper. Sometimes you get stuck and have to rush, and those hole in the ground toilets don’t have toilet paper. Just imagine. The middle of the bus and a seat near the window are usually the best. The aisle fills with standing people who hold on for dear life as the bus goes around corners but sometimes they fall, into the aisle seats. The front and the back of the bus are where people sit with their chickens or goats. Eat where there is a line, especially street food. Don’t shy away. It’s sometimes the best and is usually the cheapest. If everything pales compared to home, just stay home.

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8 Comments on ““Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time.””

  1. John Connell Says:

    We’ve been doing the underwear trick for years now….if we have a plane crash, hopefully it will be on the return trip. I’d hate to die with all that raggedy underwear in my suitcase.

    • katry Says:

      My last three trips have been to Ghana. I brought new underwear, one pair for each day, because I knew I could come home with everything else washed and ironed. When I got home, I unloaded my suitcases and put everything away in drawers and closets. It is now when I travel from place to place that I bring the ragtag underwear to throw away.

  2. i Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I like the underwear idea. Isn’t there a character in some spy thriller series that doesn’t own clothes? When his clothes get dirty, he throws them away and buys new ones. I forget the author, the series name, and the character’s name though I know I have read one of the books. It wasn’t to my taste. Except the part about tossing clothes when they got dirty. Unfortunately, the character in the book had large amounts of disposable income with which to do that and I haven’t. 🙁

    Today is cold and damp. The sun was shining brightly, if not warmly, earlier in the day but it has disappeared. So I did my taxes since the dismal atmosphere seemed appropriate for such activity. To add to the fun, I also cleaned one end of the pantry and tossed out a lot of surprising stuff that I found there. Some of it was from the last century. 😀

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      I’d love to be able to do that. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate bringing it up two floors. My back always gives out. I bought two new shirts this year, and that’s huge for me. Mostly I’ve been in the house wearing my cozies.

      We never did get sun today. It stayed cloudy. I’m looking for ward to a warmish day tomorrow. I have some errands, including thew dump.

  3. flyboybob Says:

    I’m headed today to our neighbor up north in Canada, I’m traveling to Toronto for the week. It’s snowing there and the forecast for today is a high in the 20s and about three more inches followed by more snow tomorrow. I’m really NOT looking forward to the snow. Of course they know how to keep the streets and sidewalks clear but it’s still a pain in the rear driving in the stuff. So far my flight has not been canceled.

    I just finished packing and I take only newish underwear. If I get into an accident I don’t want the paramedics to think I can’t afford nice underwear. Traveling for business is different from travel for pleasure.

    I will keep everyone posted on the happenings in Canada. I’m sure the Canadian Hockey team will be featured on their TV stations. BTW a week without hearing about 45 the clown and his White House circus on the TV will be refreshing.

    Visiting a country that provides universal health care and welcomes immigrants will seem like a breath of fresh air. I’m sure that they have their fair share of right wing nuts but their right wing nuts seem like lefties compared to our nuts. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I’m glad you get to experience the cold and snow. It will make you a well rounded human being from a warm spot.

      I did some traveling for business, but I didn’t have to pack all that much as it wasn’t for weeks as my fun travel is. I packed acceptable underwear. When I am traveling for fun, I try to keep the amount of clothes as tiny as possible as I have to lug it. I don’t care about paramedics. If I need them, I’m probably bad off anyway.

      I have even mostly stopped watching MSNBC. Once the idiot in chief told his staff to put together a military parade bigger and better than anywhere else, I just couldn’t watch.

      They don’t have the gun problem we do. We have all the nuts here.

      • Bob Says:

        My flight was delayed because they had to replace a couple of first class seat bottom cushions due to spilled drinks. It’s not that cold here but it snowed during the day and there’s a lot of it on the grassy areas. The main streets are fairly clean. It’s to snow again tomorrow.

      • katry Says:

        We were warm here too. The snow has long gone.I figure Canada has snow often.

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